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SMW.png This Official Narrative Property describes the "official" story. For alternative ideas, use Property:Constitutes.

Status: stable
This property is used to show that the subject is an example of the object.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames in most of the namespaces
  • Predicate:  ON constitutes
  • Object:        Pagenames in most of the namespaces (type page)

314 Pages use the property "ON constitutes"

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Page nameON constitutes
Maram Susli"Conspiracy theorist"
Johann Biacsics"Conspiracy theorist"
Nicki Minaj"Anti-vaxxer"
John Magufuli"Anti-vaxxer"
Captain Joe Manning"Anti-vaxxer"
Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom"Anti-vaxxer"
Michigan for Vaccine Choice"Anti-vaxxer"
Isabel Oakeshott"Anti-vaxxer"
Willis Carto"Antisemitism"
Boycott Divestment and Sanctions"Antisemitism"
Alan Sabrosky"Antisemitism"
Ernst Zündel"Antisemitism"
"Holocaust Denier"
Archibald Maule Ramsay"Antisemitism"
Alison Chabloz"Antisemitism"
Operation Atlas Strike 21"Climate change/Flood"
Willem Engel"Conspiracy theorist"
Jim Marrs"Conspiracy theorist"
David Icke"Conspiracy theorist"
Glenn Beck"Conspiracy theorist"
Alan Watt"Conspiracy theorist"
Megyn Kelly"Conspiracy theorist"
Hunter S. Thompson"Conspiracy theorist"
Brendan O'Neill"Conspiracy theorist"
Maxime Bernier"Conspiracy theorist"
William Guy Carr"Conspiracy theorist"
Tupper Saussy"Conspiracy theorist"
Alex Jones"Conspiracy theorist"
Mark Lane"Conspiracy theorist"
Health Freedom For Humanity"Conspiracy theorist"
Robert J. Groden"Conspiracy theorist"
James Perloff"Conspiracy theorist"
Isaac Kappy"Conspiracy theorist"
Robert Steele"Conspiracy theorist"
Lauren Southern"Terrorist"
"Conspiracy theorist"
Mark Dice"Conspiracy theorist"
Myron Fagan"Conspiracy theorist"
Paddy Hannam"Conspiracy theorist"
Eustace Mullins"Conspiracy theorist"
Michel Chossudovsky"Conspiracy theorist"
Walter E. Fauntroy"Conspiracy theorist"
Craig Kelly"Conspiracy theorist"
Piers Corbyn"Conspiracy theorist"
Jacob Wohl"Conspiracy theorist"
UK Medical Freedom Alliance"Conspiracy theorist"
Daniel Hopsicker"Conspiracy theorist"
Sherman Skolnick"Conspiracy theorist"
William Cooper"Conspiracy theorist"
Jimmy Dore"Conspiracy theorist"
Gerhard Wisnewski"Conspiracy theorist"
Robert O. Young"Conspiracy theorist"
Francine Lewis"Conspiracy theorist"
G. Edward Griffin"Conspiracy theorist"
James Tracy"Conspiracy theorist"
Léo Taxil"Conspiracy theorist"
Henry Makow"Conspiracy theorist"
Jim Garrison"Conspiracy theorist"
Mae Brussell"Conspiracy theorist"
Webster Tarpley"Conspiracy theorist"
Carl Oglesby"Conspiracy theorist"
Diamond and Silk"Conspiracy theorist"
Jesse Ventura"Conspiracy theorist"
Armoni Howard"Conspiracy theorist"
Marcus Birks"Conspiracy theorist"
Paul Craig Roberts"Conspiracy theorist"
Michael Collins Piper"Conspiracy theorist"
Serge Monast"Conspiracy theorist"
Vanessa Beeley"Conspiracy theorist"
Fritz Springmeier"Conspiracy theorist"
Malcolm Roberts"Conspiracy theorist"
Anthony Hall"Conspiracy theorist"
Max Spiers"Conspiracy theorist"
Attila Hildmann"Conspiracy theorist"
Gary Allen"Conspiracy theorist"
Kate Shemirani"Conspiracy theorist"
Christiane Northrup"Terrorist"
"Conspiracy theorist"
Daniel Estulin"Conspiracy theorist"
Shiva Ayyadurai"Conspiracy theorist"
Mario Borghezio"Conspiracy theorist"
Anthony John Hill"Conspiracy theorist"
Liz Crokin"Conspiracy theorist"
Christopher Chope"Conspiracy theorist"
Ernesto Araújo"Conspiracy theorist"
Cathy O'Brien"Conspiracy theorist"
John Todd"Conspiracy theorist"
Joe Vialls"Conspiracy theorist"
Kris Millegan"Conspiracy theorist"
Kurt Sonnenfeld"Conspiracy theorist"
James DiEugenio"Conspiracy theorist"
