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Niyirah al-Sabah presenting her lies about Saddam Hussein's troops taking babies out of incubators that led to the Iraq War and Iman al-Obeidi claiming she was gang-raped by Muammar Gaddafi's forces justifying the 2011 Attacks on Libya

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by Sandra Barr dated 28 August 2011
Subjects: Iman al-Obeidi, Niyirah al-Sabah, Libya, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, William Hague, Hillary Clinton, Saddam Hussein, George H W Bush, Craig Fuller, Abu Ghraib, Jonathan Miller
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Niyirah al-Sabah’s Story

Baby incubator Fraud

This is Niyirah al Sabah, a then 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl. Niyirah is the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US. She was identified at the time as Nayirah, and her real identity was hidden. In October 1990 this girl gave a heart breaking testimony in front of a concocted committee. It was shown to the American people as if it was a Congressional Hearing. In a Congressional Hearing the witnesses are swore in, and so liable to be prosecuted if they lie. Because this entire committee had been formed as a propaganda exercise to sway the American people and Congress into invading Iraq, she was not sworn in, and was not liable for perjury when it transpired that her entire testimony was lies.

She testified that she had witnessed Saddam Hussein’s troops take babies out of incubators, and leave them to die on the floor. She painted a very dire picture of Saddam’s troops as barbaric and bloodthirsty. The committee she is testifying to is the “Human rights Caucus”. Sounds very grand and humanitarian, this was all part of a half a million dollar propaganda exercise, organised by the PR firm Hill & Knowles, who were hired by the Kuwaiti government in exile “The Citizens for a Free Kuwait”. H&K’s mandate from the CFAFK, was to influence the American people into entering into conflict with Iraq. Lauri Fitz-Pegado was in charge of the effort and coached Niyirah for months before her performance. For them their half a million dollar investment had a great return and they received tens of millions of free air time as this footage was played around the world.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation were later to make an Emmy award-winning documentary about this deception called “To Sell a War”. In it they examined the psychology of the audience, and how to manipulate the masses into unjust invasions, using propaganda such as this. In it Dee Alsop said:

“The theme that struck the deepest emotional chord, they discovered, was the fact that Saddam Hussein was a mad man who had committed atrocities even against his own people, and had tremendous power to do further damage, and he needed to be stopped.”

This whole elaborate hoax is now known as the “Baby incubator Fraud”.

Human rights groups, news organisations and the Senate were in an uproar over Niyirah’s testimony. Six members of the Senate used the incident as a reason to go to war with Iraq. Even Amnesty International (AI) ran with this concocted story, and ran full page newspaper spreads to publicise the incident! You would think that this might have been a lesson to AI to check out their facts before announcing them to a world audience, but as we will see, they still report unsubstantiated stories, with no due diligence, or investigation into such claims. AI should be aware that there are powers in the world who invent atrocities as reasons to invade weaker nations, but still they repeat propaganda.

In the aftermath the Kuwaiti government commissioned a study to establish the facts, and not one shred of evidence could be found to support her testimony. Including interviewing nurses at the hospital where Nayirah claimed the incidents happened. Niyirah was not even in Kuwait when the alleged incidents occurred!

Daddy Bush was President at the time, having so many shares in arms companies, war was one of his favourite pastimes, and the Bush family fortune is largely due to shares in arms manufacturing companies. He repeated Niyirah’s lies in five speeches in the following months. It is now widely believed that Niyirah’s lies were the deciding factor in the US and Senate support for the first Gulf War! A job well done by Hills and Knowles!

Her lies were repeated on talk shows, newspapers, the Senate, the UN Security Council, and every time they were presented as fact!

Iraq War

On January 15 the US Senate voted by a very narrow 5 votes to support the Bush administration declaration of war. The testimony of Niyirah is widely believed to have been the deciding factor that swayed this narrow majority. Within three months of her performance American was at war! The man who was running HK, Craig Fuller, was not only a close personal friend of Daddy Bush, he was also Chief of Staff to Bush when he was vice President!

Niyirah’s father Shaikh Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah is a member of the Kuwaiti Royal House of the Al-Sabah family. This was the beginning of hostilities against Iraq, the death toll in Iraq is now near 1 million people, I wonder does Niyirah ever think about that! I wonder does she feel any remorse for her lies! Niyirah's tearful, heartbreaking testimony

An understanding of the propaganda of war, and more importantly, the propaganda used to justify totally unjust invasions of other countries, for political and strategic purposes, as opposed to humanitarian reasons, is vital before we look at Iman’s story. The global elite who manufacture these wars, are masters of manipulation of the masses, they have been studying the psychology of war, and how to manipulate the masses into giving them some level of support for unjust invasions, for hundreds of years.

