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The Russian Deep State.


The Soviet communist party was an important group during the time of the USSR.


Russian apartment bombings

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In September 1999, a series of bombs were set off to destroy apartments in Russia. They were blamed on Chechen separatists. The bombings ceased after FSB officers were spotted placing explosives in the basement of a building in Ryazan. The Russian official narrative becomes confused and self-contradictory at this point.

Integrity Initiative Leak

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The UK government suggested that Russian spies were behind the Integrity Initiative Leak.


Related Quotation

Euan Grant“I have the responsibility for increasing awareness of Russian, Russian speaking and Russian proxies organised crime links ith [sic.] these countries [sic.] “Deep States” nexus of political, senior bureaucracy, military and military industrial complex, big business and, of course, security and intelligence services. We prefer the term “ strategic organised crime” and believe it is not capable of being adequately deterred by conventional criminal justice procedures.”Euan GrantJune 2018


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