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LocationMiddle East
Typenation state
Interest ofCENTCOM
Member ofArab League, UN
Kuwait has the 6th largest oil reserves of any nation state.

Kuwait is a small, oil rich country in the Persian Gulf between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It was used by the US to facilitate military occupation of Saudi Arabia, resulting in its invasion first by Iraq then by the US and allies.

Invasion by Iraq

Kuwait was invaded on 2 August 1990 by Saddam Hussein after receiving tacit approval personally one week before from U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie.[1] The attack was quickly condemned by U.S. President George H. W. Bush who launched the Gulf War.

Fossil fuel reserves

Kuwait has the 6th largest oil reserves of any nation state.[2].

Financing Hub

A December 2013 report by Elizabeth Dickinson for the Brookings Institution stated that "Over the last two and a half years, Kuwait has emerged as a financing and organizational hub for charities and individuals supporting Syria's myriad rebel groups. Today, there is evidence that Kuwaiti donors have backed rebels who have committed atrocities and who are either directly linked to al-Qa'ida or cooperate with its affiliated brigades on the ground."[3]

DNA collection

Kuwait announced in 2016 that it would take a DNA sample from everyone: citizens, expatriates, and visitors. They promised that the program "does not include genealogical implications or affects personal freedoms and privacy."[4]

Arms Imports

In 2016, Kuwait spent over $12 billion of weapons from US in 2016, more than any other country except Qatar.


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George Carlin“This whole country has a manhood problem, biiiiiig manhood problem in the USA. You can tell from the language we use; language always gives you away. What did we do wrong in Vietnam? We pulled out! Huh? Not a very manly thing to do is it? When you’re fucking people, you gotta stay in there and fuck them good! Fuck ‘em all the way! Fuck ‘em ‘til the end! Fuck ‘em to death! Fuck ‘em to death! Fuck ‘em to death! Stay in there and keep fucking them until they’re all dead! We left a few women and children alive in Vietnam and we haven’t felt good about ourselves since. That’s why in the Persian Gulf George Bush had to say “this will not be another Vietnam!” He actually used these words, he said: “This time, we’re going all the way!” Imagine, an American president using the sexual slang of a 13-year-old to describe his foreign policy. If you wanna know what happened in the Persian Gulf, just remember the names of the two men who were running that war: Dick Cheney and Colin Powell… somebody got fucked in the ass!”George Carlin



British Airways Flight 149Flight 149 landed in Kuwait City only two hours after Iraqi forces had started the 1990 invasion. The British government put the passengers in danger in order to insert military personnel engaged in a ‘black ops’ mission.
Gulf WarA war used by the US to effectively cow the Saudis into submission and bolster US military domination of the Gulf region.


Citizens of Kuwait on Wikispooks

Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah3 October 194421 January 2012As Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US
Ahmad Bishara19 January 194513 January 2016Kuwait academic and activist who advocated liberal political reforms in the autocratic emirate. Attended the 2003 Bilderberg meeting.


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