Iman al-Obeidi’s Story

Argy-bargy at Tripoli's Rixos Hotel: Channel 4 News' Jonathan Miller and Iman al-Obeidi

Gang-raped over 2 days

Iman al-Obeidi burst onto the worlds TV screens on 26 March 2011. She turned up at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, where the world's journalists were staying to cover the Libyan conflict. Sky News Report:

She claims that she got in, and past security by claiming to be an employee, so presumably she would have appeared calm, her hair an appearance seeming normal. Minutes after gaining entry she burst into the restaurant, where journalists were having breakfast, hysterically screaming, her hair dishevelled, and obvious scratches on her face. She was screaming that Gaddafi forces had abducted her 2 days previously, and had continuously gang-raped her over the 2 days! She claimed at this stage they handcuffed her, she later claimed on CNN that her hands and feet were tied behind her back!

In her first version of events she claimed that she had escaped, got a taxi, and made her way straight to the Rixos, where she had heard they were foreign journalists staying! She screamed that she wanted to speak with journalists from Reuters and the New York Times! Pretty press savvy rape victim!

Quite a few things about Iman’s claims did not add up for me, so I thought I would take a closer look at them. Firstly, it was inconceivable to me, that anyone who had just suffered gang-rape by 15 men over 2 days, day and night, would first make their way to speak with the world’s press! Anyone who knows anything about the physical and psychological damage, such an ordeal would have caused, would be staggered that the victim decided on this course of action!

By her own account at the time, She did not seek medical help, She did not report it too the police, She did not contact her family or friends, She did not call at her home for a shower or change of clothes. Instead she got a taxi and went straight to the Rixos Hotel!

From start to present

So let's look at Iman’s story from start to present. She claims that on the 24 of March she was travelling with her brother-in-law Salih Hamid al-Aguri on the Salahiddeen Road in Tripoli. Their vehicle was stopped by Gaddafi forces at a check point. When they heard her eastern Libyan accent she was asked to produce her identity card. When they realised she was from Tobruk, where rebel forces were active, they decided to detain her.

Presumably if these men were on duty they would have been sober. In a later version of events Iman’s story changed, and she said she was abducted by 2 car loads of Gaddafi forces who were very drunk on whiskey! While at the hotel she showed journalists her injuries, according to the New York times journalist she had a broad bruise on her face, a large scar on her upper thigh, several narrow and deep scratch marks on her legs, and marks that seemed to come from binding on her hands and feet.

There was at least 50 journalists in the restaurant, not one managed to get a picture of these alleged injuries! I have examined all the pictures that were taken of Iman, and I cannot see any bruising on her face. The only injuries that can be seen are light scratches on her face, and very light marks on her wrists. Iman claimed that her hands and feet were tied behind her back for the whole 2 days, and she was not allowed to use the toilet. Presumably this meant she had to lie in her own urine and excrement. She claimed that they urinated and defecated on her.

In her interviews with CNN between the 3/5 April she gave graphic details of her rape:

  • She said they poured whiskey in her eyes so she could not see them rape her.
  • She was sodomised with a Kalashnikov.
  • She was tied up, and they would not allow her to use the bathroom, eat or drink. One man would finish, and another would enter, he would finish and another would enter.
  • She said they told her: “Let the men from eastern Libya come and see what we are doing to their women, and how we treat them, how we rape them."
  • She said there were other women there, including a 16-year-old.
  • She told Cooper other girls were still being held in the building where she was assaulted, and that local residents had complained to the police about it, but that no one had acted to help them.

As rebel forces now claim to be in control of Tripoli, I would have thought that one of the first things they would have done, would be to rescue these women, but there are no such reports. By her own testimony she went straight from her abductors to the Rixos. The very first thing a rape victim would want to do is shower, by her own testimony she did not, but went straight to the Rixos, presumably smelling of whiskey, urine and excrement! When she appeared at the Rixos, her hair was tousled, but she looked clean, her hair certainly did not look like there was urine or whiskey on it.

