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Allegations of pedophilia amongst the most senior positions in society are persistent in many countries, as is the pattern of official denial, losing documents, sudden deaths of researchers and failure to prosecute.

VIPaedophile (US spelling VIPedophile) concerns the use of child sexual abuse against senior politicians, judiciary, lawyers and other people in order to control them by sexual blackmail. This has been a staple statecraft methods used by well resourced deep state groups such as intelligence agencies. David McGowan, an early researcher into the topic, coined the term "The Pedophocracy" to refer to the phenomenon. This topic was partial exposed by the Jeffrey Epstein affair and the posthumous exposure of Jimmy Saville, but remains a third rail.

Official narrative

The official narrative of paedophilia as presented by the commercially-controlled media omits to mention whose deeper interests it serves that (quite possibly, large) swathes of politicians and other individuals are engaged in such demonstrably illegal activity.


Tweets by Exaro in July 2015

The word "VIPaedophile" emerged as a hashtag in mid 2015 used to describe the various different fragmented inquiries and formal following up of leads which internationally connect. The phenomenon itself is much older - in 1959 the Ballets roses involved senior French figures including André Le Troquer.

Sexual blackmail

Full article: Sexual blackmail
Elm Guest House, a notorious UK venue for child sex abuse parties that were organised to gather sexual blackmail material

Cases of paedophilia have immediate connections to the intelligence agencies - in the UK, see for example, the Deputy Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, Peter Hayman, Kincora Boys' Home. For a US example, see the Franklin child prostitution ring.[1]

Cover up

The general pattern of enquiries, which went on for decades after WW2, was to establish an enquiry that gathered evidence and produced a dossier. This was passed up the hierarchy until at some point it was sidelined and/or "lost".[2]

The IPCC stated in 2015 that "it was investigating 14 referrals with details of alleged corruption in the Metropolitan Police relating to child sex offences from the 1970s to the 2000s".[3]

Premature deaths

Full article: VIPaedophile/Premature death

Many people, including witnesses, whistleblowers, investigators and journalists have suffered sudden death after attempting to expose the VIPaedophile phenomenon.


Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sitting on thrones belonging to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace during a visit with Bill Clinton in 2002.[4][5]

After decades of rumour, reports of paedophilia by key figures in political life are increasingly being published worldwide, particularly throughout the English speaking world.


In 1995 Reina Michaelson reports starting running "Australia's first child sexual abuse prevention program in schools." She reports that it was infiltrated and that her subsequent efforts to expose a paedophile ring leading to high levels of government and the media were shut down. [6]


The story of Gabriella Rico Jimenez

Natacha Jaitt was an Argentinian model, actress, and TV & radio presenter turned whistleblower on child sexual abuse among Argentinian politicians, journalists and athletes. She was found dead on 23 February 2019, naked on a bed at Tigre Partido, of an alleged suicide. Gabriela Rico Jiménez was 21 years old when she vanished back in 2009. The strange disappearance came after she made several claims about a host of powerful people. CCM was uninterested until 2024. Her claims were mostly presented in a mobile phone recording arguing in front of a hotel claiming "the elite were eating humans" in there, accusing the Argentinian royal family and that "Queen Elizabeth stole children and ate human flesh".[7]


Full article: Stub class article Belgium/VIPaedophile

The 2004 conviction of Marc Dutroux on multiple charges, including rape & murder achieved a very high publicity at the time in Belgium. Preparation for his trial took over 7 years. His allegations that he was part of a Europe wide sex trafficking ring used by the Establishment correspond with other VIPaedophile cases. Joël van der Reijden has researched the topic and published about it on ISGP.[8]


In March 2019 a child abuse ring was arrested in Finland. No one was named, but the ringleader was reported to hold "a prominent position in society."[9]


Full article: France/VIPaedophile

Use of pedophilia to entrap public figures so they can be covertly controlled goes back in France at least to 1959 (the ballets roses case). ISGP did an impressive overview of this aspect of the French deep state, which is the source for some of this content.[10] The exposure of this aspect of statecraft is relatively limited.


Full article: Germany/VIPaedophile

The VIPaedophile phenomenon in Germany exists with the same intensity and scale as in the rest of central Europe and America, but did not have a bigger exposing event yet.

In February 2019 German Police lost almost a terabyte of evidence in a child sex abuse case after a suitcase went missing from a police evidence room in North Rhine-Westphalia.[11]


Imane Fadil was invited to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's bunga bunga parties, and testified against him in 2011. When she died, on 1 March 2019, she was writing a book about the scandals surrounding Berlusconi's parties and her experiences of the trial around them, with the planned title I met the Devil.


