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(journalist, politician, deep state actor)
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BornDietlinde Gruber
Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy
Alma materUniversity of Venice
SpouseJacques Charmelot
PartyThe Daisy
Multi-Bilderberger Italian journalist. In 2021 she called for mandatory COVID "vaccines".

Employment.png Anchorwoman

In office
1987 - 2004

Dietlinde "Lilli" Gruber is a prominent Italian journalist. She supported the Draghi government strongly during the COVID-19 deep event: "it was difficult to do better than this in this first phase. Consent is due to this."[1] She is a central member of the Italian Bilderberg network. In September 2021 she supported mandatory vaccination for all inhabitants.[2]


Gruber's career spans more than three decades. Born in the German-speaking minority province of South Tyrol, she is bilingual in German and Italian. From 1987, she worked as anchorwoman on the main evening news and foreign correspondent for the state channels, covering many seminal events.

In 2004, she resigned in protest against the increased influence on state controlled media by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

After a brief period (2004-2008) as deputy in The European Parliament, where she was close to the Social Democrat faction, she in 2008 went back to journalism. She then took charge over the influential news talk show Otto e mezzo on the private TV-network La7. At that time, La7 was 77% owned by the Telecom Italia group, of which fellow Bilderberger Franco Bernabè was president. The network was going to be sold, with new owners not yet determined, and Gruber was probably employed to ensure political editorial continuity.

On corporate media censorship:

Question:Is it right to give voice not only to the critics of the green pass, but also to the No vax? Gruber: I don't think it's right to give representation and voice to those who propagate fake news. We are serious journalists for this: to fight fake news that are not based on facts. Political and journalistic criticism contributes to the quality of our public debate; anti-scientific propaganda poisons the well.[3]


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