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(economist, academic, deep politician)
Ernst van der Beugel.jpg
Born2 February 1918
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Died29 September 2004 (Age 86)
Alma materUniversity of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Parents • Theodor Max van der Beugel
• Sophia van Praag
Member ofBilderberg/Advisory Committee, Bilderberg/Steering committee
34 Bilderberg meetings, on both the Advisory Committee & Steering committees

Ernst van der Beugel was a Dutch academic and a member of both the Bilderberg/Advisory Committee and Bilderberg/Steering committee. He visited 34 Bilderberg meetings.

Background and Career in government

Van der Beugel graduated in economics from the University of Amsterdam in 1941.From 1945 to 1952 he was directly involved in the planning and implementation of post-war economic recovery, particularly in coordination with the Marshall Plan. He then switched from the Ministry of Economics to Foreign Affairs, at first continuing his role in coordinating the US-sponsored economic and military assistance programme, before becoming the State Secretary for European Affairs during 1957-58. [1].

Van der Beugel belonged to a realist stream of Atlanticism that wanted US leadership, based in NATO and extending into other policy fields, to provide the focal point for Western unity. The US security guarantee was the corner-stone for continuing West European stability and integrity. European integration was a necessity but should not trigger false – and dangerous – illusions of grandeur. US policy support for European unity therefore placed van der Beugel and other Dutch Atlanticists in the position of "more American than the Americans"[2]

After official career

On 1 July 1959 his official connection with the Dutch government ended, and the mapping of his influence becomes sketchier. Van der Beugel had at least forty-eight board memberships and advisory posts, spanning the 1950s to the 1980s and covering everything from business, academia, and health to cultural exchange, economic planning, and security think tanks.

From 1966 to 1983 he was very influential as Professor of Western Cooperation after World War II at the University of Leiden, a host of future members of the Dutch diplomatic corps passing through his classes, including Secretary General of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, remarking that professor van der Beugel was a major influence on his political thinking as a student.


Henry Kissinger and van der Beugel first met in 1957, when Kissinger was Associate Professor at Harvard and recently appointed Associate Director of the think tank Center for International Affairs. He was touring Europe following the publication of his book Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy. At the time, van der Beugel was the Secretary of State for European Cooperation in the Dutch Foreign Ministry, and Kissinger was introduced to him thanks to a suggestion of the then US Ambassador to the Netherlands, H. Freeman Matthews. Kissinger was always active in meeting and tracking rising talents on the European scene, and as Director of the Harvard International Seminar he would invite many of them to the US.

Despite the increasing intensity of their professional lives, their contact developed considerably over the ensuing years. Yet in the recent major biographies of Kissinger, fuelled by the opening of archival material from his time at the helm of US foreign policy, no mention is made of this friendship.[3]


In 1959 van der Beugel, who already knew Prince Bernhard through his government work, came into more regular contact with him through their common association with the Dutch airline KLM. The Prince invited to become the group’s chairman, succeeding Joseph Retinger, and he attended his first Bilderberg meeting in Turkey later that same year to assume this new role.

Van der Beugel stated openly that it not only provided a second-to-none source for his research on transatlantic relations, but it also opened doors for the expansion of his own activities into the boardrooms of Xerox, Petrofina, and General Electric.

Deep Politics

In 1966 Ernst van der Beugel was and received a Ph.D. from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1966 on the dissertation From Marshall plan to Atlantic Partnership (with a foreword by Henry Kissinger). He spoke at the European Atlantic Group as Secretary-General of the Bilderberg group on "Atlantic Partnership"[4] and became a member of the elite Bilderberg Advisory Committee. In all, he visited 34 Bilderberg meetings.

Ernst van der Beugel and Max Kohnstamm prepared a paper on Western Europe and America in the Seventies for the 1970 Bilderberg. Van der Beugel wrote on The State of the Atlantic Alliance for the 1974 Bilderberg[5][6]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/195918 September 195920 September 1959Turkey
Bilderberg/196028 May 196029 May 1960Switzerland
Bilderberg/196121 April 196123 April 1961Canada
Bilderberg/196218 May 196220 May 1962Sweden
Bilderberg/196329 March 196331 March 1963France
Hotel Martinez
Bilderberg/196420 March 196422 March 1964US
Bilderberg/19652 April 19654 April 1965Italy
Villa d'Este
Bilderberg/196625 March 196627 March 1966Germany
Hotel Nassauer Hof
Bilderberg/196731 March 19672 April 1967St John's College (Cambridge)
Bilderberg/196826 April 196828 April 1968Canada
Mont Tremblant
Bilderberg/19699 May 196911 May 1969Denmark
Hotel Marienlyst
Bilderberg/197017 April 197019 April 1970Switzerland
Hotel Quellenhof
Bad Ragaz
Bilderberg/197123 April 197125 April 1971US
Woodstock Inn
Bilderberg/197221 April 197223 April 1972Belgium
Hotel La Reserve
Bilderberg/197311 May 197313 May 1973Sweden
The meeting at which the 1973 oil crisis appears to have been planned.
Bilderberg/197419 April 197421 April 1974France
Hotel Martinez
Bilderberg/197525 April 197527 April 1975Turkey
Golden Dolphin Hotel
Bilderberg/197722 April 197724 April 1977Imperial Hotel
Bilderberg/197821 April 197823 April 1978US
New Jersey
Princeton University
Bilderberg/197927 April 197929 April 1979Austria
Clubhotel Schloss Weikersdorf
Bilderberg/198018 April 198020 April 1980Germany
Parkhotel Quellenhof
Bad Aachen
Bilderberg/198115 May 198117 May 1981Switzerland
Palace Hotel
Bilderberg/198214 May 198216 May 1982Norway
Rica Park Hotel
Bilderberg/198313 May 198315 May 1983Canada
Château Montebello
Bilderberg/198411 May 198413 May 1984Sweden
The Grand Hotel
Bilderberg/19883 June 19885 June 1988Austria
Bilderberg/198912 May 198914 May 1989Spain
Island of La Toja
Gran Hotel
34th Bilderberg meeting
Bilderberg/199010 May 199013 May 1990New York
Glen Cove
Bilderberg/19916 June 19919 June 1991Germany
Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof
Bilderberg/199221 May 199224 May 1992France
Royal Club Evian
Bilderberg/199322 April 199325 April 1993Greece
Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel
Bilderberg/19942 June 19945 June 1994Finland
The 42nd Bilderberg, in Helsinki.
Bilderberg/199712 June 199715 June 1997US
Lake Lanier
Georgia (State)
The 45th Bilderberg meeting
Bilderberg/199814 May 199817 May 1998Scotland