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An impending disaster or state of emergency - real or imagined - has been used as manipulation and scare tactic at least since the Apocalypse of St. John has driven people to pay for their "resurrection" (after death) by the Catholic Church.


Full article: Disaster/Preparation

Preparation for Disasters is used to introduce new policies, often by powerful lobbies and foundations proposing a fusion of business and government.

Continuity of Government

Planning for disasters of various kinds has driven the Continuity of Government efforts, a cabal using actual disasters as catalyzing events to further a non-democratic, business dominated control structure built on permanently rolled over emergency legislation. CoG planning was (partially) activated on 9-11.

The new "normal"?

The conditions to declare a state of emergency were gradually relaxed; i.e. a pandemic does not require a disease to be dangerous by the WHO any more. On Mai, 15 2019 the US declared a national "state of emergency" concerning "telecommunications", as part of its economic war against China.[citation needed]

Types of emergencies

An incomplete list of real or perceived threats leading to preparation for or reaction to regional, national, international or worldwide states of emergency may include the following examples. The scenarios include social control measures at the core: propaganda, psyops, censorship, police state and increasingly sophisticated soft power (aversive conditioning) techniques.



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"Climate change"
"War on Drugs"A social control strategy that provides a lot of off-the-books funding for the US Deep state in particular. As a strategy of tension, it has served to scapegoat minorities and is used as a pretext for social militarization and the removal of civil liberties.
Biological weapon
Chemical warfare
Civil unrest


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Anthony Fauci“No matter what phase you're in there are certain fundamental things that we've done that are not like it was in September or October [2019], you want to call it the "new normal," you can call it whatever you want.”Anthony Fauci16 April 2020