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BornScott John Morrison
13 May 1968
Sydney, Australia
Alma materUniversity of New South Wales
Introduced "No Jab, No Pay" vaccine policy as Minister for Social services; part of US offensive against China

Employment.png Prime Minister of Australia

In office
24 August 2018 - 23 May 2022
Preceded byMalcolm Turnbull
Succeeded byAnthony Albanese

Employment.png Minister for the Public Service

In office
26 May 2019 - 8 October 2021

Employment.png Treasurer of Australia

In office
21 September 2015 - 24 August 2018
Preceded byJoe Hockey
Finance minister

Employment.png Minister for Social Services

In office
23 December 2014 - 21 September 2015

Employment.png Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

In office
18 September 2013 - 23 December 2014

Employment.png Member of the Australian Parliament

In office
24 November 2007 - Present

Scott Morrison was an Australian politician serving as the 30th and Prime Minister of Australia and leader of the Liberal Party of Australia since 24 August 2018. Working hard to maintain an image as a determinedly average person, his leadership has enthusiastically embraced the US "pivot to Asia", with an increased military and propaganda stance against China, which has led to deteriorating economic ties.

Interestingly, he was the minister who introduced the hardline "No Jab, No Pay" vaccine policy as Minister for Social services in 2015, then had moved up Prime Minister as the COVID-19 psychological operation started few years later. His brother Alan is Co-Deputy Chair at AHPRA, the governing regulator that is directing health practitioners in Australia to promote the mRNA injections and reject Ivermectin.[1]

“We are all responsible for our own health. And when it comes to informed consent and giving consent, to whatever treatment or procedure that you or I may have, then I'm ultimately responsible for what people do in their health treatment to me. And there has been the opportunity for people to visit their GP to have that consultation, the government has provided and funded that. And the informed consent process provides that decision to the individual. That's the sort of country we live in.”
Scott Morrison [2]
Australia under Prime Minister Morrison has a "no jab, no job" policy for the large majority of employments, and an extensive vaccine apartheid system

In May 2022, he was defeated for re-election by Anthony Albanese.[3]


Scott Morrison was born in Sydney and studied economic geography at the University of New South Wales.

He worked as director of the New Zealand Office of Tourism and Sport from 1998 to 2000 and was managing director of Tourism Australia from 2004 to 2006. Morrison was state director of the New South Wales Liberal Party from 2000 to 2004 and was first elected to the House of Representatives at the 2007 federal election. He was appointed to the opposition frontbench after the 2010 election.

Ministerial Career

Following the Coalition's victory at the 2013 election, Morrison was appointed Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in the Abbott Government.[4] In that capacity he was responsible for implementing Operation Sovereign Borders, one of the Coalition's flagship policies.

In August 2018, Peter Dutton challenged Turnbull for the leadership of the Liberal Party, due to dissatisfaction from the party's conservative wing. Turnbull defeated Dutton in a leadership ballot, but tensions continued to mount and the party voted in favour of holding a second ballot; Turnbull chose not to be a candidate. In the second vote, Morrison emerged as a compromise candidate, defeating Dutton and Julie Bishop to become leader of the Liberal Party and prime minister.[5]

Minister for Social services

In a cabinet reshuffle in late December 2014, Morrison was appointed the Minister for Social Services and ceased to be Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.In April 2015, he announced the introduction of the "No Jab, No Pay" policy, which withholds family and childcare benefits from parents who do not vaccinate their children.[6]


He was promoted to Treasurer in September 2015, when Malcolm Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott as prime minister.[7]

Prime Minister

The prime ministership of Scott Morrison commenced on 24 August 2018. He lead the government during COVID-19.

Policies included:


Appointments by Scott Morrison

Julie BishopAustralia/Minister/Foreign Affairs18 September 201328 August 2018
Peter DuttonAustralia/Leader of the House30 March 202123 May 2022
Peter DuttonAustralia/Minister/Defence30 March 202123 May 2022
Peter DuttonAustralia/Minister for Home Affairs20 December 201730 March 2021
John FrewenCoordinator General of the National COVID Vaccine Taskforce2021
Greg HuntAustralia/Minister for Health and Aged Care24 January 2017May 2022


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