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Concept.png Mass shooting 

Official narrative

Mass shootings are the work of "lone nuts". Wikipedia reported, as of 2019, citing Mother Jones that the phrase "mass shooting" was "normally understood to exclude mass killings as a result of terrorist, authorised law enforcement or authorised military actions".[1][2] With this exclusion, the US does not have more mass shootings than any other nation state.[3]


William Cooper wrote in 1990 that the US would see a spate of mass shootings, designed as a meand to facilitate gun control.

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Page nameDescription
2008 Mumbai attacksAn incident of "terrorism" used to introduce the Indian National Investigation Agency. The perpetrators may have connections to the CIA and deep state.
2010 Cumbria shootings
2011 Norway attacksA car bomb in Oslo and subsequent mass shooting at a summer camp in Norway on 22 July 2011, claiming a total of 77 lives.
2015 Sousse attacksA mass shooting at the tourist resort of Port El Kantaoui, Sousse, Tunisia.
2015-11 Paris attacks
2016 Istanbul airport attack
2016 Munich shootingA shooting spree supposedly carried out by an 18 year old, for as yet unexplained purposes.
2016 Orlando nightclub shooting
2017 Las Vegas shootingThe most deadly mass shooting in US history, one about which many questions - most particularly "Why?" - remain unanswered. The original official narrative of a single "lone nut" shooter was confused as of February 2018.
Annecy shootingsA mysterious shooting which was generally avoided by the corporate media.
Brabant MassacresA set of murders between 1982 and 1985, in which 28 people died and 40 were injured. It became Belgium's most notorious unpunished crime spree.
Christchurch Mass ShootingA mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques. It was followed by a crackdown on freedom of speech.
Dunblane school massacreA school massacre by an acquaintance of George Robertson, a Bilderberger and later Secretary General of NATO with a range of other connections.
Itamar attack
Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
San Bernardino shooting
Sandy Hook
Stoneman Douglas High School shootingA school shooting in Florida in 2018
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