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MottoVia, Veritas, Vita
HeadquartersGlasgow, Scotland, UK
TypePublic university/Ancient university
SubgroupsGlasgow University Media Group


Several Glasgow University academics have close links to the fracking industry. The university attempted to terminate Professor David Smythe's promised lifelong online research access in 2016 after he published an article critical of the shale gas industry.[1]



A Group Headquartered Here
Glasgow University Media Group


A document sourced from University of Glasgow

File:Truthontherock.pdfreportGibraltar shootings
Corporate media
Glasgow University Media GroupAn investigation into the wholesale distortion of news by the corporate media when reporting on the SAS killings of 3 IRA members in Gibraltar on 6 March 1988. It is a serious indictment of the British media's handling of the affair and particularly that of The Sunday Times.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Aamer Anwar30 December 1967UKJournalist
Takis ArapoglouGreek?Central bankerFormer Chairman and CEO of the National Bank of Greece.
Mhairi Black12 September 1994UKMember of Parliament
Des Browne22 March 1952Politician
James Bryce10 May 183822 January 1922Politician
Vince Cable9 May 1943Politician
John Cairncross25 July 19138 October 1995UKSpook
Ewen Cameron24 December 19018 September 1967UKPsychiatristA controversial psychiatrist who worked on the MKULTRA project
Menzies Campbell22 May 1941
Henry Campbell-Bannerman7 September 183622 April 1908UKPolitician
Ruth Davidson10 November 1978Politician
Douglas J. Flint8 July 1955UKBankerHSBC chair, multi-Bilderberg
Liam Fox22 September 1961Politician
Tom Johnstone1955SwedenBusinessperson
George Kerevan28 September 1949Journalist
David LeaskJournalist
"Russophobe nutter" journalist who has been openly working with the Integrity Initiative
Ken McCallumSpook
David McOwatUKIfS member
Gus O'Donnell1 October 1952UKCivil servant
Usha Prashar29 June 1948
Margaret Ramsay12 June 1936Once tipped as a future head of the MI6.
Alan Rodger18 September 194426 June 2011UKLawyer
John Smith13 September 193812 May 1994UKPoliticianUK labour leader who suffered a fatal heart attack
Sarah Smith1968UKNews presenterShe's seen as part of Scotland’s political royalty. Family friends included Donald Dewar, the inaugural First Minister of Scotland, the former Labour Prime Minster Gordon Brown, and the former Defence Secretary John Reid.
Nicola Sturgeon19 July 1970UKPolitician
Scottish National Party MSP for Glasgow Southside
Lesley Thomson