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(Lawyer, Politician, Deep State functionary, puppet leader)
Gerald Ford.jpg
BornLeslie Lynch King Jr.
July 14, 1913
Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
DiedDecember 26, 2006 (Age 93)
Rancho Mirage, California, U.S.
Alma materUniversity of Michigan, Yale Law School
Parents • Leslie Lynch King Sr.
• Dorothy Ayer Gardner Ford
Children • Michael Gerald
• John Gardner
• Steven Meigs
• Susan Elizabeth
SpouseBetty Bloomer
Member ofAssociation of Former Intelligence Officers, Council on Foreign Relations/Historical Members, Delta Kappa Epsilon, The Warren Commission, US/Deep state
US Deep State functionary who was made US President by The Cabal after they removed Richard Nixon with the Watergate Coup

Employment.png US President

In office
August 9, 1974 - January 20, 1977
EmployerUS Government
Preceded byRichard Nixon
Succeeded byJimmy Carter
Webster Tarpley notes that Gerald Ford's administration, brought about by the Watergate coup, was the first big career break for many of the political "heavies" that we are "plagued with" up to today.

Employment.png US Vice President

In office
December 6, 1973 - August 9, 1974
Succeeded byNelson Rockefeller
Junior member of The Cabal installed as vice president after the removal of Spiro Agnew so that he could exercise cabal control of the presidency after the Watergate Coup.

Employment.png House Minority Leader Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 3, 1965 - December 6, 1973

Employment.png Chairman of the House Republican Conference

In office
January 3, 1963 - January 3, 1965
Succeeded byMelvin Laird

Gerald Ford was a cabal member who was made US President. He pardoned his predecessor, Richard Nixon, and populated his administration with fellow cabal members. He survived two assassination attempts that Peter Dale Scott did not consider deep events.[1] Webster Tarpley summarises him as a weak president who was easily controlled.[2]

Official narrative

Gerald Ford became US President in 1974 after the Watergate coup. Very quickly, he pardoned the predecessor, Richard Nixon - although Nixon had not been charged with a crime. Russ Baker notes out that this act effectively "sealed away Exhibit A" and infuriated those who wanted to investigate the event in open court. Even before doing this, Ford appointed George H. W. Bush as Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office to the People's Republic of China - a job that put him thousands of miles away from the investigations and speculation about the Watergate coup (which is still not admitted as such by the official narrative) and which did not require senate approval, since the US didn't have full diplomatic relations with China at the time.[3]

Even the official narrative admits he was a weak president. Lyndon B. Johnson described Ford as "He can't fart and chew gum at the same time."[4]

JFK Assassination

Full article: John F. Kennedy/Assassination

Gerald Ford officially headed the Warren Commission charged with establishing a "lone nut" official narrative for the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Watergate coup

Full article: Watergate coup

Mark Gorton, who fingers George H. W. Bush as the mastermind behind the Watergate event, points to the Ford administration as populated by members of the cabal responsible for the JFK assassination:

Ford populated his administration with men committed to empowering and protecting the secret government. Dick Cheney served as Ford’s Chief of Staff, Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, and George H. W. Bush was made head of the CIA. This group would assume leadership roles in the secret government infrastructure.[5]


Ford was initiated into Freemasonry on September 30, 1949.[6] He later said in 1975, "When I took my obligation as a master mason—incidentally, with my three younger brothers—I recalled the value my own father attached to that order. But I had no idea that I would ever be added to the company of the Father of our Country and 12 other members of the order who was also Presidents of the United States."[7] Ford was made a 33° Scottish Rite Mason on September 26, 1962. [8] In April 1975, Ford was elected by a unanimous vote Honorary Grand Master of the International Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay, a position in which he served until January 1977. [9] Ford received the degrees of York Rite Masonry (Chapter and Council degrees) in a special ceremony in the Oval Office on January 11, 1977, during his term as President of the United States. [10]

Later activities

Gerald Ford was Honorary director of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.[11]


Appointments by Gerald Ford

George H. W. BushUS/Ambassador/China26 September 19747 December 1975Moved as far away from the Watergate investigations as possible, a job which didn't require senate approval.
George H. W. BushCIA/Director30 January 197620 January 1977Brought in as an outsider to reform the CIA, Bush’s real job - at which he was highly successful - was to staunch the flow of secrets out of it.
William KintnerUS/Ambassador to Thailand19731975
John Otho MarshNational security advisor9 August 197420 January 1977


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/196218 May 196220 May 1962Sweden
The 11th Bilderberg meeting and the first one in Sweden.
Bilderberg/196420 March 196422 March 1964US
A year after this meeting, the post of GATT/Director-General was set up, and given Eric Wyndham White, who attended the '64 meeting. Several subsequent holders have been Bilderberg insiders, only 2 are not known to have attended the group.
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