Donald Trump"Conspiracy theorist"
Caleb Maupin"Conspiracy theorist"
Donbas Battalion"Conspiracy theory"
Big pharma"Conspiracy theory"
COVID-19/Origins/Isolation"Conspiracy theory"
COVID-19/Purposes"Conspiracy theory"
Azov Battalion"Conspiracy theory"
Biden–Ukraine corruption scandal"Conspiracy theory"
Urban depopulation"Conspiracy theory"
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370/Blaine Alan Gibson's research"Conspiracy theory"
Fearporn"Conspiracy theory"
Aidar Battalion"Conspiracy theory"
Russia/Encirclement"Conspiracy theory"
"Russian Propaganda"
High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program"Conspiracy theory"
Ivermectin"Conspiracy theory"
COVID-19/Origins"Conspiracy theory"
Open borders"Conspiracy theory"
Pizzagate"Conspiracy theory"
"Fake News"
Right Sector"Conspiracy theory"
Operation Nicole"Counter-terrorism"
Extinction Rebellion"Extremism"
Charles Murray"Extremism"
Stewart Rhodes"Terrorist"
EXPOSE Network"Fact checker"
2016 Orlando nightclub shooting"Terrorism"
"Islamic terrorism"
"Hate crime"
Identitarianism"Hate group"
Robert Faurisson"Holocaust Denier"
Walter Lüftl"Holocaust Denier"
Wilhelm Stäglich"Holocaust Denier"
Mike Sivier"Holocaust Denier"
2011 Attacks on Libya"Humanitarian intervention"
Mujahedin-e Khalq"Islamic terrorism"
9-11Casus belli
"Islamic terrorism"
2014 Kunming Attack"Terrorism"
"Islamic terrorism"
Salem al-Hazmi"Islamic terrorist"
Waleed al-ShehriPatsy
"Islamic terrorist"
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab"Islamic terrorist"
Hasib Hussain"Islamic terrorist"
Ziad Jarrah"Islamic terrorist"
Chérif Kouachi"Islamic terrorist"
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi"Islamic terrorist"
Satam al-Suqami"Islamic terrorist"
Adam Yahiye Gadahn"Islamic terrorist"
Russian apartment bombings"Islamic terrorist"
Mohammad Sidique Khan"Islamic terrorist"
Saeed al-Ghamdi"Islamic terrorist"
Saïd Kouachi"Islamic terrorist"
Fayez Banihammad"Islamic terrorist"
Anis Amri"Lone nut"
"Islamic terrorist"
Ramzi Yousef"Islamic terrorist"
Zacarias Moussaoui"Islamic terrorist"
Muhaydin Mire"Lone nut"
"Islamic terrorist"
"9-11/The 19 Hijackers""Islamic terrorist"
Germaine Lindsay"Islamic terrorist"
Abu Hamza al Masri"Islamic terrorist"
Adam Dekkushev"Islamic terrorist"
Hani Hanjour"Islamic terrorist"
Mohamed Atta"Islamic terrorist"
Sayeed Zabiuddin Ansari"Islamic terrorist"
Abdulaziz al-Omari"Islamic terrorist"
Shehzad Tanweer"Islamic terrorist"
Nawaf al-Hazmi"Islamic terrorist"
Salman Abedi"Islamic terrorist"
Khalid Almihdhar"Islamic terrorist"
Marwan Al-Shehhi"Islamic terrorist"
Ibn al-Khattab"Islamic terrorist"
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi"Islamic terrorist"
Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel"Lone nut"
Stephen Paddock"Lone nut"
Jack Ruby"Lone nut"
Gavrilo Princip"Lone nut"
Gundolf Köhler"Lone nut"
Khalid Masood"Lone nut"
Anders Breivik"Lone nut"
Mark David Chapman"Lone nut"
Martin Bryant"Lone nut"
Bruce Ivins"Lone nut"
Sirhan Sirhan"Lone nut"
Thomas Hamilton"Lone nut"
John Hinckley"Lone nut"
Lee Harvey Oswald"Lone nut"
Thomas Mair"Lone nut"
James Earl Ray"Lone nut"
Seifeddine Rezgui Yacoubi"Lone nut"
David Sonboly"Lone nut"
Christer Pettersson"Lone nut"
COVID-19/Lockdown"National security"
Russia Today"Russian Propaganda"
Azidothymidine"Safe and Effective"
"Safe and Effective"
Anne Aly"Terror expert"
2008 Mumbai attacks"Terrorism"
Nashville explosion"Terrorism"
2011 Norway attacks"Terrorism"
2021 Washington D.C. Riots"Terrorism"
Coup d'état
Kenosha riots"Terrorism"
2015 Sousse attacks"Terrorism"
Canadian church attacks"Terrorism"
Oktoberfest Bombing"Terrorism"
2021 Kabul Airport attacks"Terrorism"
Bologna bombing"Terrorism"
2021 Liverpool bombing"Terrorism"
2016 Magnanville stabbing"Terrorism"
