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Group.png Bilderberg/Advisory Committee
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Bilderberg Advisory Committee.jpg
Membership• Giovanni Agnelli
• George W. Ball
• Ernst H. van der Beugel
• William P. Bundy
• Anthony G. S. Griffin
• Henry J. Heinz II
• Max Kohnstamm
• David Rockefeller
• Eric Roll
• Otto Wolff von Amerongen
Enough senior Bilderbergers to fit around a single dinner table...

The Bilderberg Advisory Committee appears to be the senior organisational unit of the Bilderberg. It was indicated by two asterisks on the conference reports from 1981 (which may have been when it was created), as opposed to the Bilderberg Steering committee, which had a singe asterisk. It not shown on recent reports and no longer mentioned on the website, but is probably still in existence.


All members of the advisory committee appear to be former members of the steering committee. Many are perennial Bilderbergers.


The Bilderberg Steering Committee (~28 members) reportedly decides who to invite to next year's conference. But who steers the steering committee? This might be the function of the "Advisory committee", which is much smaller (around 7 members) and an almost fixed membership. The chairman of the "international advisory group" in 2001 was David Rockefeller.


David Rockefeller chaired the group as of 2001.