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From the G8 summit in 2007. Next to President GW Bush are Young Global Leaders 1993 who now have become leaders of their countries: José Barroso, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin (suspected member, see this note) and Tony Blair.
Membership• Esko Tapani Aho
• Leyla Alaton
• Stephen H. Alexander
• George L. Van Amson
• Efstratios G. Arapoglou
• Pedro Aspe Armella
• Martine Aubry
• Antoine A. Auquier
• José María Aznar
• Adnan A. Al Bahar
• Zoë Baird
• Niraj Bajaj
• Jill E. Barad
• Stephen D. Barber
• José Manuel Barroso
• Gustavo Beliz
• Daryl Bernstein
• Chandrakant Birla
• Tony Blair
• Louise T. Blouin MacBain
• Peter A. Bod
• Vincent Bolloré
• Carlos A. Bolona
• Bono
• Anna Booth
• Leonard Bosack
• Youssef Boutros-Ghali
• Richard Branson
• Edgar Miles Bronfman Jr
• Gordon Brown
• Hasan Hasip Buldanlioglu
• Santiago Calatrava
• Dick Cashin
• Raymond K. F. Ch'ien
• Chang Dae-Whan
• Anatoly B. Chubais
• Jim Cooper
• René Cortázar
• Howard Davies
• Mick L. Davis
• Michael S. Dell
• Paul Desmarais Jr
• Whaimutu K. Dewes
• Filip Dimitrov
• Vladimir Dlouhy
• Ernst-Adrian von Doernberg
• Lubomir Dolgos
• Reto Donatsch
• Maitreya V. Doshi
• Klaus Eierhoff
• Pietro Ferrero
• Fouad Filali
• Lourdes Flores Nano
• Jean-Marc Forneri
• Kazunori Fujita
• Elaine Garzarelli
• William H. Gates
• Pete Geren
• Paul Gilding
• Robert M. Godsell
• Reinhard Goehner
• Sanjiv Goenka
• Steven D. Goldestein
• Suyanto Gondokusumo
• Trip Hawkins
• Edmundo Hermosilla
• Peter Hintze
• Ho Kwon-Ping
• Michele J. Hooper
• Ken Hsui
• Jon M. Huntsman
• Kuniko Inoguchi
• Gyorgy Jaksity
• Leif Johansson
• Philippe Kahn
• Cefi J. Kamhi
• Lawrence Katz
• Joseph P. Kennedy II
• Kim Seung Youn
• Atul Kirloskar
• Mustafa V. Koç
• Yuriko Koike
• Wendy Kopp
• Franz-Josef Kortüm
• Thorleif Krarup
• Wolfgang Kubicki
• M. Ercan Kumcu
• Raymond P. Kwok
• Thomas Kwok
• Christian Lacroix
• Anne Lauvergeon
• Lee Hsien-Loong
• Sandra Lerner
• Antony Leung
• Sabine Leutheusser
• Robert Levine
• Richard T. Li
• Victor Li Tzar-Kuoi
• Lim Thian Kiat
• Ernst-Moritz Lipp
• Ricardo Lopez Murphy
• Fredrik Lundberg
• Lance Lundberg
• Yo-Yo Ma
• Patrick Maddams
• Robert Madge
• Josh Mailman
• Beatrice Marre
• Arne Martensson
• Daniel Marx
• Scott G. McNealy
• Rigoberta Menchu Tum
• Eugenio A. Mendoza
• Angela Merkel
• Jean-Marie Messier
• Mohammed Bin Fahd
• Gary L. Moreau
• Plinio Musetti
• Adrian Nastase
• Boris Nemtsov
• Patrick Nicolet
• Claudia Nolte
• Archie J. Norman
• Kathleen O'Donovan
• Stan O'Neal
• Martin A. O'Neill
• Janice I. Obuchowski
• Patrick Odier
• Ben Okri
• Jorma Ollila
• Viktor Orban
• Corrado Passera
• Dennis R. Patrick
• Michael Portillo
• Cyril M. Ramaphosa
• Pedro J. Ramirez
• Klaus P. Regling
• Gary M. Reiner
• Eivind Reiten
• Einars Repse
• James T. Riady
• Brian L. Roberts
• Jacques Rogozinski
• Jan Maria Rokita
• Johann Rupert
• Mona Sahlin
• Juan Manuel Santos
• Nicolas Sarkozy
• Uriel Savir
• Leonard S. Schleifer
• Jack C. Schoof
• Peter Sellars
• Ricardo F. Semler
• Jaime Serra Puche
• Sager S. Shaheen
• Alexander Shokhin
• Boris V. Sobolev
• Masayoshi Son
• Cesar Souza
• Sergei B. Stankevich
• Benjamin Steinbruch
• George Stephanopoulos
• Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem
• Lawrence H. Summers
• Gyorgy Suranyi
• Giovanni Tamburi
• Vincent Tan Chee-Yioun
• Yasuo Tanabe
• Henry Tang Ying-Yen
• Adolfo R. Taylhardat
• Martin Taylor
• David Roy Thomson
• John L. Thornton
• Frank Truemper
• Serif Coskun Ulusoy
• Bernard Valcourt
• W. Ron Van Dell
• Guy Verhofstadt
• G. Richard Wagoner
• Jacob Wallenberg
• Paul S. Walsh
• Frank-Detlef Wende
• Per Westerberg
• Annette Winkler
• Stephen Wolfram
• Allan Wong Chi-Yun
• Rosanna Wong Yick-Ming
• George Yeo Yong-Boon
• Mikhail Yuriev
• Naidansurengiin Zolzhargal
WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1993

