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Alumni on Wikispooks

Michael Ancram7 July 1945Politician
Deep politician
Robert Armstrong30 March 1927UKCivil servantCrossbencher in the House of Lords
Geoffrey Arthur19201984Diplomat
Crispin Aubrey3 January 194628 September 2012UKAuthor
Thomas Baring22 January 182615 November 1904UK
Raymond Carr11 April 191919 April 2015Academic
Paul Channon9 October 193527 January 2007Politician
Giles Chichester29 July 1946PoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Winston Churchill II10 October 19402 March 2010UK
William Dartmouth23 September 1949UKPoliticianA member of the European Parliament
David Dimbleby28 October 1938Journalist
Alec Douglas-Home2 July 19039 October 1995Politician
Deep politician
Anthony Eden12 June 189714 January 1977UKPolitician
Mark Filip1 June 1966Lawyer
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil30 September 1946Politician
Deep politician
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil3 February 183022 August 1903UKPoliticianThree time UK Prime Minister
George Gibbs6 July 187328 October 1931
William Gladstone29 December 180919 May 1898UK
Peter Jay7 February 1937Diplomat
Norman St John-Stevas18 June 19292 March 2012UKPolitician
Cecil King20 February 190117 April 1987UKPublisher
Nigel Lawson11 March 1932Politician
Granville Leveson-Gower11 May 181531 March 1891UK
Nicholas Lyell6 December 193830 August 2010Politician
Halford Mackinder15 February 18616 March 1947UKAcademic
Fred Mulley3 July 191815 March 1995Politician
David NeubergerUKJudge
Robert Peel5 February 17882 July 1850UK
Eustace PercyUK
Archibald Primrose7 May 184721 May 1929Politician
Mark Reckless6 December 1970A former Conservative MP who defected to UK Independence Party
Peter Rees9 December 192630 November 2008Politician
Jacob Rothschild29 April 1936UKBanker
Chris Skidmore17 May 1981UKAuthor
Edward Smith-Stanley29 March 179923 October 1869UK
Alexander Thynn6 May 1932
Hugh Trevor-Roper15 January 191426 January 2003UKSpook
David Willetts9 March 1956Politician
George Young16 July 1941Politician


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