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The 1990 Bilderberg Report
Date10 May 1990 - 13 May 1990
LocationGlen Cove,  New York,  USA
ParticipantsPeter Carrington, Victor Halberstadt, Theodore Eliot, Conrad Oort, Giovanni Agnelli, Dwayne Andreas, Anders Aslund, George W. Ball, Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Thomas J. Bata, Jack Bennett, Christoph Bertram, Ernst van der Beugel, Selahattin Beyazit, Björn Bjarnason, Conrad M. Black, Tessa Blackstone, Enrico Braggiotti, William Bundy, Derek H. Burney, Richard R. Burt, Costa Carras, Jaime Carvajal Urquijo, Juan Luis Cebrian, Jean-Pierre Chevenement, Efthimios Christodoulou, Gerald Curtis, Ralf Dahrendorf, Kenneth W. Dam, Étienne Davignon, Ian Hay Davison, Robert A. Day, Aage Deleuran, Joao de Deus Pinheiro, Per Ditlev-Simonsen, James F. Dobbins, Marie-Josee Drouin, Fredrik S. Eaton, William T. Esrey, Oscar Fanjul, Thomas S. Foley, R. Donald Fullerton, John R. Galvin, Raul Gardini, Peter Glotz, Marshall I. Goldman, Katharine Graham, Maurice R. Greenberg, Sten Gustafsson, Antonio Guterres, Geir Hallgrimsson, Helmut Haussmann, Johan Jorgen Holst, Robert B. Horton, Jaakko Iloniemi, Erdal Inonu, Klaus Jacobi, Peter Jankowitsch, Vernon Jordan, David T. Kearns, Claude de Kemoularia, Henry A. Kissinger, Andrew Knight, Alex Krauer, Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere, Nigel Lawson, Wilfried Martens, Charles McC. Mathias, Andreas Meyer-Landrut, Gertrude G. Michelson, Thierry de Montbrial, Mario Monti, Pierre Morel, Beatrix Armgard, Norman Pearlstine, David R. Peterson, Romano Prodi, Lee R. Raymond, David Rockefeller, Eric Roll, H. Onno Ruding, Renato Ruggiero, Jeffrey Sachs, Ole Scherfig, Richard Schifter, Wolfgang Schürer, Philippe Seguin, Narcis Serra, John S. R. Shad, Jack Sheinkman, Marjanne Sint, Theo Sommer, George Soros, Kalevi Sorsa, Queen Sofía of Spain, Robert S. Strauss, John H. Sununu, Peter D. Sutherland, Josef Taus, Horst Teltschik, Franklin A. Thomas, Bertil Torekull, Dan Quayle, Alfons Verplaetse, Philippe Villin, Franz Vranitzky, William A. Waldegrave, Niels Werring, John C. Whitehead, Nils Wilhjelm, Lynn R. Williams, James D. Wolfensohn, Karel van Wolferen, Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Paul Wolfowitz, Manfred Wörner, Juan A. Yanez-Barnuevo, Mesut Yilmaz, Paolo Zannoni, Constantine D. Zepos
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
Witnessed byH.R.H. The Prince of Orange, Grant F. Winthrop, Saskia ten Asbroek, Günther F. W. Dicke, Charles W. Muller
Description38th Bilderberg meeting, 119 guests

The 1990 Bilderberg Meeting was the 38th such meeting and had participants from 18 European countries, the United States and Canada.[1] It was held at the Harrison Conference Center in Glen Cove, New York. The 119 guests included 33 business executives, 35 politicians, 7 financiers, 8 editors/journalists and 10 academics. The next meeting was the 1991 Bilderberg.


The 1990 Bilderberg Agenda has been leaked and is now online.[1]

1. The New Soviet (Dis)union

The moderator was Peter Carrington and the panelists were Marshall I. Goldman and Andreas Meyer-Landrut.

2. Strategic Issues

The moderator was Christoph Bertram and the panelists were Richard R. Burt and Pierre Morel.

3. Economic Relations With Eastern Europe

The moderator was Thierry de Montbrial and the panelists were Helmut Haussmann, George Soros and Jeffrey Sachs.

4. Can Western Values be Applied Universally?

The moderator was Vernon Jordan, Jr and the panelists were Ralf Dahrendorf and Richard Schifter.

5. Germany

The moderator was Henry Kissinger and the panelists were Horst Teltschik, Jean-Pierre Chevenement and William A. Waldegrave.

6. The Future of NATO And The European Comunity

The moderator was Charles McC. Mathias and the panelists were Henry A. Kissinger, Nigel Lawson and Theo Sommer.

7. Japan: Political Changes

The moderator was Conrad Black and the panelists were Gerald L. Curtis, Karel van Wolferen.


