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Group.png Conservative Party  
(Political party, ConservatismPowerbase Sourcewatch SpartacusRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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HeadquartersConservative Campaign HQ, 4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9NP, England
LeaderLeader of the Conservative Party
Member ofInternational Democrat Union
SubpageConservative Party/Chief Whip
Ruling political party of the United Kingdom

The Conservative Party is closely associated with the deep political milieu, Le Cercle, also associated with the Conservative Monday Club, which was started by a Cercle member.

The Conservative Party is, in large part, a conspiracy against thinking about what conservatism means. So there is no point using words like ‘conservatism’ to think about Conservatism.”
James Alexander [1]


An event carried out

October 2022 Conservative Party leadership electionUnprecedented stitch-up?


A Quote by Conservative Party

Internet/Censorship“Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet. We disagree.”May 2017Buzzfeed


Related Quotation

South Africa/Deep stateAlfred Milner organized and developed a talented coterie of Oxford graduates inside his South African administration, men who by 1914 held critical positions of power in the City, the Conservative Party, the Civil Service, major newspapers and academia. Carroll Quigley specifically dedicated a chapter of his seminal Anglo-American Establishment to this "Milner's Kindergarten", the men who rose to high office in government, industry and politics. He appointed, trained and developed his chosen men to drive forward the Secret Elite agenda with conviction.”Jim Macgregor
Gerry Docherty


Employees on Wikispooks

Clarence MitchellHead of Election Media MonitoringMarch 2010May 2010
Carrie SymondsDirector of CommunicationsJune 2017August 2018


Party Members

Jonathan Aitken30 August 1942UK deep politician, Cercle chair, convicted perjurer
Michael Ashcroft4 March 1946Billionaire former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party
Steve Baker6 June 1971Tory MP who pushed gene-based Covid jabs on pregnant women.
Harriett Baldwin2 May 1960
Stephen Barclay3 May 1972British Conservative MP and former Minister
Andrew Bridgen28 October 1964Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire
James Buckley9 March 1923
Simon Burns6 September 1952
Alun Cairns30 July 1970
Henry Chaplin22 December 184029 May 1923
Christopher Chope19 May 1947Conservative MP for Christchurch and East Dorset
John Cockroft6 July 1934UK politician and financial journalist. Board of the European Movement (UK) 1973-74. Attended 1971 Bilderberg meeting.
Thérèse Coffey18 November 1971The UK’s new cigar-smoking Health Secretary<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
John Cordeaux23 July 19024 January 1982UK Conservative Party politician and intelligence officer.
Francis DashwoodDecember 170811 December 1781
Caroline Dinenage28 October 1971British politician
Daniel Finkelstein30 August 1962Member of the House of Lords
David Greenhalgh25 December 196729 July 2021The Leader of Bolton Council who died suddenly after opposing a central government enforced lockdown in his town.
Philip Hammond4 December 1955British Conservative politician
Daniel Hannan1 September 1971Conservative Party MEP
Philip Harris15 September 1942Tory businessman in House of Lords. Key supporter of market-based education 'reforms' in England.
Roger Helmer25 January 1944
Damian Hinds27 November 1969UK Minister of State for Security and Borders
Peter Hitchens28 October 1951
Andrew Hunter8 January 1943
Rachel Johnson3 September 1965
David Jones22 March 1952Welsh Conservative MP; former minister
Mark Lancaster12 May 1970British officer and politician. Deputy Commander of psychological warfare unit 77th Brigade from June 2018 to July 2020.
Peter Luff18 February 1955
Theresa May1 January 1956UK deep state functionary who was UK PM 2016-2019
Edward McMillan-Scott15 August 1949
Esther McVey24 October 1967British MP, former minister and newsreader. A part of the COVID-19/Resistance.
Alan Mendoza1976Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society
Stephen Milligan12 May 19487 February 1994A Tory MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Jonathan Aitken. Died a bizarre death, purportedly by suffocation.
John Moore-Brabazon8 February 188417 May 1964
Oswald Mosley16 November 18963 December 1980Rose to fame in the 1930s as the British Union of Fascists (BUF).
John Penrose22 June 1964British politician who wants government to assign a mandatory "truth score" to every online commenter.
Patricia Rawlings27 January 1939
Angela Richardson21 October 1974Conservative MP for "Guildford, Cranleigh and our villages"
John Sainsbury2 November 1927Founder of the supermarket chain. Bilderberg Steering committee member.
Bob Seely1 June 1966English politician who appears to be suffering from Russophobia
William Van Straubenzee27 January 19242 November 1999UK Conservative politician. Documents released in July 2015 showed the Thatcher government knew about his child sexual abuse. Also listed in Jeffrey Epstein's black book.
Desmond Swayne20 August 1956Dissident English politician.
Hugo Swire30 November 1959British Conservative politician mentioned in Jeffrey Epstein's black book.
Henry John Temple20 October 178418 October 1865A British politician who served twice as Prime Minister in the mid-19th century.
Maggie Throup27 January 1957British scientist and Tory MP, serving as UK/Minister for Covid Vaccine Deployment
Henry Thynne26 January 190530 June 1992British aristocrat, landowner, and Conservative Party politician. Amassed what would become the largest collection of paintings by Adolf Hitler,
Ian Trethowan20 October 192212 December 1990Director-General of the BBC 1979-82. Secretly cooperated with MI5 to secretly weed out leftists.
William Waldegrave15 August 1946Creator of the hugely unpopular UK poll tax. Chairman of the Rhodes Trust. 4 Bilderbergs. Involved in exporting weapons to Iraq, the denied this in "untrue letters" to MPs. Associate of spooky Victor Rothschild.
Monty Woodhouse11 May 191713 February 2001He was Parliamentary Secretary to the Home Office when he attended the 1963 Bilderberg.


Event Planned

National Conservative Conference15 May 202317 May 2023LondonA 2023 conference on Conservativism


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Document:The new alliance between anti-vaxxers and the far right is a deadly threatArticle1 August 2021Paul Mason"Though they claim to be “peaceful” setting themselves up as the victims of genocide, the anti-vaxxers give themselves permission to threaten violence.....Those behind the “crime” are said to include governments and the World Economic Forum (WEF)" because the real fascists are the ones that oppose oppressive government mandates and forced injections.
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