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(Lawyer, Activist, COVID-19/Dissident, Science/Dissident)
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Alma materUniversity of Göttingen, University of California
Member ofCorona Investigative Committee
Interests • Covid-19
• Christian Drosten
• Robert Koch Institute
• COVID-19/Resistance
Interest ofPlanet Lockdown
Dissident lawyer and spokesperson for the Corona Investigative Committee

Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer and was the spokesperson for the Corona Investigative Committee (Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss) in Germany. In 2020, Fuellmich and his colleagues started to document violations of law, medical malpractice and scientific fraud, as they relate to the Covid-19 epidemic.[1]

In September 2022 he was accused by his colleagues to have misappropriated funds for the committee.[2][3][4]

Misappropriation of funds

On September the 2nd Viviane Fischer announced that they, for the time being, would not continue the work with Reiner Fuellmich, for reasons that were not named at that point.[5] In an interview soon thereafter Fuellmich said that he and the committee may continue the work separately, without giving any further details.[6] Viviane Fischer, in a video that was released on 21st September, clarified that Fuellmich had misappropriated funds for the Committee; (about 1.3 million is missing) ~650.000 € has been paid out to him contrary to the charter of the Committee, 700.000 € as a liquid reserve is not accessible and he became guarded during attempts to clear up the situation.[7][8]

From public bio

Fuellmich studied law at the Georg-August University of Göttingen and as an exchange student at the University of California in Los Angeles. He then worked as a research assistant to the chair of Erwin Deutsch at the Law Faculty of the Georg-August University of Göttingen, where he received his doctorate. This was followed by positions in corporate banking at Deutsche Bank in Germany and Japan.[9] In 1993, he founded his own law firm. Fuellmich has published various articles and books in the fields of banking law, medical law and international medical law, and has held other teaching positions as a lecturer at universities in Germany and Estonia. He is also licensed to practice law in California and a member of the German-American, and the German-Japanese lawyers association.[10]

In 2009, Fuellmich's law firm was ranked among the top 20 investor protection law firms in Germany,[11] especially since 1996 as a specialist for injured parties of so-called junk real estate.[12]


In 1999 a short documetary was produced for a public broadcaster (ZDF) in Germany, linking him to Scientology.[13] A local court in Hamburg ruled that the documentary can not be disseminated anymore for, accorrding to Fuellmich, it's 'brazen lies and distortions of facts'. He writes:[14]

"My law firm was at the forefront of legal action against these banks at the time. We won several lawsuits, and due to the consistently positive media coverage, HypoBank in particular came under increasing pressure. We received documents from whistleblowers from the bank and later also from Deutsche Bank, which proved that these banks of course knew that they were financing at double and triple the true value, and that they were also aware that it was advertised to our clients that the properties had full value.

In the end, HypoBank came under such severe pressure that it had to reach an agreement with several thousand of the clients we represented in so-called mediation proceedings.

The broadcast of the report was part of a campaign against me and several other lawyers."


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