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Status: stable
This property is for nndb URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      NNDB URLs of people
  • Predicate:  Has nndb
  • Object:        URLs of people's NNDB pages (type URL)

451 Pages use the property "Has nndb"

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Page nameHas nndb
Otto Schilyhttp://www.nndb. com/people/094/000029007/
New York Times
Dresser Industries
Carlyle Group
Yale Law School
Stanford University
University of California/Berkeley
Harvard University
Yale University
University of St. Andrews
Middle East
Argentine president
Leader of the House of Lords
Director of Central Intelligence
UK/Joint Intelligence Committee/Chair
White House Chief of Staff
US/Permanent Representative to the UN
Home Secretary
Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee
White House/Press secretary
US/Deputy National Security Advisor
White House Director of Speechwriting
Office of National Drug Control Policy
US/Vice President
US/Coordinator for Counterterrorism
New York State/Governor
Bank of Credit and Commerce International
American Congress for Truth
Bohemian Grove
Committee for the Liberation of Iraq
Labour Party
Associated Press
Council on Foreign Relations
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
World Bank
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Skull and Bones
American Center for Democracy
The Ford Foundation
Motion Picture Association of America
Clinton Foundation
Iran Policy Committee
Institute for Historical Review
Anthony Fell
Lewis Eisenberg
Ferdinand Marcos
William S. Farish III
Marvin Bush
Hillary Clinton
Joe Biden
Jacob Zuma
Christopher Boyce
Merriman Smith
John Ehrlichman
Robert Menendez
Claiborne Pell
Elliot Richardson
Robert Hunter
Rozanne Ridgway
Rockwell Schnabel
Martin Luther King
James Burnham
Gough Whitlam
Shirley Temple
Richard McCormack
Douglas Feith
Isser Harel
Harold Brown
Oscar Fanjul
Edwin J. Feulner
Barry Seal
Jeffrey Wigand
Roger Hertog
Vernon A. Walters
Alan Greenspan
Yevgeny Primakov
Patrick Leahy
Meir Dagan
Judith Miller
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeane Kirkpatrick
Jack Matlock
Richard Helms
Judith Rodin
Joe Scarborough
Graham Greene
Richard Ben-Veniste
Walter Scheel
Nancy Kassebaum
Daniel Fried
Fletcher Warren
Fred F. Fielding
Morris Tabaksblat
Marlin Fitzwater
Walter Russell Mead
Timothy Roemer
Charles Grassley
James W. McCord
James A. McClure
Claude Bébéar
Carl Hubertus
James Inhofe
Robert McFarlane
Hastings Ismay
John Stockwell
Walt Rostow
Martin Gruenberg
Chris Patten
Manlio Brosio
George Will
Peter Kann
Frederick B. Dent
Paul Craig Roberts
Gertrude Himmelfarb
Jan Schakowsky
Georges Berthoin
Jim Hoagland
John Bolton
James Theberge
Bruce Schneier
Tom Daschle
James David Zellerbach
Richard Perle
Frederick Heinze
Henry Kissinger
Thomas Klestil
Chris Hedges
George W. Bush
Ford M. Fraker
George H. W. Bush
Muhtar Kent
Donald Trump
Simon Wiesenthal
Lester Crawford
Midge Decter
Joaquín Almunia
Robert McNamara
Irving Kristol
Bruce E. Mosler
D. Lowell Jensen
Bobby Ray Inman
Arnold Burns
Donald B. Ayer
Frank Pearl
Charles Byron Renfrew
Boris Yeltsin
Herbert Stein
David Talbot
Larry Pressler
James R. Schlesinger
C. Fred Bergsten
Dell Dailey
Dean Acheson
Daniel Ellsberg
Bill Gates
Jeff Bezos
Graham Allison
Richard E. Salomon
Mort Sahl
John Browne (Executive)
George Orwell
Mehmet Ali Ağca
Kim Young-sam
L. Dean Brown
Sarah Sanders
Robert Anton Wilson
Cleveland Dodge
Peter Hart
Alexander Lebedev
Samuel Dash
Charlie McCreevy
Sanam Vakil
Prescott Bush
Neil Bush
John Kerry
David Kimche
Efraim Halevy
James Bath
Melinda Gates
Oswald Mosley
