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Metastases from the IfS/II. Covert cells with a single leader, been used to exert clandestine influence from the London HQ, for example to promote particular opinions or to smear people it deems undesirable.

The Integrity Initiative set up a number of "clusters" (i.e. cells), comprised of people of influence, with a single leader. This is a standard method of compartmentalisation, a staple of statecraft.

Stated purposes

The first page of the Integrity Initiative handbook includes the following description of an effective cluster:

“An effective network is best achieved by forming in each European country a cluster of well-informed people from the political, military, academic, journalistic and think-tank spheres, who will track and analyse examples of disinformation in their country and inform decision-makers and other interested parties about what is happening.”
 (30 May 2018)  [1]

After the first Integrity Initiative Leak, Stephen Dalziel published on their (now defunct) website "This international project brings together in a network of clusters across Europe and North America people who understand the threat posed to Western nations by a flood of disinformation, deception and lies which is being put out by those opposed to Western concepts of liberalism, freedom and democracy. Countries such as Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela and entities such as Daesh are showing increasing sophistication in their attempts to influence the policies and undermine the societies of the West, which, despite flaws and failures, remain broadly democratic."[2]

Covert establishment

The Integrity Initiative handbook includes the following advice, which suggests that the clusters were intended to function as — or possibly to transition into - deep state milieux:

“Be absolutely sure you have good references for people so we know we can trust them before we talk to them about our programme ...

  • Chris Donnelly makes initial country introduction with nominated trusted 'coordinator' & relevant II team member/s (normally 2 members minimum per country)
  • II team member/s coordinate foundation workshop to connect members, formally introduce them to II aims, establish target programme for research, dissemination and events. Members to sign code of conduct & non-disclosure Greg Rowett to start code of conduct doc to include basic info on passwords and etiquette with social media etc - final ok should be sought from James Wilson. Debate and decide preferred methods of communication. Activity: £3k budget (based on 20 clusters)”
     (30 May 2018)  Integrity Initiative Handbook [3]
    Emphasis in original

It also points out that the "Professional comprehensive country.. can be anonymous".

The group's handbook contains a section on "Expanding our cluster network", in which the section on "approaching the topic" instructs readers to "Be absolutely sure you have good references for people so we know we can trust them before we talk to them about our programme". The same section lists questions to ask potential new members: “What access do they have to the individuals or groups we might want to see represented in a cluster (e.g. journalists, politicians, civil servants, military, academics, business etc.)? What are their capabilities/competencies for: research & analysis; networking; mentoring, conference organising, dissemination (writing, translating, public speaking, publishing, broadcasting)?” [1]

The Integrity Initiative Budget for the 12 months ending 31 March 2019 accounts £80,000 for establishing an "[i]nitial group of at least 8 members between core hub and network", and a further £106,664 for an "inaugural event" that "Establishes the cluster nationally. Sets cluster 'modus operandi'" and aiming to "Build bonds with regional players".[4]


The file xCountry.pdf from the first Integrity Initiative Leak alphabetically lists the large nation states of Europe, and the US, together with the timing of their next election. Along side most of these countries are a set of people, email address and institutional affiliation.

Geographical range

The cluster network is almost exclusively in Europe, although it had apparently set up Australian and US Clusters, and was planning to expand its reach.Dan Kaszeta's notes for speaking in Israel include the claim that "We have good contacts in government in UK and other governments (Argentina, Baltic States, Lithuania, etc.")[5] Cluster_Roundup_Jul18.pdf mentions that “The Integrity Initiative has the opportunity to develop the programme into North America, based on the Institute’s subsidiary, the Institute for Statecraft and Governance, which has a simple office in DC and is in the course of registering as a US 501 c 3 not-for-profit organisation.” [6]

However, the Institute's focus is not completely European; file xOutreach.pdf contains the text "Marcel R.D. CHIRWA Malawi" and Leak#4 contains a draft meeting proposal with Donald Duke, who "is very likely to be a candidate in the next presidential elections in Nigeria" and Active Measures CND Integrity Initiative visit to Oslo.pdf which mentions Chris Donnelly's "Meeting with Cecilie Prebensen and E Africa team, National Youth Council, re Daesh info and the radicalisation of youth".

Time frame

The group's FCO funding application for phase 2 detailed that “Experience in Phase 1 has shown that, once a cluster has been established, measurable impact can be expected within 3 months and the cluster is fully effective within 6 – 9 months.” [7]



Page nameDescription
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Integrity Initiative/Cluster/AustraliaThe Integrity Initiative's Australian Cluster. Members unknown
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/AustriaThe Integrity Initiative's Austrian Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/BalticsThe Integrity Initiative's Baltics Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/BelgiumThe Integrity Initiative's Belgian Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/CanadaThe Integrity Initiative's (planned) Cluster in Canada
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/FranceThe Integrity Initiative's French Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/GermanyThe Integrity Initiative's German Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/GreeceThe Integrity Initiative had two Greek Clusters, according to a document from the first Integrity Initiative Leak
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/ItalyThe Integrity Initiative's Italian Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/JordanThe Integrity Initiative's Jordanian Cluster. Members unknown
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/LithuaniaThe Integrity Initiative's Lithuania Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/MoldovaThe Integrity Initiative's Moldova Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/NetherlandsThe Integrity Initiative's Dutch Cluster, set up with help from the Dutch MOD
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/NordicThe Integrity Initiative's Nordic Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/NorwayThe Integrity Initiative's Norwegian Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/OtherThe Integrity Initiative's possible other Clusters
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/PolandMysterious Polish cluster of the Integrity Initiative, possibly non-existent.
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/SerbiaThe Integrity Initiative's Serbia Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/SpainThe Integrity Initiative's first foreign cluster, set up in Spain in January 2017
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UKThe Integrity Initiative has various UK Clusters
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner CoreThe Integrity Initiative's UK Inner Core Cluster
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/JournalistsThe Integrity Initiative's UK Cluster of Journalists
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Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UkraineThe Integrity Initiative's Ukrainian Cluster. Members unknown


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