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Group.png University of Chicago  
University of Chicago shield.png
MottoCrescat scientia, vita excolatur
HeadquartersChicago, USA
TypePrivate nondenominational coeducational
SubgroupsUniversity of Chicago/Law School
Sponsor ofObama Foundation
Sponsored byCarnegie Corporation, Hewlett Foundation, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Other nameMaroons
SubpageUniversity of Chicago/Law School
One of the most important private universities in the USA

Not to be confused with University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Chicago is a private university in Illinois, the United States.

The University of Chicago was established at the end of the 19th century and is considered one of the most important private universities founded in the USA during this period. Its scholars have played a major role in the development of many academic disciplines, including economics, law, literary criticism, mathematics, physics, religion, sociology, and political science.

The Chicago Boys

Full article: Stub class article neoliberalism

The so-called Chicago school of economic thought, led by Milton Friedman and Robert Lucas, emerged from the university's economics department. Their neoclassical theory was one of the most important of the second half of the 20th century.

The Chicago Boys are a group of Chilean economists. They studied from 1956 to 1970 mostly at the University of Chicago and were inspired by the ideas of Friedrich August von Hayek and Milton Friedman. They became very influential in economic and socio-political terms in Chile under the rule of Augusto Pinochet. These economists were convinced of the superiority of free markets, which they sought to realize through privatization and deregulation measures. Because of the political conditions in the dictatorship, they were initially able to push through their far-reaching reform ideas without any major compromises. In the 1980s and 1990s, economists educated in Chicago (and increasingly at Ivy League faculties such as Harvard or MIT) were able to gain influence in several other Latin American countries with authoritarian regimes modeled on Chile.


Related Quotations

Victor Marchetti“To the Clandestine Services the universities represented fertile territory for recruiting espionage agents. Most large American colleges enrolled substantial numbers of foreign students, and many of these, especially those from the Third World, were (and are) destined to hold high positions in their home countries in a relatively few years. They were much easier to recruit at American schools — when they might have a need for money, where they could be easily compromised, and where foreign security services could not interfere — than they would be when they returned home. To spot and evaluate these students, the Clandestine Services maintained a contractual relationship with key professors on numerous campuses. When a professor had picked out a likely candidate, he notified his contact at the CIA and, on occasion, participated in the actual recruitment attempt. Some professors performed these services without being on a formal retainer. Others actively participated in agency covert operations by serving as "cut-outs," or intermediaries, and even by carrying out secret missions during foreign journeys.”Victor Marchetti1974
Victor MarchettiHelms asked his staff to find out just how many university personnel were under secret contract to the CIA. After a few days of investigation, senior CIA officers reported back that they could not find the answer. Helms immediately ordered a full study of the situation, and after more than a month of searching records all over the agency, a report was handed in to Helms listing hundreds of professors and administrators on over a hundred campuses. But the staff officers who compiled the report knew that their work was incomplete . Within weeks, another campus connection was exposed in the press. The contact was not on the list that had been compiled for the Director.”Victor Marchetti1974



University of Chicago Booth School of Business1898Its alumni leads many big corporations



Carnegie CorporationEstablished by Andrew Carnegie in 1911, with large grants especially to form the education sector. Lots of grants to "security" think tanks too.
Hewlett FoundationHuge foundation setting the agenda by funding lots of deep state projects.
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation


