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Concept.png Algorithm manipulation 
(social control,  internet censorship,  controlling the narrative,  artificial intelligence)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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Where algorithms on Social media are used in order to promote the Official narrative.

Algorithm manipulation is the act of manipulating digital information through the use of computer algorithms. Artificial intelligence is used by Big Tech.


Tim Pool has said algorithms are used to increase engagement on Big Tech.[1]


In 2016, The Guardian said that Google promotes right wing misinformation, particularly on climate change.[2]


Twitter uses the verification process to promote content suitable with the Official narrative.

The "Trending on Twitter" section is manipulated with.[3]

As the photo-cropping algorithm is allegedly "racist", people are encouraged to to report problems so the AI can be "improved". This is code for censorship.[4]


The Twitch algorithm benefits creators the company has partnerships with.


The YouTube algorithm demotes "unsuitable content", and promotes accounts affiliated with corporate media. Corporate media is synthetically promoted in the algorithm. The community guidelines are also selectively applied. People have been banned from YouTube for relatively minor things. Politically motivated bans, false flagging videos, copyright striking are some of the reasons why people distrust the algorithm. However, CNN showed Reza Aslan eating human brains, and this was promoted in the algorithm, and considered appropriate for advertisers etc.[5]The algorithm is manipulative by nature. Buzzwords are used to flag up conspiracy theory warnings. Certain videos are buried in the algorithm. As in, searching for specific terms in the search bar and getting videos from accounts associated with corporate media.


Related Quotations

Yuval Harari“As human soldiers and workers give way to algorithms, at least some elites may conclude that there is no point in providing improved or even standard levels of health for masses of useless poor people, and it is far more sensible to focus on upgrading a handful of superhumans beyond the norm.”Yuval Harari2015
Yuval Harari“In the twenty-first century we will create more powerful fictions and more totalitarian religions than in any previous era. With the help of biotechnology and computer algorithms these religions will not only control our minute-by-minute existence, but will be able to shape our bodies, brains and minds, and to create entire virtual worlds complete with hells and heavens.”Yuval Harari2015


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