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Flights listed below often ended in disaster, whether accidental or otherwise.

Air disasters

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Air disasters, generally killing a lot of people in a single incident, provide for dramatic images and headlines, so are attractive as incidents of "terrorism". In emergency cases they may also have been used as a stealthy means of covert assassination. (Larry McDonald, for example, was aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007). Other flights which have attracted this suspicion include United Airlines Flight 553 and TWA Flight 800 (which was coincident with a US Navy live fire exercise).

Small planes

Various key figures of interests to deep state groups have died in small plane crashes such as Paul Wellstone or Gary Caradori).



Page nameDateDescription
Cubana de Aviación Flight 455
EgyptAir Flight 990
Korean Air Lines Flight 007
Metrojet Flight 9268Metrojet Flight 9268 disappeared from radar at 31,000 feet, exploded and crashed killing everyone on board.
TWA Flight 800A suspicious air crash, which occurred simultaneously with a live fire exercise being carried out by the US Navy.
Underwear bombing
United Airlines Flight 553A plane crash which ended the life of the wife of E. Howard Hunt, suspected by some to have been an assassination.
Western Global Airlines N545JN67 tons of cash and a body found on a CIA plane. Not known to have been reported by corporate media in Europe or North America.


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Matthew GannonCIA officer killed in the Lockerbie Bombing