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The Western world, also known as the West, primarily refers to various nations and states in the regions of Australasia, Europe, and the Americas. The Western world likewise is called the Occident (from Latin occidēns: "setting down, sunset, west"), in contrast to the Eastern world known as the Orient (from Latin oriēns: "origin, sunrise, east").

The West is considered an evolving concept; made up of cultural, political, and economic synergy among diverse groups of people, and not a rigid region with fixed borders and members. Definitions for "Western world" vary according to context and perspectives.[1]

The West's reputation

On 29 December 2023, Tom London posted on X:

The lack of action by the West to save the lives of Palestinian babies, children, women & men who are being killed every day by Israel, will leave a terrible & indelible stain on the West's reputation.

The West is destroying its own reputation - its soft power - day after day.[2]


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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:May 8 and the rehabilitation of Nazism in GermanyArticle12 May 2023Peter SchwarzOne day after the start of the war in Ukraine, Germany launched the largest rearmament offensive since 1945. Like the US, it is steadily escalating its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and is not even shying away from nuclear annihilation.
Document:Russia is deploying nuclear weapons in Belarus. NATO shouldn’t take the baitArticle24 April 2023Nikolai SokovMoscow regards the United States and Europe as parties to the war; Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that Russia and the United States are in a “hot phase” of war. These statements elevate the Russian war against Ukraine to the category of a “regional conflict” according to the 2000 and subsequent Russian Military Doctrines – a category that allows for limited use of nuclear weapons.
Document:Russophobia - Reaping the WhirlwindArticle22 September 2022Scott RitterVladimir Putin’s order to begin partial mobilisation of Russian military forces continues a confrontation between Russia and a US-led coalition of Western nations that began at the end of the Cold War.
Document:Truth and Ukraineblog post2 March 2023Craig MurrayCommentator: "Russia didn't fail to take Kiev in March. It withdrew from Kiev because Zelensky agreed to peace talks. The US, UK and EU opposed the peace talks and Zelensky withdrew from the talks."
Document:Why Much of the Global South Isn’t Automatically Supporting the West in UkraineArticle28 February 2023Krishen Mehta"The BRICS are not imposing sanctions on Russia nor supplying arms to the opposing side. While Russia is the biggest supplier of energy and foodgrains for the Global South, China remains the biggest supplier of financing and infrastructure projects to them through the Belt and Road Initiative. And now Russia and China are closer than ever before because of the war."
Document:World War Again Knocks at Europe’s DoorArticle22 June 2024Dennis SmallAll indications are that NATO is in fact actively preparing its forces for near-term war on European soil – again.
Document:Worse Than You Can Imagineblog post26 April 2024Craig MurrayThe political class, across the Western world and the Arab world, is utterly divorced from its people over Gaza. We are seeing worldwide repression, as peaceful conferences are stormed by police in Germany, students are beaten by police on American campuses, and in the UK old white people like me suffer the kind of continual harassment long suffered by young Muslim men.
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