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Flag of Lithuania.svg
Capital cityVilnius
Typenation state
Member ofEuropean Defence Union, European Union, Eurozone, International Criminal Court, NATO, UN
Formerly part of the USSR, now NATO and the EU. Since 2021, aggressive mandation of vaccines.

Lithuania is a nation state in northern Europe. It was formerly part of the USSR. Close ties to the Integrity Initiative.


The Integrity Initiative leak revealed that the Lithuianian defence establishment has been working closely with the UK Deep state to "counter Russian disinformation".

Reintroduction of conscription

In 2008, Lithuania abandoned military conscription. In 2015, the Lithuanian State Defence Council (Dalia Grybauskaitė, Juozas Olekas, Jonas Vytautas Zukas and Loreta Grauziniene) called for its reintroduction. Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas stated that the “changed geopolitical situation and insufficient manning of units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces leads to a temporary reintroduction of conscription.”[1]


The reality of how much people are empowered to "access and control their personal data" with "health services, organizations and apps you trust"[2] can be seen from this image.
Lithuania Ingrida1.png
Lithuania Ingrida2.png

Lithuania has seen authoritarian policies during COVID-19. Starting in September 2021[3], access to all public spaces in Lithuania, including food shops and most health services, will be regulated by a digital Vaccine passport.[4][5][6]

Criminal Prosecution for false flag accusation

In 2011, Lithuanian authorities initiated prosecution against journalist and diplomat Algirdas Paleckis for "denial of Soviet aggression against Lithuania".[7] As part of his journalistic research, Paleckis stated he had found several witnesses and ballistic assessments that seemed to indicate that there were secret snipers on the roof near the Vilnius TV centre who were shooting civilians, as opposed to the Lithuanian official narrative which declares this to have been done by Soviet troops. He then went on to state publicly that “it appears that in January 1991 our own people were shooting at their natives”. A Vilnius court had vindicated Paleckis in January 2012. The prosecution had appealed, and Paleckis was sentenced to a fine of 10,400 litas (€3,100) on June 12, 2012.[8]

The prosecution against Paleckis was initiated when he spoke on the radio about the widely discussed circumstances of the events of January 13th, both in Russia and in other countries – about the contribution of Gene Sharp, his students and other technologists of the colour revolution to the-then events in the Baltic States, the Caucasus and other Soviet republics that went along the path of separatism.

He was arrested again in 2018 on suspicion of spying for Russia.[9][10][11] As of March 2020 he has been jailed without conviction (or start of legal proceedings) for more than 500 days. More than distinguished 60 signatories across the political spectrum signed an appeal against the prosecution, stating his imprisonment is neither legal nor fair"[12]


An event carried out

Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history


Related Quotation

Tim Sweijs“In Lithuania, they've now switched to developing 'alternative narratives that the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence is developing together with the ministries of education and culture. If I ask Raimundas Karoblis if that isn't a form of utilizing propaganda, he answers resolute but semantically: 'It's about an alternative narrative'.”Tim Sweijs29 November 2017


Nation state

Nation stateDescription
Baltic States3 former USSR nations in Northern Europe; on the Baltic Sea.



Vilnius massacre


Groups Headquartered Here

General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania1992Lithuanian military academy
Mykolas Romeris University1990Lithuanian university
Vilnius University1919Lithuanian university with many disruptions during its history


Citizens of Lithuania on Wikispooks

Valdas Adamkus3 November 1926US exile community Lithuanian 'parachuted' in to run country
Lukas AndriukaitisIntegrity Initiative forensic researcher
Audrius Butkevičius24 September 1960Lithuanian politician and fellow of the Institute for Statecraft
Daniel Estulin29 August 1966Daniel Estulin is a leading researcher on the Bilderberg Group.
Drąsius Kedys4 September 197220 April 2010Stated in 2010 that he would "fight to the end" to expose paedophile activity that had affected his daughter.
Gabrielius Landsbergis7 January 1982Pro NATO Pro EU Lithuania foreign minister
Vytautas Landsbergis18 October 1932Anti-Russian Lithuanian politician
Raimonda Murmokaitė17 July 1959Lithuanian diplomat who was President of the United Nations Security Council in February 2014 and May 2015, and Chairman of the UNSC's Counter-Terrorism Committee 2014-2015.
Juozas Olekas30 October 1955Lithuanian Defence Minister who reintroduced conscription
Ignas Stankovičius11 January 1946Senior Lithuanian soldier and government advisor. "Chief consultant for special projects for the C&EE" at the Office of the NATO Secretary General's Special Adviser 1993-2003
Laimonas Talat-Kelpša4 November 1977Lithuanian diplomat who took part in the Cold War Then and Now? event.
Tomas TauginasLithuanian soldier and member of the Institute for Statecraft


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  11. quote=The Lithuanian news portal reported that Paleckis has been involved in gathering information — including private details — on investigators and prosecutors who are working on the so-called January 13 case that is addressing the bloody events of 1991, when 14 civilians were killed by Soviet forces who were trying to crush the pro-independence movement.