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(Businessman, Veterinarian)
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BornOctober 21, 1961
Thessaloniki, Greece
Alma materAristotle University of Thessaloniki
Member ofAtlantic Council/Distinguished Leadership Awards, Business Roundtable
Chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer who termed the COVID jabs "weapons"

Employment.png Pfizer/Executive Chairman

In office
January 2020 - Present

Employment.png Pfizer/CEO

In office
January 1, 2019 - Present

Albert Bourla is a Greek-Israeli veterinarian and the chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer, the American Big Pharma company with the COVID-19 jab favored by the Deep State. He referred to the jabs as "weapons", possibly a Freudian slip.[1]


Born in the northern Greece city of Thessaloniki on October 21, 1961, he is part of the long history of the Sephardic Jews.[2] After graduating from high school Bourla went on to study at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He graduated with a PhD in veterinary medicine.


Bourla worked as a veterinarian for a time before joining Pfizer in 1993, first as a doctor of veterinary medicine and technical director for the company’s animal health division in Greece.[2]

At the age of 34 he left Thessaloniki with his wife to join Pfizer Europe and work in several positions, coming to live in four different countries. He was Pfizer’s Animal Health division president for Europe, Africa and Middle East during 2005–2009, followed by the Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific division during 2009–2010.

During this tenure, Pfizer bought the company Wyeth (including Fort Dodge Animal Health)[3] which had introduced a DNA-based vaccine for horses against the West Nile Virus. The company elected to shift to a more conventional vaccine once that version was given regulatory approval[4], indicating that the DNA-product was so bad it couldn't be hidden.

Bourla also worked as Group President of Pfizer’s Global Vaccines, Oncology and Consumer Healthcare business.[2] T

After working for Pfizer for 25 years, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) on January 1st 2018, and on January 1st 2019 he became Pfizer’s Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to the boards of Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation, he serves or was on the boards of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Catalyst, the Partnership for New York City, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Bourla is also a member of The Business Council and the Business Roundtable. He engages often with business leaders such as Bill Gates.[5]


On "Booster shots"

“The dynamics in the COVID more and more indicate a potential that we will have a clearly repeated business… Now we still don’t have data about the immunity of our vaccine because it is early. But we do see that the people that have the disease, more and more publications indicate that after several months, the immune response goes down. So there is a need to boost.””
Albert Bourla [6]

On vaccine safety

Frederick Kempe: There was some fake news during this period of time about the vaccines, you know, all sorts of conspiracy theories. How did you deal with that and how did you navigate that and where do you feel the primary source of this sort of fake news was? How damaging was this to us?

Albert Bourla: I’m afraid it [caused] quite a lot of damage and particularly with us, we were targeted by a lot of, let’s say, dark organizations that you don’t really know [who owns them]. You suspect that there are some countries behind. We were getting a lot of briefings from CIA, from FBI, about cyberattacks that may happen to us, but also about the spread of misinformation.

You know, there are two groups of people: There are the people that they are vaccinated. There are people that are skeptical about the vaccination, and both of them are afraid. Those that are getting the vaccine, they are afraid of the disease, and they believe that because people are not getting vaccinated, they are increasing the risk to them. They are increasing the exposure. So they are mad with them that they don’t get the vaccine. Those that don’t get the vaccine, they’re afraid of the vaccine and they are mad with the people that are pressing them to get it.

Those I understand. They are very good people. They are decent people. But they had a fear, and I understand it, and they don’t want to take chances. But there is a very small part of professionals [who] circulate, on purpose, misinformation so that they will mislead those that they have concerns [with the vaccine]. Those people are criminals. They’re not bad people. They are criminals because they literally cost millions of lives.”
Albert Bourla,  Frederick Kempe (9 November 2021)  [7]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/20222 June 20225 June 2022US
Washington DC
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
The 68th Bilderberg Meeting, held in Washington DC, after an unprecedented two year hiatus during which a lot of the Bilderberg regulars were busy managing COVID-19
Bilderberg/202318 May 202321 May 2023Portugal
Pestana Palace Hotel
The 69th Bilderberg Meeting, held in Lisbon, with 128 guests on the official list. The earliest in the year since 2009.
Bilderberg/202430 May 20242 June 2024Spain
The 70th Bilderberg Meeting
WEF/Annual Meeting/202222 May 202226 May 2022World Economic Forum
1912 guests in Davos
WEF/Annual Meeting/202316 January 202320 January 2023World Economic Forum
The theme of the meeting was "Cooperation in a Fragmented World"
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