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Founded1 October 1970
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Dutch big newspaper.

The NRC Handelsblad or commonly known as NRC is a Dutch corporate newspaper. The NRC has had some individuals become leading executives after visiting Bilderberg, which is quite strange for a newspaper in the style of The Independent, even though the newspaper in a country suffering from party politics, isn't that easy on official narratives.

People - Bilderberg

So far 3 NRC Handelsblad/Editor-in-Chiefs have visited the Bilderberg at least once:

 Bilderberg meetingsDescription
Jérôme Heldring1Chief editor of NRC Handelsblad from 1968 to 1972, connected to the paper from 1953. Conservative, but warned that the peace dividend was a lie and the west had failed to develop to that dividend at all in 2012. Died one year later.
Ben Knapen1NRC Handelsblad/Editor-in-Chief, NOS correspondent, State secretary of European Affairs from 2010 to 2012, Dutch Senator.
André Spoor2Attended the 1971 and 1972 Bilderberg as NRC Handelsblad/Editor-in-Chief
  • Japan specialist (and later deep state analyst and 911 skeptic) Karel van Wolferen was a correspondent for Handelsblad for many decades. When working for the newspaper, he participated in the 1990 Bilderberg, where he was a panelist for the discussion about Japan: Political Changes[1].

2015 Hawija Bombing

Regarding the 2015 Hawija bombing, after interviewing military and civilian sources in the US, Iraq and The Hague and a joint Dutch and US FOIA request, newspaper NRC and public broadcaster NOS released an article and appeared on current affairs program Nieuwsuur[2][3] on the 18th of October 2019 revealing the communication between the Pentagon, the Dutch operational air force base in Jordan, CENTCOM HQ in Qatar and The Hague. NRC revealed that The Pentagon released a document showing CENTCOM had provided the Dutch MOD with a summary on the 15th of June 2015, assessing it "credible" that at least 70 people were dead, mentioning 22 women and 26 children.[4]

Secret investigation

NRC revealed the Public Prosecution Service met some unusual behavior in their initial investigation citing "not one response from US personnel about the event", with the US Department of Defense remarking "nobody is being prosecuted, so there is no treaty requiring us to", "waiting 15 months before questioning military personnel, a violation of EU Law for which the European Court of Human Rights already had sentenced the Dutch guilty before in the War in Iraq and a partly classified "discussion over the juridical consequences for future operations", as the Department of Defense had seemingly violated International humanitarian law, and their own legal guidelines.

The results were not released until 2018 in a small section of a progress report by the 3 Dutch Ministries regarding foreign counter-terrorism noting civilian casualties to be "very likely" on the 13th of April 2018. The Director of Plans of the Dutch Air Force Andre Steur rejected the accuracy of the report on commercially-controlled media saying "all our deaths were IS-fighters."[5][6][7]


In an interview with the NRC new Dutch Secretary of Defence Ank Bijleveld denied the officers had accepted civilian casualties with the remark "We always calculate them. The Americans do that differently".[8]. She informed the Dutch House of Commons that they could not "differentiate between IS and civilians in multiple instances that were under investigation by the Public Prosecution Service" in a letter to Dutch Parliament the 4th of November 2019, the same letter also explained the Dutch "didn't have their own intel" and blamed "wrong US intelligence and software" telling Dutch officers "no civilians lived in the neighborhood[9][10]" even though US and Iraq had a combination of surveillance in and above the city[11] - with drones and local informants - of which at least one reported "refugees living around the facility in the neighborhood.[12]

Yom Kippur War

Former Dutch Defence Minister Henk Vredeling was revealed in 1973 to have smuggled weapons with the help of Israeli and American military entities to the base of the Dutch Air Force without knowledge of Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs - and later Dutch Operation Gladio-Coordinator Max van der Stoel (who publicly revealed it in parliament) and Prime Minister Den Uyl. Israeli PM Golda Meir was reported to have hugged Den Uyl in a funeral, fuelling rumours up until a point where Vredeling was revealed to be responsible for a vital early role in providing weapons and munitions. The revelation resulted partly in the 1973 Oil Crisis...according to the official narrative. Vredeling defended it by calling for remembrance of The Holocaust, when newspaper NRC revealed that the Israelis also used the Dutch rivers for specific environmental training, which was later helpful in the Suez canal, massively aiding their knowledge of battling around rivers in the first months.[13]


On September 30, 1998, editors Harm van den Berg and Karel Knip of NRC provided their readers with incontrovertible documentation that the plane crashed in Amsterdam known as the Bijlmer disaster was transporting three of the four components required for the manufacture of Sarin nerve gas. LY1862 was carrying 10 18.9-litre plastic drums of dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP), and smaller amounts of the Sarin precursors isopropanol and hydrogen fluoride (no revelations have been made regarding the remaining precursor, thionylchloride). The 189 litres of DMMP, sufficient for the production of 270 kg of Sarin. The Amsterdam engineering firm Omegam, which investigated the crash site, discovered extensive traces of tributylphosphate (TBP) and concluded that at least several hundred litres of the liquid must have been aboard. Yet TBP, a fairly common industrial chemical that can also be employed to recycle uranium and plutonium from spent fuel rods in a process Mordechai Vanunu revealed is used in Israel, appears nowhere in LY1862's freight documents. [14]


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