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(journalist, author, broadcaster)
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"Jesus Would Be Killed in Gaza"
BornPeter Alan Oborne
Poole, Dorset, England, UK
Alma materChrist's College (Cambridge)
ExposedThe Telegraph
A Telegraph journalist who went independent

Peter Oborne is a British journalist and broadcaster. He is the former chief political commentator of the Daily Telegraph, from which he resigned in early 2015.[1]

Oborne was described by Tony Gosling in 2022 as "one of the only really honest decent freelance independent minded journalists in the UK at the moment".[2]


Peter Oborne was the former chief political commentator of the Telegraph until he resigned, declaring that "The coverage of HSBC in Britain's Telegraph is a fraud on its readers."[3]

He reported for the UK Channel 4's Dispatches and Unreported World.

He was named freelancer of the year in 2016 at the Online Media Awards for articles he wrote for Middle East Eye.[4]

He writes a political column for Middle East Eye and a diary column for the Byline Times.[5]


Peter Oborne is author of "The Rise of Political Lying", "The Triumph of the Political Class", and "The Assault on Truth: Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Emergence of a New Moral Barbarism", and along with Frances Weaver of the pamphlet "Guilty Men".


Keir Starmer CANNOT be trusted
"Jesus Would Be Killed in Gaza"

Peter Oborne presents a series of videos for the alternative news website Double Down News:


Documents by Peter Oborne

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:A bitter Middle East crisis at the heart of the Conservative PartyArticle6 August 2021Boris Johnson
Ben Elliot
Mohamed Amersi
Conservative Friends of the Middle East and North Africa
Conservative Middle East Council
Pandora Papers
This crisis will not - thank goodness - claim lives as the Iraq War did. But it will damage Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has already found himself involved in a series of sleaze investigations, of which this is the most personally dangerous for him.
Document:Faiza Shaheen dropped by Labour for liking pro-BDS, Corbyn and Green Party postsArticle30 May 2024Iain Duncan Smith
Gaza War 2014
Jeremy Corbyn
Keir Starmer
Stewart McDonald
2021 Hartlepool by-election
Shama Tatler
Faiza Shaheen
Israel lobby
Left-wing Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen is deselected for 15 social media posts between 2014 and 2024 on issues from Islamophobia to Israeli lobbying, MEE has been informed.
Document:On Gaza, Sunak's Tories and Starmer's Labour have merged into a single pro-war partyArticle22 January 2024David Cameron
Joe Biden
International Court of Justice
Keir Starmer
Rishi Sunak
Occupied Palestinian Territory
Genocide Convention
2023-2024 Israel-Hamas War
If the ICJ rules in South Africa’s favour then Rishi Sunak, as well as US President Joe Biden, will be wide open to the charge that they are aiding and abetting genocide. And so will Labour’s Keir Starmer.
Document:The conspiracy of lies about Corbyn that unites Sunak and StarmerArticle8 November 2022Boris Johnson
Keir Starmer
Penny Mordaunt
Rishi Sunak
Suella Braverman
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's abuse of his high office to smear Corbyn proves that he means to employ the same deceitful methods as his disgraced predecessor, Boris Johnson.
Document:Torture Inquiry must reveal the Trutharticle7 July 2010MI6
"Extraordinary rendition"
Document:Why Starmer picked a controversial pro-Israel lobbyist for a safe seatArticle4 June 2024Keir Starmer
Luke Akehurst
Faiza Shaheen
Israel lobby
Chingford and Woodford Green
North Durham
Chris Bradburn
The self-proclaimed Zionist activist Luke Akehurst has called the UN 'antisemitic' and backs Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank
File:Britain's Israeli Lobby.pdfbooklet13 November 2009Israel lobbyA hard look at the influence of Israel in the politics of the UK


A Quote by Peter Oborne

Leader of the Conservative Party“All Tory leaders have surrounded themselves with an inner circle, which has given them ballast and in certain important respects defined their leadership. John Major had a winning fondness for palpable fakes, like Jeffrey Archer and David Mellor; Margaret Thatcher liked hirsute North London entrepreneurs with a ‘can-do’ attitude and heavy jewellery. Michael Howard’s chosen milieu is constructed of dapper, well-spoken men and women, many of whom live within walking distance of one another in west London. Cameron is unmistakably the leader of these Notting Hill Tories, but others include Michael Howard’s political secretary Rachel Whetstone, his speechwriter Ed Vaizey, marketing expert Steve Hilton, policy man Nick Boles, along with the newspaper columnists Edward Heathcoat Amory and his wife Alice Thomson.”19 June 2004The Spectator


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