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Lt. Col. Oliver North is sworn in on July 7, 1987, before the congressional committee investigating the Iran-contra affair.
BornOliver Lawrence North
San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
SpouseBetsy North
Member ofThe Enterprise
Interest ofOur Hidden History
Carried the can for the Iran-Contra affair.

Oliver L. North, a Marine lieutenant colonel assigned to the National Security Council staff beginning in 1981 until he was fired on November 25, 1986, was the White House official most directly involved in what the corporate media dubbed 'The Iran-Contra Affair'.


Full article: “Iran-Contra”

In 1982, under the alias of 'John Cathey', North recruited Terry Reed to raise money and secure airplanes for the Nicaraguan Contras. Reed, an accomplished pilot, later trained about 24 Nicaraguan pilots at a rural airstrip at Nella, Arkansas. Reed blew the whistle after discovering the drug trafficking component of The Enterprise's Iran-Contra plan.[1]

“Wanted aircraft to go to Bolivia to pick up paste. Want aircraft to pick up 1,500 kilos.”
Oliver North (July 9, 1984)  [2]

“Honduran DC-6 which is being used for runs out of New Orleans is probably being used for drug runs into U.S.”
Oliver North (August 9, 1984)  [2]

North, who was deputy director of political-military affairs, reported many of his activities to his superiors, US National Security Adviser Robert C. McFarlane and later John M. Poindexter. He claimed to have taken much of his direction from Central Intelligence Agency Director William Casey.[3]

“$14M [million] to finance came from drugs.”
Oliver North (July 12, 1985)  [2]

Olof Palme

In March 2018, on Facebook, Michael Buergermeister wrote:

"From what I've been reading/watching/listening to it seems that Ollie North gave the order to P2 and the South Africans carried it out. Olof Palme knew too much about Iran-Contra. It seems that North spoke with him shortly before he died, which means that he most probably told him some secret stuff.
"The case has remarkable parallels to that of Terry Reed, who also knew too much and who was very nearly silenced. What they (North, Bush etc.) couldn't afford to be made public was that Bill Clinton was a key player in the game. This would have made his presidency impossible.
"I haven't read Terry Reed's 'Compromised' yet but I have a vague memory of him saying in an interview that Ollie North, with whom he dealt personally, gave the order to kill Palme."[4]


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Symposium on the Role of Special Operations in US Strategy for the 1980s4 March 19835 March 1983Spooky conference attended by the US MICC
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