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The most viewed video of all C-SPAN videos, by far, is Richard Gage speaking about 9-11.[1]

People with C-SPAN pages

 Has cspanDescription
Ziad Abu-Amrhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?ziadamrDouble Bilderberger Palestinian leader who attended Georgetown
Antony Aclandhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?anthonyaclandBilderberger diplomat
James Adamshttps://www.c-span.org/person/?102211
Kenneth Adelmanhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?kennethadelmanNeocon deep state operative US/Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations for 4 years
Philip Ageehttps://www.c-span.org/person/?philipageeSpent twelve years in the CIA from 1957 to 1969 before becoming the most important CIA whistle blower ever.
Gary Aguilarhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?garyaguilarA JFK assassination researcher
Gary Aguirrehttps://www.c-span.org/person/?garyaguirreAn SEC whistleblower
Mahmoud Ahmadinejadhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?mahmoudahmadinejadAn Iranian President who publicly called for an investigation into the events of 9/11 in the UN.
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmedhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?nafeezahmedUK academic with extensive knowledge of deep politics and the use of false flag terror, featured frequently on Unwelcome Guests.
Esko Ahohttps://www.c-span.org/person/?eskoahoAttended the 1994 Bilderberg as Prime Minister of Finland
Richard Allenhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?richardallen02US National Security Advisor, Cercle, Iran-Contra...
Randolph Alleshttps://www.c-span.org/person/?randolphalles
Graham Allisonhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?grahamallisonAttended the Bilderberg in 2007 after a 33 year break. First attended, as a speaker, in 1970, aged 30. Multiple deep state connections.
Dwayne Andreashttps://www.c-span.org/person/?dwayneandreasLarge political donor to both major US parties.
Louise Arbourhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?louisearbourSpecial Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for International Migration
William Arkinhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?williamarkin
Michael Armacosthttps://www.c-span.org/person/?michaelarmacostPresident of the Brookings Institution, Acting US Secretary of State for 5 days in 1989
Leon Aronhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?leonaron
Timothy J. Garton Ashhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?timothyashUK historian, Ditchley Governor with other connections. Presented a paper to the 1989 Bilderberg. Subsequently attended two more, over a span of 30 years.
John Ashcrofthttps://www.c-span.org/person/?johnashcroft
Robert Ashleyhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?112249
Jessica Ashoohhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?jessicaashoohSDS functionary?, Propagandist, ex UAE govt official
José María Aznarhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?joseaznar
Norman Baileyhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?normanbailey
Sheila Bairhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?sheilacbair
Jan Peter Balkenendehttps://www.c-span.org/person/?janbalkenendeDutch PM for 8 years in 2000s, became PM after his opponent - who was leading in the polls - got assassinated. Single Bilderberger, joined the war on terror, oversaw the decade with the most deaths from terror-attacks on Dutch soil.
Michael Barkunhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?michaelbarkunA professor who denies that MKUltra was carried out on children.
William Barrhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?14922US deep state actor, US Attorney General
Marion Barryhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?marionbarry
Robert Bartleyhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?robertbartleyManaged the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal for over 30 years. 15 Bilderberg visits
Relus ter Beekhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?relusbeekSingle Bilderberg Dutch Minister of Defence
Griffin Bellhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?griffinbell
Richard Ben-Venistehttps://www.c-span.org/person/?richardbenvenisteA lawyer who has taken various legal roles for the US deep state, including securing the Watergate coup.
C. Fred Bergstenhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?cbergstenBrookings Institution, CFR, 5 Bilderbergs ...
Claire Berlinskihttps://www.c-span.org/person/?claireberlinskiUK academic who attended The Collapse of Europe Conference
Ben Bernankehttps://www.c-span.org/person/?benbernankeAttended the 2008 Bilderberg as Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Tim Berners-Leehttps://www.c-span.org/person/?timbernerslee
Richard Bernsteinhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?richardbernsteinUS journalist and author who attended the 1997 Bilderberg
Seweryn Bialerhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?sewerynbialerGerman born US anti-Nazi single Bilderberger academic
Joe Bidenhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?josephbiden
Carl Bildthttps://www.c-span.org/person/?carlbildtSwedish deep politician and serial Bilderberger
Sheila Birnbaumhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?sheilalbirnbaum
Cofer Blackhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?coferblack
Conrad Blackhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?conradblackFraudulent Bilderberg steering committee member
Edwin Blackhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?edwinblack
Tony Blairhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?tonyblairRemarkably popular at the time, Tony Blair was a UK prime minister, now infamous for lying the UK into invading Iraq, notwithstanding massive opposition. He is currently sought for War crimes by many people.
Bill de Blasiohttps://www.c-span.org/person/?billdeblasio
Alan Blinderhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?alanblinder
Jack Blumhttps://www.c-span.org/person/?jackblum
... further results

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