He Will Not Divide Us"Terrorism"
2017 Barcelona attacks"Terrorism"
2005 London bombings"Terrorism"
1983 Beirut barracks bombings"Terrorism"
San Bernardino shooting"Terrorism"
Unite the Right rally"Terrorism"
2001 Anthrax attacks"Terrorism"
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack"Terrorism"
2004 Madrid train bombings"Terrorism"
2010 Times Square car bombing attempt"Terrorism"
Gretchen Whitmer/Kidnapping plot"Terrorism"
Oklahoma City bombingCar bomb
Cubana de Aviación Flight 455"Terrorism"
Liverpool Women's Hospital bombing"Terrorism"
Freedom Convoy 2022"Terrorism"
9-99/Ryazan incident"Terrorism/Preparation"
2016 Saumur Daesh Cell"Terrorism/Preparation"
Tamerlan Tsarnaev"Terrorist"
Samantha Lewthwaite"Terrorist"
Babar Ahmad"Terrorist"
Khaled al-Mihdar"Terrorist"
Abu Hamza RabiaSpook
Vincenzo Vinciguerra"Terrorist"
Bherlin Gildo"Terrorist"
Nawaf Alhazmi"Terrorist"
Ayman al-Zawahri"Terrorist"
Anthony Karam"Terrorist"
Haroon Rashid Aswat"Terrorist"
Terry Nichols"Terrorist"
Grenade"Weapon of mass destruction"
BBC coverage of the Calais Jungle2015 European refugee crisis
"Rebekah Roth"9-11 Truth movement
Four British Airways pilots=
Cassandra Fairbanks=journalist
Alexander L. KiellandAccident
Rust shootingAccident
2014 Ukraine coup/Odessa massacreAccidental deaths
Ricken PatelActivist
Ibram X KendiActvist
Gilad AtzmonAntisemitite
Best for BritainAstroturfing
Howard RubinBanker
Lisa ShawBroadcaster
Petr KellnerBusinessperson
Alanoud Bint Hamad Al ThaniBusinessperson
Jack DorseyLibertarianism
Louise BlouinBusinessperson
Alex GorskyBusinessperson
Sheryl SandbergBusinessperson
Stephan Adolphus KockBusinessperson
Joaquin DuatoBusinessperson
David ClementiBusinessperson
WW2/Attack on Pearl HarborCasus belli
Surprise attack
Gulf of Tonkin IncidentCasus belli
Brittany MurphyCelebrity
WW1/Commission for Relief in BelgiumCharity
Mayday Rescue FoundationCharity
Hand in Hand for SyriaCharity
World for LibyaCharity
Oswald LeWinterConfidence trickster
Secret EliteConspiracy
Klaas BruinsmaCriminal
Rian van RijbroekCybersecurity expert
2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdownDefence of border
Occupy CentralDemocracy movement
Enemy image
Konstantin YaroshenkoDrug trafficker
Freedom DayPandemic/Preparation
Emergency legislation/Preparation
Peter BakkerEnvironmentalist
Attempted Coup of the Libertarian Party of New HampshireEvent
Dietrich EckartEvil rogue
Devi SridharExpert
"Free market"Freedom
Julian AssangeWhistleblower
MonkeypoxHealth risk
2022 Russian invasion of UkraineImperialism
Christopher SignJournalist
Gerald PosnerJournalist
Daria KaleniukJournalist
Lyudmyla DenisovaPolitician
Afghanistan PapersLeak
Rupert SmithLobbyist
Military advisor
"Dancing Nurses"Meme
Mind control
"Bucha massacre"Murder
War crime
World Economic ForumNGO
Dangerous Speech ProjectNGO
Stop Funding HateNGO
ShomrimNeighborhood watch group
Carl BeechPerjury
Henk VredelingPolitician
Ashley HenleyPolitician
Yvette D'AthPolitician
"Arab Spring"Popular uprising
Eva GolingerPropagandist
Patrick LancasterPropagandist
Lillehammer assassinationRegrettable mistake
Bernhard von BiesterfeldRoyalty
Alexandrina VictoriaRoyalty
Elizabeth WindsorRoyalty
David SSecurity guard
"The Jewish Question"Settled question
Open Society FoundationsSocial change
Paulo MalhãesSoldier
David Kelly/AssassinationSuicide
Jeffrey Epstein/"Suicide"Suicide
2001 Indian Parliament attackSuicide attack
Arne DuncanTeacher
1981 Libyan hit squad scareTerror plot
The Hague Centre for Strategic StudiesThink tank
Rupert SheldrakeThreat to scientific orthodoxy
Nonprofit 501(c)(3)US/Legal System
Saddam HusseinWar criminal
Hissène HabréWar criminal
Udo UlfkotteWhistleblower
Mark FeltWhistleblower
Dr. David BellWhistleblower
Edward SnowdenWhistleblower
José Sanjenís PerdomoWitness