While covered in their urine and excrement, and with her hands and feet tied behind her back, it is also her claim that one after another the 15 men took it in turns to rape her! Does this sound plausible to anyone else, because it does not seem remotely plausible to me? Firstly Muslim men are quite fanatical about hygiene and ablutions in particular. The idea that a Muslim man would have sex with a woman who was covered in another mans urine and excrement is not remotely plausible! (Or any man of any religion for that matter.)

I can totally understand why the Libyan authorities said she was insane, as her story would have seemed totally insane to them! Hands and feet tied behind the back would be considered an extreme stress position, and if she had been tied in this way for 2 days the marks on her wrists would have been much more pronounced than what we seen from the photographs. Plus having sex with a woman in this position would be at best uncomfortable if not impossible!

While at the Rixos hotel it was reported by the world's press, that a Libyan official pulled a gun, despite there being at least 50 press filming the whole event, not one person got a photograph of this! It was also claimed that 2 waitresses pulled knives on Iman, despite Iman’s every move being filmed by the press, not one got a picture of this either! What can be seen is Iman being led away by Libyan officials and hotel staff. A hotel waitress is seen putting a coat over Iman’s head. To understand this heavy handed reaction by the Libyan officials and the hotel staff, you first have to understand the Libyan feelings about rape.

Bear in mind that Libya is a fairly strict Muslim country; women on the whole are virgins when they marry, and sex before marriage would be considered a terrible sin. It is actually against the law for sex to be discussed in public, and if a woman is raped this is considered a most grievous crime in Libya. If a woman is raped this is not just a great shame on the man's family, it is a great shame on the woman and her family, so to the waitresses that were present that day, Iman’s actions and accusations would have been beyond their comprehension.

The waitresses and officials thought Iman was lying, because in Libyan culture, a woman who had just been gang-raped by 15 men would never ever have gone to a hotel full of journalists and started making such accusations. I cannot think of anywhere in the world, where a victim of gang-rape, would choose this course of action! Even in our more liberal Western world, it would seem bizarre that a woman who had suffered this would make her way to a hotel full of journalists, and not seek medical help, or even the comfort of family or friends!

After being taken from the Rixos Hotel by Libyan officials, she was held for 3 days, at first the Libyans said they had arrested the men concerned, they then said that the men had been freed as Iman refused to have a medical examination. Over the three day period numerous contradictory reports came from the Libyan Officials. Their handling of the entire matter did them no favours PR wise. Now, if we transfer this event to a posh London hotel, say the Canary Wharf Hilton, or the Ritz, if a very dishevelled woman arrived in the restaurant, and started shouting and screaming, that she had just been gang-raped by British police over a two-day period, what do you think the staff would do? They would undoubtedly call hotel security, and she would be removed as quickly as possible!

The Libyan response may have seemed a little heavy-handed compared to how it would have been dealt with in the west, but the way the MS press reported it, the words they used, and the unsubstantiated claims, all helped to manipulate the viewer, and paint a very unrealistic picture. The skirmish that was shown between the world's press, looked to me more like them all rushing at the same time, and knocking each other over, than the reported attacks by Libyan officials.

Media interviews

Between the 3rd and 5th of April she gave numerous interviews with CNN by phone. On the 6th of April Saadi al-Gaddafi personally arranged for CNN to interview her in person. During this interview she claimed that at some stage she made her way to a court house to report the crime, but they pulled a gun on her. She does not say when she went to a court, by her own testimony she did not go right after her escape, after her appearance at the Rixos she was questioned by Libyan authorities for 3 days, so it was not then either. She did not make this claim in any previous interviews with CNN.

In the 6th April CNN interview, she said that 2 cars loads of Libyan Gaddafi armed forces took her to one of their residences, and that is where they held her for 2 days. First CNN interview:

On April the 11th she was interviewed by phone by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro of the National Public Radio. In this interview she said was held in a guarded compound! 5 days and 2 totally different versions of the story. At this stage she elaborated that a 16-year-old girl was being held with her, and the girl managed to untie her, she then made her escape by jumping out a window. As there is no more mention of the 16-year-old girl, she presumably left her behind! Was the 16-year-old tied as well? Was she also being gang raped? Why did she leave her behind? Why was there no mention of this 16-year-old girl until the 11th April?

