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Group.png Tony Blair Institute for Global Change  
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FounderTony Blair
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Sponsored byBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, US/Department/State
Membership• Tony Blair
• Ryan Wain
• Sanna Marin
• Patrick Vallance
• Nick Carter
• Yascha Mounk
Set up by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

"Get ready for a fourth jab"[1]

Official Narrative

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is a non-profit organisation set up by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair which proclaims its ambition as being to help make globalisation work for the many, not the few. It claims to help countries, their people and their governments address some of the most difficult challenges in the world today. Bringing together the various organisations Blair set up after leaving office – The Tony Blair Governance Initiative and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation – as well as his work on the Middle East Peace Process, establishing a new area of work: Renewing the Centre. Blair’s intention was to expand the activity of these organisations, re-orientating the mission to reflect the overlap between extremism, governance, the Middle East and the policies needed to fight populism in the West.[2]


On 21 July 2018, it was reported by the Telegraph that Blair had signed a deal worth £9,000,000 with Saudi Arabia.[3] The Tony Blair Institute confirmed that it has received donations from the U.S. State Department and Saudi Arabia.[4] Apart from that, the funding structure is secretive.

In 2021, Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, one of the world’s largest software companies, became one the former prime minister’s biggest donors, when it gave the institute $33 million, with plans for future donations of a further $49 million. The money was earmarked for a joint partnership to "help" African countries to create a central database of vaccination records. Blair said "This is an immensely exciting and potentially ground-breaking initiative for recording information on all disease vaccinations and treatments in African nations...Though Africa has coped well with Covid-19, it still needs to be part of international efforts to control the disease, including for international travel...That means vaccination of at least a significant portion of the population, requiring the highest quality data system so that everyone’s vaccine experience is recorded."[5] The grant came despite the institute having no particular expertise or experience in creating such systems.


IN february 2024, Sir Patrick Vallance, former Government Chief Scientific Adviser during Covid, joined TBI's "team of expert Strategic Counsellors", alongside former Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter.[6][7]


Known members

5 of the 6 of the members already have pages here:

Tony BlairRemarkably popular at the time, Tony Blair was a UK prime minister, now infamous for lying the UK into invading Iraq, notwithstanding massive opposition. He is currently sought for War crimes by many people.
Nick CarterSenior UK soldier concerned about Russian use of "Fake News".
Sanna MarinWorld Economic Young Leader and Finland's youngest-ever prime minister.
Patrick VallanceUK millionaire businessman/physician who in March 2018 moved from Director of GlaxoSmithKline to become the UK/Chief Scientific Adviser, chair of Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies
Ryan WainFuture Labour Party candidate



Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationVery influential and rich foundation established to take leadership of global health.
US/Department/StateSet up in 1789, the US State Department is the United States federal executive department responsible for international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministry of other countries.
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