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Group.png Quia Oportet
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Hofstadgr QO.jpg
The Siege of The Hague, orchestrated by the AIVD against or.... with the Hofstadgroup?
AbbreviationGladio 2.0, Operation Gladio B.
Founder• Ruud Lubbers
• Sybrand van Hulst
• Dutch Deep State
Type• military
• “terrorist”
Interest ofDutch Ministry of General Affairs
Membership• Karst Roeland Tates
• Jason Walters
• Wim Kok
• Mark Rutte?
State secret Dutch company listed in Dutch Ministry of General Affairs as elongation of Operation Gladio

Quia Oportet (Latin for "in case of") is a state secret Dutch company listed in Dutch Ministry of General Affairs as elongation of Operation Gladio, possibly part of "Gladio 2.0"

Official Narrative

Never existed. Oh, someone found it? "State secret because of National Security".

Criminal Enterprise

"When you name 'gladio', alarm bells go off at high-positions, and they'll do their best to kill the case". (..) "Justice ministries in Belgium, Netherlands and in Amsterdam have covered-up arms smuggling. Multiple government institutions used liaisons to participate. They were incredibly involved." "Gladio was a state within a state to overthrown leftist governments to pave the way for 'extreme-right".

In 2007 investigative reporter Peter R. de Vries stunned the public with new revelations about Operation Gladio in a 4 year-long invesitgation. Linking numerous weapons-depots in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Roermond to Gladio. Several corrupt police officers were revealed to have turned a blind eye and even massively and actively participated in the distribution and hiding of weapons and munition to Belgian and "unknown foreign Gladio-criminals". At first weapons ended in the hands of the Dutch main drug lords. The segment revealed an incredible support for the "criminals" - according to the official narrative - running gladio. A possible link to the Brabant Massacres is also suspected.[1]

The weapons were traced back to be used in murders on police-agents, robberies on armoured cash transport cars, assassinations and more in Denmark, France, Germany according to further investigation by Brandpunt. Most notable was the consistent occurrence of arms smuggling and suspects arrested but released and not prosecuted after intervention of public prosecutors that derailed investigations until the statue of limitations kicked in. Even when a new owner of the munition-shop requested the shop to be cleared of any wrong-doing publicly, summary proceedings had been rejected two times. Arms dealers that were suspected smuggling Gladio-weapons were never jailed but even given their license back while the case was under investigation. Meanwhile weapons had been linked to "murders on communists", the MiVD was listed as the company to have covered-up the instances of massive thefts of the underground-depots in Dutch woods.

At least one known company indicted has admitted it's former owners were probably involved in Gladio. The whole investigation looked like a mafia movie as several retired owners only declared to the police that "they should stop searching" as "this goes much further", being released the next day. The Belgian journalist interviewed called it "ludicrous" that the Dutch did not instigate a parliamentary inquiry as it appeared all Gladio-groups just went roque and "were full with Nazi's in every Gladio-country" implicating them in the Olaf Palme assassination.

Koos Hertogs - murderer, kidnapper and rapist of 3 girls[2] - was named in the book of Yugoslavian secret agent Slobodan Mitric as a Dutch gladio-agent who he had trained with, to attempt a coup on an African country bordered by South Africa that was a former Portuguese colony (which points to Mozambique). Hartogs was filmed in an investigation with Peter R. de Vries as being entangled in a cover-up with the presiding judge - Vice-President of The Hague Court Cornelis Stolk[3] - who he had given child pornography in exchange for a "better" judge[4], a evaluating psychiatrist that was previously married to Stolk, and free driver's lessons. Stolk actually managed to get an early release for Hartogs. In August 2012 writer Patrick Oomens published the book "The case Koos H."[5], in which he questions Koos H. being a serial killer and concludes that he doesn't fit the profile. VIPaedophile including Hartogs, Joris Demmink and Klaas Bruinsma all in a large long-reaching network started to appear as official opposition narrative during the 2010s, which raised questions were one should look.[6]

All documents regarding "Gladio" were deleted in the 90s. And de Vries' sources claims "someone just stole all important pieces of evidence when we got close to a case".

Gladio 2.0

Brandpunt reporter at 45:41; "Wouldn't it be wise to always have a back-up mechanism in place just in case?" Former Gladio-agent; "Who says that there's nothing set up one's sleeve?"

Investigative reporters Brandpunt and de Vries both noted at the end of their segments on "Gladio 1"[7]; "Gladio has never ended", which was backed by several former agents and police-investigators. Brandpunt found a classified file from 1998 which stated "preparations have been made to have to make future O&I operations possible. Personnel and materials have been reserved."

