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(spook, businessman)
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Born24 June 1964
Aden, South Arabia(Now Yemen)
Alma materCambridge University/Girton College
SpouseLaura Katharine Steele
Member ofOrbis Business Intelligence
Spooky businessman who cooked up the 'dirty dossier' to try to smear Donald Trump.

Employment.png Director

In office
2009 - Present
EmployerOrbis Business Intelligence

Not to be confused with Christopher Steel, a Permanent Representative of the UK to NATO in the 1950s.

Steele's Linked in page, as posted on ZeroHedge.[1]

Christopher David Steele is "the man behind the infamous Trump 'dirty dossier'", as the UK Daily Mail put it.[2]

Orbis Business Intelligence

Full article: Orbis Business Intelligence

Christopher Steele is a director of Orbis Business Intelligence, a private intelligence agency. It may be more than a mere coincidence that the same three men (Pablo Miller, Sergei Skripal and Christopher Steele) who had personal and professional links going back to the 1990s[citation needed] should have a continuing association at the same time as the Steele dossier was being compiled and later as the so-called Russiagate inquiry was imploding. Former FBI Director James Comey described the Steele dossier as “salacious and unverified” in a Senate hearing.[3]

Walsingham Partners

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On 23 April 2015 Steele founded Walsingham Partners with Christopher Parker Burrows.[4]


A Document by Christopher Steele

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.pdfdossierJanuary 2017Russia
Donald Trump
US/2016 Presidential election
A dossier of evidence purporting to demonstrate that Donald Trump and his transition team members have a history of improper contact with the Russian government and that Russian Intelligence collected substantial compromising information on Trump during his Russian business trips.


Related Quotation

Orbis Business Intelligence“The @Telegraph story claiming a link between Sergei #Skripal and Christopher Steele's company Orbis is wrong, I understand. Skripal had nothing to do with Trump dossier. Skripal had nothing to do with Trump dossier.”Luke Harding2018


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Sputnik Gatecrashes Launch of Mark Urban's Book 'The Skripal Files'
Document:Spy behind Donald Trump 'golden shower' dossier feared president had been 'compromised by foreign power'Article10 January 2018James Law"It's political rhetoric to call the dossier phoney. The memos are field reports of real interviews that Chris's network conducted and there's nothing phoney about it. We can argue about what's prudent and what's not, but it's not a fabrication."
Document:The Strange Case of the Russian Spy Poisoning: Sergei Skripalblog post17 March 2018Ludwig De Braeckeleer
James O'Neill
In any major criminal inquiry one of the basic questions the investigation asks is: who had the means, the motive and the opportunity? Framed in that light, the Russians come a distant fourth behind the other prime suspects: the U.S. and U.K. intelligence agencies themselves, and those elements of the deep state opposed to Donald Trump.