Hale Boggs
Michael Armacost
Oliver Stone
John Farmer
Charles Bohlen
Claes Dahlbäck
Michael Chertoff
Marc Thiessen
Jesse Helms
Egil Krogh
Dick Cheney
Bella Abzug
Lyman Lemnitzer
Yitzhak Shamir
Joseph Verner Reed
Kees van Lede
John Sawers
Arthur Hays Sulzberger
Alan Cranston
Rex Tillerson
Ari Fleischer
Colin Powell
Thomas W. Braden
James W. Cicconi
John Scarlett
Joe Lockhart
Andrew Wakefield
Brent Scowcroft
J. Stapleton Roy
Walter Isaacson
Thomas Pickering
Steven Rattner
Jay Carney
Richard Clarke
Tony Blair
Vladimir Putin
Richard Allen
Jean-Claude Trichet
Porter Goss
Willard Butcher
Kenneth Starr
Margaret MacMillan
Josef Mengele
John Shad
Ephraim Katzir
Shabtai Shavit
Christine Lagarde
Mohamed Atta
Theodore Eliot
Cristina Kirchner
Clark Clifford
Bill Moyers
Vincent Bugliosi
Karen House
Frank Wisner II
John Negroponte
Robert Day
Robert Zoellick
David Boren
Gerald Posner
Lawrence Wilder
James Fallows
Tom McKillop
Elizabeth Drew
Anna Diggs Taylor
Dante Fascell
Paul E. Vallely
John Stonehouse
Philip Agee
Loring Knoblauch
Dwayne Andreas
Douglas Hurd
Marina von Neumann Whitman
Cord Meyer
Frank Gaffney
Jack Dyer Crouch
Anthony Blunt
John Chisholm
Jim Yong Kim
Roger Sant
Megan McArdle
Merlyn Rees
Arno Penzias
Thomas Dewey
Melvin Lasky
Duncan Sandys
Hugh Gaitskell
Harald Norvik
Robin Cook
Andrei Lugovoi
Stansfield Turner
Joschka Fischer
Alex Jones
Imre Nagy
Kim Philby
Wayne Lee Berman
Bill de Blasio
James Woolsey
Falklands War
The Guardian
Fox News
Searle Pharmaceuticals
Eton College
Princeton University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Oslo
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Federal Trade Commission
US/Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
National Transportation Safety Board
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs
New Jersey/Governor
New Hampshire/Governor
Big pharma
Bullingdon Club
Trilateral Commission
Economic Club of New York
Brookings Institution
Democratic National Committee
Marie-Josée Kravis
Carroll Quigley
Felix Warburg
Arthur Hartman
Judith Maxwell
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
John Dean
Bruce Ivins
Ehud Olmert
Edward Mandell House
Brian Mulroney
David Lange
Peter Sutherland
John H. Sununu
David Koresh
Frederick B. Whittemore
William Colby
Kirsten Gillibrand
Howard Baker
James Mattis
Malcolm X
Alexander Hamilton
Lawrence Summers
Cynthia McKinney
Andrew Liveris
Norman Kirk
Jacob Schiff
Lesley Stahl
Marilyn Monroe
Paul Volcker
Samuel Huntington
Asa Hutchinson
Robert Scully
Satya Nadella
McGeorge Bundy
Robert O. Anderson
Max Weber
Dan Rather
Henri de Castries
Murray Rothbard
Larry McDonald
Caspar Weinberger
Jules B. Kroll
Adnan Khashoggi
Conrad Black
Ross Perot
Lawrence Eagleburger
Susan McDougal
Robert Bartley
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Slobodan Milošević
Eric Schmidt
Paul Nitze
Mark Zuckerberg
Alphonso Taft
Malcolm Turnbull
Yasser Arafat
E. Howard Hunt
Merit Janow
Bill Clinton
C. Wright Mills
William McKinley
Martin Feldstein
Edwin Meese
Kemal Derviş
Oliver North
Strobe Talbott
Ian Fleming
Crispin Blunt
Marc Grossman
Richard Henry Jones
William Barr
George Perkovich
David Frum
Kevin Moley
Jonathan Finer
Rudy Giuliani
Cofer Black
James Wolfensohn
Christopher Hitchens
John K. Galbraith
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Donald Rumsfeld
Muammar Gaddafi
Kenneth Dam
Daniel Ortega
David Scholey
Carl Bildt
John Hickenlooper
Mehmet Oz
Mikhail Bakunin
Abdul Qadeer Khan
Vernon Jordan
Jimi Hendrix
Marion Barry
Antonin Scalia
Richard Haass
Thomas Jefferson
John McAfee
Pat Roberts
Robert Strauss
José María Aznar
Huma Abedin
Lewis Lapham
Scott Ritter
Herbert Asquith
Roman Abramovich