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Divide and rule, a long established technique of social control, is a staple technique of statecraft.

Polarising perspectives

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Divide and rule makes broard use of identity politics and polarising perspectives such as social class, economic status, party politics, racism or religious discrimination. Enemy images are emphasised to try to promote social discord.

Political spectrum

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The "left/right" divide of the political spectrum has long worked to promote opposition among political parties.

20th century

Threat of imminent invasion

Cold War

The world divided into two geopolitical camps in 1980.
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The Cold War was a major element of the backdrop of geopolitics post-WWII. It lasted until 1989, after which the threat of "terrorism" was promoted as a replacement enemy image to stifle talk of any "peace dividend".

21st century

The use of 9-11 as a casus belli has caused ever increasing suspicion about purported threats,[citation needed] and now MI6's Operation Mass Appeal is exposed, the general public are increasingly aware of how the MICC promotes the permanent war economy.

Cold War II

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In 2018, the Integrity Initiative was exposed as a UK Deep state group that, undercover of defending the UK democratic preocess against "Russian Propaganda" was in fact busy subverting the democratic process itself, and actively promoting Russophobia and a new cold war.



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