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Group.png University of Manchester  
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MottoCognitio, sapientia, humanitas
HeadquartersManchester, England
UK University

he University of Manchester is a public research university in Manchester, England.


COVID 19 fence destroyed 2020.jpg

In November 2020, hundreds of students from the University of Manchester tore down a metal fence which had been suddenly erected around their accomodation on the first day of the second UK COVID-19 lockdown. The university authorities stated that it was not intended to confine the students.[1][2] Students passed a vote of no confidence "in the Vice-Chancellor amid criticism of the institution’s handling of Covid".[3]

Integrity Initiative mention: "Agnostic or hostile"

The University of Manchester hosted the Reframing Russia project mentioned in the Integrity Initiative leak.[4][5] Document:Euan Grant Contributions mentions the "Creation of an Information fusion cell with strong links to academia, including agnostic or hostile groups (Manchester university reframing Russia project, University of Kent European Faculty)"



Reframing RussiaAn IfS/II discussed project about "The RT Challenge" which was publicly launched in 2019, not under the II/IfS name.



Manchester Business School


Alumni on Wikispooks

David Aaronovitch8 July 1954Author
UK deep state propagandist on topics from the Bilderberg group to the UK COVID-19 Lockdown. Denied being connected to the Integrity Initiative although leaked documents included his name.
Huda Ammori17 March 1994Activist
Liam Byrne2 October 1970Politician
Andrew Cordier1 March 190111 July 1975USDiplomatUN official who facilitated the coup against Patrice Lumumba. Bilderberg/1962. Later President of Columbia University.
Jon Cunliffe2 June 1953UKDiplomat
Senior British civil servant serving as Deputy Governor of the Bank of England for Financial Stability.
Chris Donnelly10 November 1946UKSpook
Deep politician
A UK Deep politician who set up the Institute for Statecraft (amongst other groups).
Üstün Ergüder1935TurkeyAcademicRector of Bosporus University, Board Member of the Vehbi Koç Foundation
Paddy French1949Investigative reporter
Isabel FurtadoPortugalBusinesspersonPortuguese businesswoman who attended the 2022 Bilderberg
Eve GarrardAcademic
Brian GilvaryUKBusinesspersonBig oil Bilderberg banker
Muharrem Kayhan1955TurkeyBusinesspersonChairman of TÜSIAD. Bilderberg 2000
Peter Levene8 December 1941UKBusinesspersonChief of Defence Procurement, then over to private banking.
Harold Lever15 January 19146 August 1995UKPoliticianTribilderberg UK MP, The Other Club
Kevin LynchJanuary 1951CanadaBanker
Canadian Bilderberg banker businessman
John Mann10 January 1960UKPoliticianUK Labour Party politician
Rhetta Moran1960
Alexander Nix1 May 1975UKPropagandist
Former CEO of Cambridge Analytica who was exposed by Channel 4's publication of a clandestine recording of him
David Malcolm Nott1956Doctor
Deep state operative
Possible UK operative connected to World for Libya
Frances O'Grady9 November 1959UKTrade unionist
Maurice Oldfield16 November 191511 March 1981UKSpookA head of MI6
Michalis Papakonstantinou1 November 191917 January 2010GreecePoliticianGreek Foreign Minister who attended the 1993 Bilderberg meeting.
John Polanyi23 January 1929Canada
Founded the Pugwash Conferences, attended the 1991 Bilderberg
Elaine Birch RuffellFebruary 1956UKSenior fellow of the Institute for Statecraft with a focus on "National Security Leadership, Strategy and Architecture". "Led assessment & disruption of narcotic trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe"
Roy SchestowitzProgrammer
Faiza Shaheen1982Author
Jean ShaoulAcademicProfessor emeritus at the University of Manchester and a regular contributor to the World Socialist Web Site.
Jo Stevens6 September 1966UKPoliticianLabour MP, frontbencher under Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer.
Maggie Throup27 January 1957UKPolitician
British scientist and Tory MP, serving as UK/Minister for Covid Vaccine Deployment
Leslie Turnberg22 March 1934UKPolitician
Chuka Umunna17 October 1978UK Labour politician, then Edelman and JPMorgan Chase .
Fran Unsworth29 December 1957Journalist
Haider al-Abadi25 April 1952Iraq
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