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Group.png Methodism  


Adherents on Wikispooks

Robert Anderson4 June 191014 August 1989Le Cercle, Bilderberg,
Alben Barkley24 November 187730 April 1956
Alan Beith20 April 1943UK politician
Norman Birkett6 September 188310 February 1962
David Blunkett6 June 1947
Paul Boateng14 June 1951
David Boren21 April 1941Jobs including Chair of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board
Robert Bradford8 June 194114 November 1981Northern Irish MP who was assassinated in 1981.
Willie Brown20 March 1934California State Assembly Speaker, later became mayor of San Francisco. Never proven allegations of corruption.
Richard Burr30 November 1955
Waggoner Carr1 October 191825 February 2004
Dick Cheney30 January 1941
Warren Christopher27 October 192518 March 2011
Max Cleland24 August 1942"One of the only vigilant members of the 9/11 Commission", who resigned and denounced it as a cover-up.
Hillary Clinton26 October 1947“Too big to jail”
John Connally27 February 191715 June 1993
Jesse Curry3 October 191322 June 1980
Bob Dole22 July 1923
John Garner22 November 18687 November 1967
Dennis Hastert2 January 1942The longest serving republican speaker of the house.
Jesse H. Jones5 April 18741 June 1956
Chiang Kai-shek31 October 18875 April 1975
Selwyn Lloyd28 July 190418 May 1978British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs during the Suez Crisis
Ray Mabus11 October 1948
Nelson Mandela18 July 19185 December 2013South African ANC leader and President of South Africa.
George McGovern19 July 192221 October 2012
William McKinley29 January 184314 September 1901
Gianni De Michelis26 September 194011 May 2019Attended the 1991 Bilderberg as Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs
Janet Napolitano29 November 19573rd United States Secretary of Homeland Security
Paul O'Neill4 December 1935
Jamie Reed4 August 1973Blairite MP and nuclear industry spin doctor
Pat Roberts20 April 1936
Dutch Ruppersberger31 January 1946
Terry Sanford20 August 191718 April 1998
Jeff Sessions24 December 1946
John W. Snow2 August 1939US Business leader and Secretary of the Treasury
Steven Symms23 April 1938
George Wallace25 August 191913 September 1998
Earl Warren19 March 18919 July 1974US chief justice. Blackmailed to go along with The Cabal's Warren Commision cover up of the JFK assassination
W. W. Wirtz14 March 191224 April 2010


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