The WEF's Global Leaders for Tomorrow, class of 1993, was the inaugural cadre of the WEF's highly influential deep state recruitment network. The group was composed of 200 young leaders from business, politics, academia, the arts and the media, all of them under 43 years of age. Dozens of members were later made leaders of nation states, or later played influential roles in deep events such as COVID-19. The following year's cadre is listed at WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1994.

Own words

The WEF claims, rather implausibly, that the members were "well established through their achievements and positions of influence"[1]. This belies the fact that many were almost totally unknown at the time. Angela Merkel, for example, was a nobody[clarification needed] from the former East Germany, which had been incorporated into united Germany in 1991.[citation needed]

Deep political connections

The group contained 23 visitors to the Bilderberg[2], as opposed to just 9 the following year[3] or 5 in 1995[4]. Larry Summers is the only member of the group proven to have flown on Epstein's plane, but 4 of the other group members are named in Epstein's Black book.[5].


The complete list of participants in the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders for Tomorrow program for the year 1993, their first gathering, is no longer available on their website, but possible to find in archived form.[6]

Selected Examples

Among those nominated in the first year were many individuals (some indicated below with their titles at that time) who would later assume key responsibilities or distinguish themselves further in their fields[1]. As with hundreds of WEF or Bilderberg visitors, they seem to have played important parts in the COVID deep event almost 30 years later.

Premature deaths


Known members

55 of the 190 of the members already have pages here:

