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DateJune 5, 2013 - Present
DescriptionEdward Snowden provides undisputed documentary evidence that the NSA and other intelligence agencies were engaged in illegal universal surveillance. The commercially-controlled media reports this extensively but does not call for prosecutions. The relevant governments pass legislation to retroactively legalise the crimes, explaining that this is necessary protection against "terrorists".

The Edward Snowden Affair concerns the exfiltration by Edward Snowden of cache of classified NSA documents, followed by publication of a small fraction of them in the commercially-controlled media. The documents themselves reveal details of illegal mass surveillance by the NSA and its UK equivalent GCHQ. The released documents did add technical documentation and basically confirmed what was already speculated about in the Report on the existence of a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications (ECHELON interception system) by the European Parliament in 2001.[1]

The affair began with Edward Snowden presenting himself as an NSA whistleblower after fleeing to Hong Kong and subsequently to Moscow. His revelations, although initially not substantially different from other whistleblowers such as Thomas Drake, Mark Klein, Bill Binney, Wayne Madsen or Russell Tice (which were more or less ignored by commercially-controlled media) were reported worldwide. He reportedly copied many tens of thousands of documents, of which less than 1% has been released when Pierre Omidyar effectively shut down press access to the archive in 2019.[2]

Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden came to prominence in 2013 when he featured in a video explaining his motives for leaking NSA documents. At the time he was in Hong Kong, having travelled there from Hawaii. Later he flew to Moscow, reportedly on his way elsewhere. He was granted a one year temporary stay in Russia. The US government is seeking to try him under the Espionage Act.

Other Key Figures

Glenn Greenwald

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Edward Snowden reportedly contacted Glenn Greenwald and negotiated access to some (or all?) of Snowden's documents. He subsequently secured a multi-million publication deal for some of them. He is not wanted by US government.

Pierre Omidyar

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Pierre Omidyar of eBay agreed to finance (to the tune of $250M) a new publishing venture fronted by Greenwald and involving, among others, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill of Zero Dark Thirty fame. The Greenwald/Poitras claimed access to the entire document cache was self-evidently a major consideration in this deal.

Laura Poitras

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The official narrative that Snowden is, as he claims to be, a whistleblower altruistically exposing NSA mass surveillance has aroused suspicion in some quarters, and been interpreted as subterfuge. Snowden's implausible career progressions have struck several commentators as support the claim that he may in fact never have stopped working for the intelligence agencies. Tom Secker has observed that his C.V. has some parallels with that of Lee Harvey Oswald.[3] Various, not-mutually exclusive, interpretations exist.

Controlled information

Wikispooks user and deep politics researcher Joël van der Reijden writes that "I support his disclosures... [but] nothing is certain, but one sure gets the impression that someone is trying to control the flow of newly-released information. There are massive conflicts of interest here, with newspapers around the world ignoring them." He also provides a useful short summary of Snowden's disclosures at his ISGP website.[4]

Promoting fear

Webster Tarpley characterises the affair as a limited hangout to promote fear and hence self-censorship by the population at large. One of his major arguments concerns the widespread publicity given to Snowden's revelations by the commercially-controlled media, as opposed to their very limited interest in other such whistleblowers.


Tom Secker suggests that the Snowden affair may have been designed to divert attention away from real whistleblowers, or to lull people into a reliance on the controlled media to inform them about such events and thus lessening the trend away from them to independent, internet-based news providers.[3]

"Turf war"

Jon Rappoport has suggested that this is a "turf war" between the NSA and CIA.[5]


Edward Snowden's actions appear not to have slowed the uncontrolled use of mass surveillance, which appears to be subject only to technical rather than legal or other restrictions. As of August 2016, no one is known to have been subject to legal sanction as a result of Snowden's revelations. Instead, initial indignation and shock has been replaced by self-censorship and acquiescence to mass surveillance by intelligence agencies for non-transparent purposes.


In November 2015, the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May moved to explicitly legalise the mass surveillance exposed by Snowden and also to mandate that ISPs assist it by requiring them to keep logs, for example, the addresses of all web pages visited by their customers in the last 12 months.[6]


Mistrust of government has grown since Snowden's revelations.[7] Interest in (and suspicion of) encryption software has been increased by Snowden's revelations.

Internet presence


In July 2016, Snowden tweeted a mysterious 64 character hexadecimal code to over 2 million followers, which some commentators suggest may have been a dead man's switch. This followed some interesting earlier tweets (some of which were deleted) and has lead to speculation about Snowden's wellbeing.[8][9]


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