A separate page listed an unregistered company founded in on the 23rd of April 1998 named "Quia Oportet" that owns an undisclosed amount of money, is to be activated in case of a "severe conflict" and to be "activated when needed" in both the Dutch MOD and the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs their files in 2002, but the government responded this company and all files regarding it are "state-secret" and will not be released until 2050. The company Quia Oportet has an end date for their "active" listing marked just months after 9-11, raising questions what needs to be kept secret for 48 years if not a distraction. An eerie detail is that Quia Oportet is listed to have been found in the exact year that the Dutch participation in Gladio 1 was revealed and subsequently stopped - according to the official narrative - to popular request.


In 1994, two former agents - including a major - were arrested and jailed for half a year for poisoning food company Nutricia. Following concerns the other agents would go rogue and commit attacks like the Westland New Post, the Dutch government officially denied the division to still exist, but reserved $350.000 to pay the 40 former agents until death, and secretly re-contracted them.[8][9]


ISGP pinpointed that a lot regarding the informants and some members of the Hofstadgroup led by figures such as Jason Walters doesn't add up. Several witnesses, were protected under HUMINT-laws, hinting them to be spooks for the AIVD.[10] Several former members of this "terrorist group are now "counterterrorism" experts on Dutch TV or consultants for political parties, including for Mark Rutte's VVD party.[11]



Page nameDescription
2009 Queen's Day AttackA "home-grown lone wolf" suddenly quits his job and quiet life to almost kill the royal family with his small Suzuki, resulting in 8 deaths.
Jason WaltersA convicted terrorist who's Hofstadgroup - being under siege 2 miles from The Hague's parliamentary quarter - helped Islam becoming a permanent enemy image in Dutch sentiment.


Related Quotations

Jan Peter Balkenende“Of course, even if we ever determine that Volkert van der Graaf was an agent, wittingly or unwittingly, of a "liberal CIA", that does not mean that the Fortuyn case is automatically closed. In this article plenty of evidence has been presented that indicates Fortuyn and close allies as Theo van Gogh, Oscar Hammerstein, Gerard Spong and Tomas Ross, like Volkert van der Graaf and "liberal CIA" NGO network and Friends of the Earth, are part of a parallel security state-controlled network of (neo)conservatives and related right-wingers, which we could well term "conservative CIA". At a higher level, this (neo)conservative network actually got its way with the 2004 murder of Theo van Gogh by an Islamic radical.”Joël van der Reijden
Jan Peter Balkenende
Netherlands/Deep state/Functions“The accusations against Bruinsma, Geerts, Scala and Videorama speak for themselves. And this same group has its ties to members of the Dutch royal family. Not mentioned yet, in 1989 Geerts put up a $500,000 bail for U.S. porn boss Reuben Sturman, a good friend of his. Back in the 1970s and 1980s Sturman and his partner Robert DiBernardo, both working for the Gambino crime family (DiBernardo was murdered on orders of John Gotti, soon after he (once again) was indicted for production and distribution of child pornography), maintained a virtual monopoly on the hardcore porn industry in the United States. They were also repeatedly accused of involvement in the production and distribution of child pornography, which until the late 1970s still was somewhat sanctioned. A gigantic portion of this type of material actually was imported from the Netherlands at the time.”Joël van der ReijdenOctober 2014
Joël van der Reijden“There most certainly is evidence that quite a bit of child abuse takes place at the highest level of society and that people in this milieu for the most part care little about this problem. Also, there have been very demonstrable ties between the royal house of Orange, Klaas Bruinsma-Etienne Urka-John Engelsma-Charles Geerts Maffia and Intelligence & Operations. This last group was the Dutch brand of CIA Operation Gladio/"Stay Behind" network. These ties have to be investigated much deeper, because it appears that it's from this milieu that a lot of manipulation of the Dutch state has taken place, seemingly including paedophile entrapment operations. And isn't it just really strange that all Dutch names that have been leaked over the years with regard to paedophilia include homosexuals?”Joël van der ReijdenOctober 2014


Known members

3 of the 4 of the members already have pages here:

Wim KokDutch Minister of State, Dutch PM, Bilderberg, sued for war crimes in Yugoslavia where he and Jozias van Aartsen blamed "the wind" for missing targets by thousands of meters, killing dozens. Court found NATO and the Dutch Air Force and not the wind guilty, as NATO "used wrong legal basis".
Karst Roeland TatesTates tried to kill the royal family on Queen Beatrix her birthday in 2009 in quite the chaotic vehicular assault.
Jason WaltersA convicted terrorist who's Hofstadgroup - being under siege 2 miles from The Hague's parliamentary quarter - helped Islam becoming a permanent enemy image in Dutch sentiment.
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