Esko AhoAttended the 1994 Bilderberg as Prime Minister of Finland
Martine AubryFrench politician, WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1993
José María AznarPrime Minister of Spain 1996-2004, "If Israel goes down, we all go down", various deep state connections
Zoë BairdSpookily connected US lawyer
José Manuel BarrosoBilderberg Steering committee, President of the European Commission
Tony BlairRemarkably popular at the time, Tony Blair was a UK prime minister, now infamous for lying the UK into invading Iraq, notwithstanding massive opposition. He is currently sought for War crimes by many people.
Louise BlouinCanadian magazine editor. WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1993
Peter BodHungarian central banker
Vincent BolloréFrench industrialist, businessman, media owner and billionaire. grandmother a spy. Started his career at the [Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild
BonoIrish singer "kissing the arses of the rich and powerful" and preaching on global inequality while avoiding taxes according to Irish scolar Harry Browne.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Richard BransonUK billionaire spending a lot to keep up positive image. In Epstein's Black Book
Gordon BrownUK deep state functionary. Prime Minister from 2007-2010. WHO ambassador for Global Health Financing from 2021
Anatoly ChubaisDouble Bilderberger facilitator of the privatization of Russia that killed millions. Central in the introduction of the Sputnik V Covid-vaccine.
Howard DaviesWEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993, London School of Economics Director 2003-11
Michael DellComputer billionaire businessman, WEF AGM regular, WEF GLT 1993
Philip DimitrovPrime Minister of Bulgaria 1991-1992. Ambassador to the United States 1998-2002.
Bill GatesMulti-billionaire computer businessman, was "very close" to Epstein, Pushing a mass vaccination agenda in 2021. Called a Napoleon and drug trafficker repeatedly caught by the court of Washington D.C in the early 2000s.
Jon HuntsmanMultiple US Deep State connected roles, Atlantic Council Chairman, US Ambassador to Russia. Aggressive pusher of the COVID-19 jabs. In Epstein's Black Book.
Joseph P. Kennedy IIFormer Congressman and part of the Kennedy family.
Leif JohanssonSwedish businessman and son of Bilderberger. Attended 2 successive Bilderbergs. AstraZeneca Chairman.
Edgar Miles Bronfman JrPart of the Bronfman family.
Yuriko KoikeGovernor of Tokyo, former minister. WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1993.
Mustafa KoçTurkish businessman. Attended all Bilderbergs from 2004 until his death in 2016
Wolfgang KubickiGlobal Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 1993. Unusually for this network, he is against the extensive removal of civil rights during the Covid-19 deep event.
Anne LauvergeonDouble Bilderberg French businesswoman. Many directorships
Sabine Leutheusser-SchnarrenbergerGerman politician selected a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 1993.
Lee Hsien LoongSingapore Prime Minister. Son of Singapore founder Lee Kuan Yew. Introduced hard law against false news. PM during COVID-19 with lockdowns, RNA-vaccines and vaccine passports
Yo-Yo MaChinese-American celebrity cellist who is member of the WEF/Board of Trustees, GLT/1993
Josh MailmanWEF GLT 1993 named in Epstein's Black book
Angela MerkelGerman deep state operative who aggressively pushed COVID-19 vaccines.
Jean-Marie Messier"France's most colourful and controversial business leader", WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993
Adrian NastaseFormer Romanian prime minister, now a convicted blackmailer and bribe taker.
Boris NemtsovA critic of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin. Assassinated
Claudia NolteGerman politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
Jorma OllilaShell chairman, Nokia CEO, Bilderberg steering committee, WEF
Viktor OrbánWEF-backed Hungarian PM who had a "coronavirus law" passed to allow him rule by decree during the state of emergency for an indefinite period<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>, which CNN termed an "outrageous power grab".
Corrado PasseraItalian Bilderberg banker
Michael PortilloUK
Pedro J. Ramírez
Klaus ReglingChief Executive Officer of the European Financial Stability Facility and Managing Director of the European Stability Mechanism. Considered as a possible head of the European Central Bank
Eivind ReitenTriBilderberg Norwegian businessman, European Round Table of Industrialists, WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993
Einars RepšeWEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993. President of the Latvian Central Bank 1991-2001. Prime Minister of Latvia 2002-2004.
James RiadyIndonesian billionaire businessman with long-standing ties to the Clintons.
Mona SahlinSwedish Social Democrat politician. Her political career rebounded from a deep low after she participated in the 1996 Bilderberg conference, and she almost became Prime Minister.
Nicolas SarkozyFrench deep state operative charged with "criminal association"
George StephanopoulosUS/President/Senior Advisor, Bilderberg 1996 and 1997
Lawrence SummersUS Deep State actor "I've always thought that under-populated countries in Africa are vastly UNDER-polluted"
György SurányiHungarian banker. Trilateral Commission, 3 Bilderbergs in the late 1990s
J. Martin TaylorUK Millionaire banker and businessman. Former Bilderberg steering committee
David Roy ThomsonCanadian billionaire editor WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993
... further results
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