In the April 6th interview she said one of her rapists was a public official, on the April 11th interview she said one of her abductors was the son of a government minister! She claims that when she made her escape she was naked, and covered herself in a tablecloth. It seems a little odd to me that 15 men who abduct a woman to gang-rape, tie her up, urinate and defecate on her, would do this in a room where there was a table with a table cloth! After she jumped out the window she said there was a wall surrounding the compound, (Remember the 6th April interview she was held in the house of one of the abductors). This wall had an electric gate, and was guarded by 2 African guards. She then claims that she ran at them armed with a piece of metal that she had found, and they were so scared they opened the gate and let her out!!!!! Hello! A naked woman holding a table cloth around herself, presumably secured by one hand, and a bit of metal in the other, scared 2 grown men so badly that they opened an electric gate and let her escape!

Also, at the Rixos she was carrying her handbag, add a handbag to the picture and you have a naked woman, clutching a tablecloth around her, also carrying a handbag, and armed with a bit of metal! Is it just me, or does that story seem totally and completely inconceivable?

She then claimed that the people in the neighbourhood helped her, got her a taxi, paid the fare and took her straight to the Rixos Hotel! In this version there is no mention of stopping at a court house. Presumably it was these same people who gave her clothes. The clothes she showed up to the Rixos looked fresh and clean. Most incredibly, in this interview she claims that she took pictures at this stage of her injuries with her cell phone!!!!!!

Why am I the only person on the net questioning this woman's bizarre story?

By her own admission she went straight to the Rixos, she did not stop at her home, so she must have had her cell phone with her through the abduction and rape! Why the hell did she not phone for help! From the photographs taken at the Rixos she is clearly seen carrying her handbag, why did her abductors let her keep her handbag? I searched for the pictures she claimed she took of her injuries, but there is no sign of them on the net. This woman’s story is so full of holes, I am aghast that none of the reporters that interviewed her questioned these things. Not one of the journalists that reported her story went to the area where she claimed she was held to interview the people who apparently helped her, not one of them interviewed her brother-in-law who was supposed to have been with her when she was abducted. No one checked out anything, it was all just reported as fact!

Libyan State TV has been running a clip of a woman belly dancing in a very provocative manner, they claim it is Iman. The western media has claimed that this is not Iman, as Iman has only 9 fingers, and the woman belly dancing has 10! This footage does like younger pictures of Iman, and Iman has at some stage lost the top of her little finger. I have tried to establish when or how she lost the top of her finger, but as yet I have not been able to find this information. This may or may not be her, I really cant say, its not that the Gaddafi regime do not have a propaganda machine as well, albeit a very rudimentary one compared to the NATO alliance’s very sophisticated one! The vid of Iman dancing (allegedly)

After cursing the Gaddafi regime to hell and back, in the April 6th interview she said that Saadi Gaddafi was a humble and understanding man. On the 8th of May CNN reported that on May 5th, Iman escaped to Tunisia with the help of a defecting military officer. She wore a tradition Berber headdress to cross the border, which concealed her face apart from one eye. This is her demonstrating the outfit she wore. This is Iman in Tunisia showing the CNN reporter her disguise to cross the border. I honestly think this outfit looks like her hotel sheets! I have tried to find information on this defecting military officer, but none is available. He is mentioned a few times in different reports, but there is no mention of the nature of his relationship with Iman, or his name.

This is a real traditional Berber outfit! According to CNN she was met at the border by French diplomats who took her from transitional national council officials who had helped her escape. (This version of events contradicts the Qatar authorities, who say she flew into Qatar on a trade plane.) The CNN Tunisia interview. Notice the tight top and trousers, and the luxury apartment.

This link is CNN's Nic Roberson interviewing her just after she crossed into Tunisia.

At some stage during this time period it emerged that Iman was in fact engaged to a Faraj Ghaithi, and some kind of preliminary wedding ceremony was held in her home town, by her family, Faraj and his family! This ceremony was held minus the bride, which apparently can be done under Islamic laws. In her US CNN interview she said they will meet and see if they want to stay married. Presumably he will be going to the USA as well, as she has no intention of returning to Libya!

May 18th and she is giving more interviews to CNN’s Nic Roberson. In this interview she claimed she felt liberated to be out of Libya. It is worth noting, that when interviewed in Tunisia, she appears to be staying in luxury accommodation. In the earlier interviews she is covered from head to toe in the Hijab, giving the impression of a devout Muslim woman. In the Tunisia interviews she is wearing a tight top, and tight trousers! By the time she arrives in America, to be interviewed by the world's press, she is again covered from head to toe. This may seem a minor detail, but I think it is relevant, Iman seems to create different projections of herself, on different occasions.

