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Group.png Le Siècle  
(Deep state milieu, Deep state group)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
FounderGeorges Bérard-Quélin
LeaderLe Siècle/President
Type• think tank
• influence network
InterestsFrance, elite network
Interest ofTafelronde
SubpageLe Siècle/President
Membership• Alof de Louvencourt
• Ludovic Tron
• Pierre Moussa
• Jacques Fauvet
• Marcel Boiteux
• Jérôme Monod
• Jean Francois-Poncet
• Jacques Fauve
• Maurice Ulrich
• Marceau Long
• Simon Nora
• Roger Fauroux
• Jean-Claude Paye
• Jacques Rigaud
• Jean Dromer
• Gérard Worms
• Louis Schweitzer
• Renaud Denoix de Saint Marc
• Nicole Notat
• Denis Kessler
• Jean Veil
• Patricia Barbizet
• Thierry Breton
• Alain Lamassoure
• Pascal Lamy
• Alain Minc
• Christian Noyer
• Dominique Strauss-Kahn
• Jean-Claude Trichet
• Jacques Attali
• Claude Bébéar
• Antoine Bernheim
• Daniel Bouton
• Thierry Derez
• Jean-Yves Haberer
• François Mitterrand
• Georges Pompidou
• Pierre Mendès France
• Michel Pébereau
• Jean Peyrelevade
• Édouard de Rothschild
• Jean-Paul Agon
• Delphine Arnault
• Bernard Bigot
• Pierre-André de Chalendar
• Pierre Bilger
• Bertrand Collomb
• Stéphane Courbit
• Serge Dassault
• Étienne Davignon
• Bertrand Eveno
• Louis Gallois
• Guillaume Pepy
• Antoine Guichard
• Philippe Jaffré
• Denis Kessler
• Lisette Mayret
• Jean-Marie Messier
• Arlette Chabot
• Emmanuel Chain
• Jean-Marie Colombani
• Anne-Marie Couderc
• Michèle Cotta
• Teresa Cremisi
• Alain Duhamel
• Olivier Duhamel
• Michel Field
• Franz-Olivier Giesbert
• Claude Imbert
• Odile Jacob
• Denis Jeambar
• Laurent Joffrin
• Serge July
• Étienne Lacour
• Maurice Lévy
• André Lévy-Lang
• Serge Moati
• Denis Olivennes
• Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette
• Bernard Pivot
• Patrick Poivre d'Arvor
• Alain de Pouzilhac
• David Pujadas
• Alain-Gérard Slama
• Anne Sinclair
• Marc Tessier
• Gérard Worms
• Fadela Amara
• Fadela Amara
• Martine Aubry
• Robert Badinter
• Michel Barnier
• Jacques Barrot
• François Bayrou
• Eric Besson
• Michel Bon
• Jeannette Bougrab
• Hervé de Charette
• Jean-Pierre Chevènement
• Jean-François Copé
• Xavier Darcos
• Rachida Dati
• Laurent Fabius
• Luc Ferry
• Aurélie Filippetti
• François Fillon
• Élisabeth Guigou
• Adeline Hazan
• Patrick Hetzel
• Martin Hirsch
• François Hollande
• Nicolas Sarkozy
• Jean-Paul Huchon
• Anne-Marie Idrac
• Lionel Jospin
• Jean-Pierre Jouyet
• Alain Juppé
• Bernard Kouchner
• Jack Lang
• Noëlle Lenoir
• Corinne Lepage
• Charles Millon
• Pierre Moscovici
• Jean-Pierre Raffarin
• Jacques Rigaud
• Manuel Valls
• Jacques Toubon
• Michel Vauzelle
• Henri Weber
• Hubert Védrine
• Rama Yade
• Marisol Touraine
• Simon Nora
• Renaud Denoix de Saint Marc
• Richard Descoings
• Michel Gaudin
• Simone Rozès
• Olivier Schrameck
• Frédéric Mion
• Hélène Ahrweiler
• Anne Levade
• Laurent Batsch
• Christian de Boissieu
• Daniel Cohen
• Alain Cotta
• Élie Cohen
• Patrick Hetzel
• Henri Loyrette
• Karol Beffa
• Yamina Benguigui
• Pascal Bruckner
• Hélène Carrère d'Encausse
• Françoise Chandernagor
• Marc Lambron
• Bruno Mantovani
• Jean Tulard
• Jean-Christophe Le Duigou
• Nicole Notat
• Laurence Parisot
• Ernest-Antoine Seillière
• André Levy-Lang
A long established "bipartisan" network in the French establishment.

Not to be confused with the highly secretive deep state milieu, Le Cercle

Le Siècle is an elite bi-partisan social club in France that meets once a month for dinner at the French Automobile Club in Paris's Place de la Concorde. Membership in Le Siècle "symbolizes the French nomenklatura" and includes France's top intellectuals, politicians, chief executives, journalists, and artists; since the 1970s, one-third to half of all French government ministers were members of Le Siècle, regardless of political affiliation or party membership. That percentage peaked at 72% under Prime Minister Édouard Balladur (1993–95). French journalist and writer Emmanuel Ratier wrote in 1996 that the club's membership controls 90% of French GDP. [1]

There are 580 members, subject to change every year, and 160 guests.


Le Siècle (English: 'the Century') was founded in 1944 by Georges Bérard-Quélin, a journalist and Freemason. The small group of the 1940s and 1950s eventually expanded to include major politicians across the political spectrum, from François Mitterrand, who was close associate of Bérard-Quélin, to Georges Pompidou via Pierre Mendès France. When a similar think tank called the Saint-Simon Foundation dissolved in 1999, many of its former members joined Le Siècle.

In the immediate post-war period, deep cleavages fragment the ruling class: resistance fighters against Vichy collaborators; bosses - liberal or right-wing - against senior planning officials; disunited political parties against a Communist Party at the height of its electoral results. Bérard-Quélin and his associates worked to reconcile the elites, and to exclude the communists.[2]

Members opinion

"I really like Le Siècle," says Mrs. Martine Aubry. I stopped going there in 1997 when I became minister. It was very interesting. I found myself at tables with extremely different people (...). The initiative can be perceived as totally elitist, but it remains a real meeting place. I learned a lot from it. Because, for me, real intelligence means trying to understand people who have a different logic." The former right-hand man of Mr. Jacques Delors, Mr. Pascal Lamy, current director general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), explains his presence as a form of getting access: "It is important that the men on the left don't let the decision-makers be in contact only with the right." Others, like Pierre Moscovici, admit straight away that Le Siècle turns out to be" a very influential social network."[3]

List of members (selection)


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