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Concept.png Pollution 
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Interest of• Extinction Rebellion
• Boyan Slat
A killer of millions of humans and uncountable other life forms per year, but not one that has had a high profile in corporate media.

Pollution contributes to 16% of all human deaths in 2015.[1] Global Research reports that "approximately 19 million premature deaths are estimated to occur annually... [from pollution] and that is just the cost in human lives".[2]

Air pollution

Air pollution is the most deadly form of pollution to humans.[1] A 2019 study suggested that it was responsible to approximately 107,000 premature deaths in the USA per year.[3]

Soil pollution

Pesticides and herbicides can accumulate in soil and present both short or long term threats to health, both to producers and consumers of agricultural products. Some of these such as DDT have been banned, others are in the process, while others (such as glyphosate) have only recently been recognised as potentially dangerous.


Organic farming is the production of food without use of inorganic chemicals.

Ocean pollution

Micropastic pollution of oceans suddenly emerged as a favourite of the commercially-controlled media after the 2017 Bilderberg at which Boyan Slat spoke on the topic.