June 2nd and Sybella Wilkes, spokeswoman for UNHCR said that Iman had been deported from Qatar, and was back in Libya in the rebel strong-hold of Benghazi. Apparently the Transitional National Council (TNC) had asked the Qatar authorities to deport her! According to the Qatar authorities they said that she never had refugee status there. They said she flew in and was given a 2-week visitors visa, which was extended by another week, during that time they put her up in a 5-star hotel. They claim that when her 3-week tourist visa was up, she flew back to Benghazi.

In her April 6th interview with CNN she had made it very clear that she supported the rebels, so why would the rebels want her deported! No reason is given for this, but it would appear they too had issues with Iman. She also claimed at this time that she had been beaten by the authorities in Qatar! This was strenuously denied by the authorities in Qatar, who were astonished that she had made such a claim. They said that during her stay they housed her in a 5-star hotel! A Qatar spokesman said: “Who would beat her up and why should Qatari authorities assault her? What would be the provocation for that?”

US journalists who had seen her in Benghazi at this time, testified that she had bruises; she claimed they were inflicted by Qatar authorities. Pure supposition, but if it was the TNC that demanded she return to Benghazi, did they inflict the bruises? Who knows! She said at this time she was in fear for her life. If she was staying in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, who the hell was she afraid of? This was of course all reported on US news channels, I can only suppose that they wanted to paint a picture of all Middle Eastern people as barbaric and uncouth. They went to great efforts to mind bend the US public into believing that all Arabic people are terrorists/despots/barbarians/rapists. While painting a picture of themselves as the saviours of the world, invading these countries to administer good old American democracy! The fact that they deliver their democracy with bombs and bullets goes over the heads of most Americans!

On June 6th Iman’s sister announced that Iman had been granted asylum in the United States. Asylum from what? The rebels had at this stage been recognised as the ruling body in Libya, Gaddafi’s regime was no longer recognised, so was her asylum from the rebels or Gaddafi! She was then sent to a UN refugee centre in Timisoara in Romania. After 54 days she arrived in New York. On her arrival she thanked the US government, and was especially grateful to secretary of state Hillary Clinton for all her support and assistance! She then took a plane to an undisclosed location; she told CNN that she was happy and excited to be there.

And without any due diligence or investigation the NATO propaganda machine milked the whole thing for all it was worth!

Hague and Clinton

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague said incidents of such sexual violence in Libya were a demonstration of the Gaddafi government's "absolute disregard for any understanding of human rights."

I live in the UK, I could catalogue a very long list of UK abuses of human rights! Most recently the slaughter of thousands of Libyans. Death toll from Iraqi and Afghanistan invasions one and a half million souls, and rising!

Amnesty International called al-Obeidi's story "stomach-churning," and requested her release and an investigation. (This was during the time Libyan authorities were interviewing her.) So from her alleged abduction on March 24th to her arrival in New York on July 27th, a period of 4 months, she had apparently got over her trauma! In several of her interviews she emphasised how much she would love to live in the United States, and her sister Marwa al-Obeidi said in an interview that Hillary Clinton personally arranged for a private plane to fly Iman and her father from Libya to America, via Malta, Austria and Romania! The US State Department confirmed this. The State Department also said that they would provide Iman with whatever help she needed, and that Hillary Clinton had been especially interested in Iman’s case. To quote: "been deeply interested in the case and has followed it throughout." I’ll bet!

Maybe Ms Clinton will now turn her attention to seeking justice for all the victims that were raped in Abu Ghraib prison, by US military, and US CACI interrogators.

From the outset of this debacle, Iman emphasised her support for the rebels, and made it clear that she would like to live in America. Her claims of rape were reported world wide, and influenced millions of people, her accusations aided the rebel cause, and no one has investigated her claims! It is my guess that like her fore-runner Niyirah, if and when the truth of the matter emerges, it will be too late for many thousands of Libyans, who have been murdered since. Iman’s objectives from the outset, to aid the rebels, and to live in America, she would seem to have fulfilled her objectives.

I have known many victims of rape, both personally, and in a professional capacity, and this woman displays none of the signs of having endured the torture she claims she endured. I could be way off-track, and totally wrong, but my gut feeling on this, is that her whole story has been fabricated from start to finish!

I will leave you all to draw your own conclusions, do your own investigations, if there is anything I have missed, please feel free to contact me.

Sandra Barr[1]