Alumni on Wikispooks

Roger Altman2 April 1946USBankerUS Banker, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Reginald Bartholomew17 February 193626 August 2012USDiplomatUS ambassador who worked for Merrill Lynch on retirement. Friended of President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Leslie H. Gelb.
Saul Bellow10 June 19155 April 2005Canada
AuthorUS/Canadian writer. Member of Balkan Action Committee & Committee on the Present Danger
Bernard Berelson19121979USPropagandist
Deep state functionary
Klaus Blech14 August 1928GermanDiplomatPanelist on Developments in The Soviet Union: Political And Economic Impact On The Alliance at the 1991 Bilderberg
Robert Bork1 March 192719 December 2012Academic
Charles Bowsher31 May 1931USCivil servantComptroller General of the United States from 1981 to 1996
Nina Burleigh1960Author
US writer and investigative journalist.
John BuseUSWhistleblower
When he warned of risks with GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug Avandia, the company forced him to retract by threatening to destroy his academic career and a huge lawsuit for loss in stock value.
Agustín Carstens9 June 1958MexicoEconomist
Central banker
BIS General Manager
Ahmed Chalabi30 October 19443 November 2015IraqPolitician
Deep state functionary
"A crafty, avuncular Iraqi exile beloved by Washington's neoconservatives" who attended the 2006 Bilderberg a month after quitting as Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq.
Liz Cheney28 July 1966Deep politicianRepublican politician from Wyoming. Daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.
Ramsey Clark18 December 192711 April 2021Activist
US Attorney General turned activist
Frank Coe19072 June 1980Spook
Avner Cohen1951Israel
Andrew Cordier1 March 190111 July 1975USDiplomatUN official who facilitated the coup against Patrice Lumumba. Bilderberg/1962. Later President of Columbia University.
William Corson25 September 192517 July 2000Spook
Spook and counterinsurgency expert who became became critical of the "American intelligence empire". Unofficial adviser to Frank Church and the Senate Intelligence Activities Committee.
Jon Corzine1 January 1947USFinancier
Deep state functionary
6 times Bilderberger financier
Nejat Eczacıbaşı5 January 19136 October 1993TurkeyChemist
Deep state operative
Triple Bilderberger Turkish businessman who co-founded Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association
Adele Edisen
Daniel Elazar25 August 19342 December 1999Academic
Philip Giraldi1946Spook
"Terror expert"
CIA/DIA spook and “terrorism expert”
Paul GobleUSSpookUS spook working on ethnic and nationality questions in Eastern Europe
G. McMurtrie Godley23 August 19171999USDiplomatA US diplomat
David Graeber12 February 19612 September 2020Activist
COVID-19/Premature death
Anarchist anthropologist who played a leading role in the Occupy movement. Died suddenly in 2020.
Katharine Graham16 June 191717 July 2001USPublisher
Deep state functionary
Quad Bilderberger, TLC, deep state functionary?
Jessica de Grazia
Avril Haines29 August 1969USSpook
Deep state actor
"The proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing". Possible central figure in several major psy-ops, including Russiagate and COVID-19.
Michael Harrington24 February 192831 July 1989Author
Carla Hayden10 August 1952BureaucracyUS Librarian of Congress
Seymour Hersh8 April 1937Journalist
Gertrude Himmelfarb8 August 192230 December 2019USHistorian
US neocon historian and cultural critic. Marries neocon godfather Irving Kristol, mother of William Kristol
Deane Hinton12 March 192328 March 2017USDiplomat
James F. Hoge1935USEditorAttended the 1998 Bilderberg as Foreign Affairs/Editor
Charles Horner8 April 1943DiplomatOn the staff of Senator Henry M. Jackson;neoconservative; wants China to be in conflict with the Islamic world.
Samuel Huntington18 April 192724 December 2008USAcademic
Deep state operative
Fred C. Iklé21 August 192410 November 2011USDeep state operativeUS deep state operative in the Reagan Administration, where he was proponent of psyops and supporting insurgencies. Attended Le Cercle RAND Corporation, Smith Richardson Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy , Center for Strategic and International Studies...
Kenneth Jacobs1958USBanker
Deep state actor
Bilderberger financier
Xenophon Kalamatiano14 July 18829 November 1923USSpookAmerican intelligence agent implicated in the 1918 Allied Plot to Kill Lenin
Burton Kanter12 August 193031 October 2001Lawyer"One of Chicago's most prominent-and controversial-tax attorneys"
Gülten Kazgan5 June 1927TurkeyAcademic
Known as the "Doyen of Economics" in Turkey
Craig KennedySpookpresident of the German Marshall Fund in the period 1996-2014
Zalmay Khalilzad22 March 1951USDiplomat
Deep state actor
US deep state actor who has been central in shaping the US policy towards Afghanistan
Klaus Knorr16 May 191125 March 1990USAcademic
Edward H. Levi26 June 19117 March 2000Academic
Joaquim Levy17 February 1961BrazilPolitician
Attended a WEF Annual Meeting while Finance Minister of Brazil
Siro Lombardini1924October 2013ItalyEconomistItalian economist who attended the 1973 Bilderberg meeting.
Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada1 July 1930BoliviaPolitician
Luis Garicano1967SpainAcademic
In March 2020, proposed a 500 billion euro "COVID-19 bazooka for jobs in Europe"
William Macomber28 March 192119 November 2003USDiplomat
Deep state actor
US spook and diplomat.
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