Known Participants

116 of the 119 of the participants already have pages here:

Gianni AgnelliItalian industrialist, 37 Bilderbergs
Otto Wolff von AmerongenBilderberg Advisory Committee member, deep politician
Dwayne AndreasLarge political donor to both major US parties.
Beatrix ArmgardFormer Dutch Queen. Survived 2009 Queen's Day Attack. In 1962 became the first woman to attend a Bilderberg meeting. Kicked a very heavy Bilderberg habit in 2015.
George BallUS deep politician who attended all 40 Bilderberg meetings up to his death, he helped make key decisions about post-WW2 Europe.
Thomas Bata"Shoemaker to the World", ran the Bata Shoe Company from the 1940s until the 1980s. 3 Bilderbergs from 1985 to 1990.
Jack BennettBilderberg Steering committee banker/businessman. Worked alongside his father in post-war Germany to reset the country's economy. Presidential advisor in the 1970 who dismantled U.S. controls over international capital flows.
Christoph BertramGerman journalist with a heavy Bilderberg habit
Ernst van der BeugelDutch deep politician, 34 Bilderbergs, on both the Advisory & Steering committees
Selahattin BeyazitOne of the biggest industrialists in Turkey and member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Björn BjarnasonIcelandic politician, heavy Bilderberg habit. Informant to US intelligence about his Icelandic politics.
Conrad BlackFraudulent Bilderberg steering committee member
Tessa BlackstoneUK academic who attended the 1990 Bilderberg as a Member of the House of Lords
Enrico BraggiottiAttended the Bilderberg as President of the Banca Commerciale Italiana
William BundySkull & bones deep politician and cold warrior who played a key role in the US side of the Bilderberg.
Derek BurneyAttended the 1990 Bilderberg as Canadian Ambassador to the US
Richard BurtUS Deep state operative who took part in the discussion about "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Founded Diligence
Peter CarringtonUK Deep politician. Bilderberg chairman. President of the Pilgrims Society. Secretary General of NATO. Chairman of the UK Conservative Party. Busy guy.
Juan Luis CebriánSpanish media mogul with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Jean-Pierre ChevenementFrench Bilderberger politician
Efthimios ChristodoulouGreek Bilderberg businessman and central banker who attended Bilderberg/1990.
Gerald CurtisUS academic, CFR, TLC, Bilderberg
Ralf DahrendorfGerman born philosopher. Regular contributor to Bilderberg meetings.
Kenneth DamEconomist who was US Deputy Secretary of State, with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Étienne DavignonBelgian deep politician, EU commissioner, Bilderberg chairman, Egmont Institute president
Ian Hay DavisonSingle Bilderberg UK banker. Managed the rapid growth of the accounting company Arthur Andersen in the UK.
Robert DayBilderberg billionaire businessman. Brookings Institution.President's Intelligence Advisory Board.
Aage DeleuranDanish quad Bilderberger editor
Per Ditlev-SimonsenMayor of Oslo who resigned after revelations about his Swiss bank account.
James DobbinsUS diplomatic troubleshooter who worked for RAND. Attended Bilderberg/1983 and Bilderberg/1990. Supporter of internet censorship
Fredrik EatonAttended 3 Bilderbergs around when he was Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
Theodore EliotUS Ambassador to Afghanistan who attended 15 Bilderberg meetings.
William EsreyTelecom exec who attended 3 Bilderbergs from 1989 to 1992
Oscar FanjulChilean economist with US deep state connections. Goldman Sachs, CFR, 1990 Bilderberg
Tom FoleyQuad Bilderberger, CFR with US Deep state connections
R. Donald FullertonCanadian banker
Raul GardiniERTI scandal ridden Italian businessman who "died by a dubious suicide"
Peter GlotzGerman politician
Marshall I. GoldmanUS think-tanker studying the economy of the Soviet Union and Russia.
Katharine GrahamQuad Bilderberger, TLC, deep state functionary?
Maurice GreenbergUS deep state operative
Bengt GustafssonBilderberg Steering Committee, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces
António GuterresBilderberger US Secretary general, particularly aggressive promoter of COVID jab mandation
Victor HalberstadtA professor of economics, with a minimal Wikipedia page, who has attended all Bilderberg meetings since 1975.
Geir HallgrímssonPrime Minister of Iceland, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Helmut HaussmannQuad Bilderberger German politician
Johan Jørgen HolstBilderberger who reportedly "worked himself to death with the peace process" as Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Robert HortonUK businessman who attended the 1990 Bilderberg as BP CEO.
Jaakko IloniemiBilderberg Steering committee, Finnish Ambassador to the US
Klaus JacobiSwiss diplomat with longstanding ties to the United States
... further results



Saskia ten AsbroekBilderberg Executive Secretary
Günther F. W. DickeOrganised the 1991 Bilderberg
Willem-Alexander FerdinandDutch royalty. Bilderberg
Charles MullerBilderberg manager, Ditchley/US, deep state functionary
Grant WinthropRegular Bilderberg rapporteur
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