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Semantic Object Templates:        DecadePlaceTimelineYearDisambiguation

This template provides a standard format for websites.

It should be included at the top of all pages about websites.

Blue parameters are for a single Wikispooks page name (If no suitable page exists, then pick a title for a future page)
Brown parameters are for numbers
Green parameters are for comma-separated lists of page names (Or planned page names).
Navy parameters are for dates
Orange parameters are for booleans. (Usually, either "Yes" or just leave blank).
Purple parameters are URLs.
Violet parameters are slash-separated lists.
Pink parameters are for coordinates.
Crossed out parameters were formerly available, but have been upgraded. Some may still work, but do not use these.

See website for a list of pages that use this template.


|URL=the web address
|start= when it began
|end= when it finished (if applicable)
|description=Site description in <500 characters of plaintext
|founders=The name of the founder. For a pseudonym, use single quotes. If anonymous, use Unknown (Property:Has founder)
|members = Comma separated list of current members (Property:Has member) (experimental as of 2019)
|owners=The name of the owner. For a pseudonym, use single quotes. If anonymous, use Unknown (Property:Has operator)
|owners_detail=Optional details about the owner(s)
|twitter = Handle of the person's twitter (no '@') (Property:Has twitter)
|archive=A functional URL (for websites which are offline)
|logo= (Property:Has logo) - For actual logos
|titular_logo = Set to 1 if the logo includes the title (Property:Has titularLogo)
|logo_width= How wide to display the image (defaults to the logo size)
|image= (Property:Has image) - For screenshots
|image_width= How wide to display the image (defaults to the image size)
|image_caption=Text to put below the image
|own_words=What the site has to say about itself
|slogan=Site tagline
|original_language=Language name for non-English websites
|exposed= for websites that exposed activities or groups (Property:Exposed)
|interests= the main focus(es) of this website (Property:Has interest)
|constitutes= suitable descriptions of this event (e.g. "Assassination, False Flag, Coup d'état") (Property:Constitutes)
|ON_constitutes= suitable descriptions of this event (Property:ON_constitutes)
|subgroups= other groups subsidiary to this website (Property:Has subGroup)
|wikipedia = URL of the English Wikipedia page for this website, if any (Property:Has wikipediaPage)
|wikipedia_protection = Set to 1 if the wikipedia page is edit protected, 0 or empty otherwise (Property:Has wikipediaProtection)
|alchetron = URL of the Website's alchetron page (Property:Has alchetron)
|bitchute = URL of the Website's bitchute page (Property:Has bitchute)
|campfire = URL of the Website's campfire page (Property:Has campfire)
|facebook = URL of the Website's facebook page (Property:Has facebook)
|gab = URL of the Website's gab page (Property:Has gab)
|historycommons = URL of the person's History commons page, if any (Property:Has historycommons)
|imdb = URL of the Website's IMDB page (Property:Has imdb)
|infogalactic = URL of the Website's IMDB page (Property:Has imdb)
|instagram = URL of the Website's infogalactic page (Property:Has infogalactic)
|linkedin = URL of the Website's linkedin page (Property:Has linkedin)
|minds = URL of the Website's minds page (Property:Has minds)
|mixcloud = URL of the Website's mixcloud page (Property:Has mixcloud)
|namebase = URL of the Website's namebase page (Property:Has namebase)
|nndb = URL of the Website's NNDB page (Property:Has nndb)
|parler = URL of the Website's parler page (Property:Has parler)
|patreon = URL of the Website's patreon page (Property:Has patreon)
|powerbase = URL of the Website's powerbase page (Property:Has powerbase)
|reddit = URL of the Website's reddit channel (Property:Has reddit)
|repository = URL of the Website's repository page (Property:Has repository)
|soundcloud = URL of the Website's soundcloud page (Property:Has soundcloud)
|saidit = URL of the Website's Saidit page (Property:Has saidit)
|sourcewatch = URL of the Website's sourcewatch page (Property:Has sourcewatch)
|spartacus = URL of the Website's spartacus page (Property:Has spartacus)
|spreaker = URL of the Website's spreaker page (Property:Has spreaker)
|steemit = URL of the Website's steemit page (Property:Has steemit)
|telegram = URL of the Website's telegram page (Property:Has telegram)
|vimeo = URL of the Website's vimeo page (Property:Has vimeo)
|vk = URL of the Website's vk page (Property:Has vk)
|wikiquote = URL of the Website's wikiquote page (Property:Has wikiquote)
|wikidata = URL of the Website's wikidata page (Property:Has wikidata)
|youtube = URL of the Website's youtube page (Property:Has youtube)
|num_staff = #Paid staff
|num_volunteers = #Volunteers
|so_called = Set to "1" to illustrate concern about the name of this object (Property:So called) - For flagging up deceitful language such as the "War on Terror"
|comment= Wikispooks Comment subsection about why this is relevant (Recommended)
|see_also= See Also subsection (Use for related sites which cannot be linked in from the text)