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Capital citySeoul
LeaderSouth Korea/President
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Incumbent: Moon Jae-in
Since 10 May 2017
Typenation state
SubgroupsSouth Korea/National Intelligence Service
Member ofG-20, OECD
SubpageSouth Korea/Deep state
South Korea/National Intelligence Service
South Korea/President
South Korea/Prime Minister

South Korea is the southern half of the Korean peninsular, surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean. In 2013, it was #11 in the world in terms of military expenditure.[1]


It was divided from North Korea by an armistice after the Korean War.

Departure of Park Geun-hye

Since Autumn 2016, a wave of political discontent engulfed South Korea, as the public discovered that the President Park Geun-hye was being controlled by one of her aides. Millions of people took part in demonstrations against her in Seoul and her popularity dipped as low as 4%. She was replaced on 10 March 2017.

Mass Surveillance

In June 2015, acting South Korean Prime Minister Choi Kyung-hwan announced that the government would use cell phone signals to track people if it has quarantined them for possible Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, asking people to "Please understand this is an unavoidable measure for the sake of our neighbors and families".[2]


Ambassadors to South Korea

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to South Korea
US/Ambassador to South Korea1883



Korean WarThe war on the Korean peninsular between the China/Soviet-backed forces of the North and the US-backed South between 1951-53
Sinking of MV SewolA ferry sinking which killed hundreds of schoolchildren. Officially, an accident.


Citizens of South Korea on Wikispooks

Park Chung-hee14 November 191726 October 1979
Ban Ki-moon13 June 1944
Choi Kyu-hah16 July 191922 October 2006
Roh Moo-hyun1 September 194623 May 2009Former South Korean President. Officially committed suicide after a corruption scandal, which was promptly closed.
Kim Young-sam20 December 192722 November 2015


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