In November 2016, the Norwegian police announced “Operation Darkroom”, a year long operation that had resulted in the seizure of 150TB of images, videos and chat logs relating to child sex abuse, together with the arrest of 20 people, including politicians and "highly educated" suspects.[12]

South Africa

Mark Minnie, who died 9 days after the publication of The Lost Boys of Bird Island

Mark Minnie was a South African detective who uncovered paedophilia networks at the top of the South African government. After being pressured to resign from the police, he collaborated with journalist Chris Steyn to write The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which was published on 5 August 2018.[13] The book details rape and murder of boys by a ring that used military helicopters to transport the victims to Bird Island and involved key figures in the last apartheid government of South Africa. Minnie was shot dead 9 days later on the 14 August. The South African police reported that it was a suicide, a claim that was widely disbelieved.[14]


Former shadow cabinet member Ed van Thijn - also implicated in a child sex ring[15] - was suspected of covering-up and protecting several commanders of a regional police-unit that several members of Klaas Bruinsma's crime syndicate had infiltrated or simply out-conned. Bruinsma's gang was noted be responsible for the biggest thefts of Gladio-weapons on Dutch soil. Bruinsma's gang was linked by ISGP to a child sex ring with royals such as Prince Bernhard.[16]

Eastern Europe

Human traffickers exploit desperation of Ukrainian refugees and their children - PBS Newshour - November 2022.

Refugee waves caused by the Russian invasion caused 8 million Ukrainians to flee, putting a strain on Ukraine's ability to get enough manpower. Several media outlets began to report human trafficking networks where girls and boys that fled were either kidnapped or bought to Mexico, Turkey or the UAE.[17][18] Demand for Ukrainian women by sex trafficking networks was reported by European Commissioner Ylva Johansson to be sky-high.[19] According to the US government, several Ukrainian officials were abducting and selling children from Ukrainian orphanages, from a pool of at least 104000 children.[20]


Full article: UK/VIPaedophile

MI5 in 2008 released notice warning British businesses of Chinese “honeytraps” - where the Chinese foreign intelligence agencies would use “sexual relationships and illegal activities to pressurize individuals to co-operate with them”, and force them to give access to computer networks.

UK VIPaedophile.jpg

The posthumous exposure of Jimmy Saville's sexual relations with minors gave considerable impetus to the further exploration of VIPaedophilia in the UK as new witnesses came forward. Notable London venues included Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House. In 2019 Andrew Windsor gave an unsolicited interview in which he refuted allegations by Virginia Roberts, which was widely referred to as a "car crash".[21][22]


Full article: US/VIPaedophile

In the 1980s, Tim Tate produced an expose of the Franklin child prostitution ring, which had direct connections to the US Deep state. Although bought by the networks, it was suddenly pulled from the schedules and never broadcast.[23] Craig Spence, a Washington DC lobbyist who allegedly ran a “call boy ring” was found dead in suspicious circumstances.[24]

VIPaedophile is increasingly well exposed in US. 2019 saw a great tide of awakening about it after the Epstein affair. Efforts to cover up Hollywood VIPaedophile appear to be ongoing, but the 2019 untimely deaths of Isaac Kappy (a whistleblower) and Tracy Twyman (researcher) have attracted wider attention.

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Page nameDescription
Michael A. AquinoUS spook, psyop specialist, satanist
Australia/VIPaedophilePaedophilia has a long history of use by the Australian deep state to facilitate covert control, especially of politicians, police and the judiciary.
Ballets rosesFrench VIPaedophile event
Belgium/VIPaedophileVIPaedophile in Belgium has been mostly clearly exposed by the Marc Dutroux Affair
Silvio BerlusconiItalian media magnate, three time Prime Minister of Italy, bunga bunga parties ...
Bibbiano affairVIPaedophile network in northern Italy exposed in 2019. Links to the governing party.
Bunga bunga partyA sex for TV work pyramid scheme, with children and ritual occult practises allegedly led by former Italian president Berlusconi. One whistleblower - Imane Fadil - died suddenly.
Casa Pia
Catholic Church/VIPaedophile
Roy CohnMade his name in the 1950s during the McCarthy anti-communist hearings. Ran sexual blackmail operations that abused and exploited children. Close to both Democrat and Republican presidents.
Joris DemminkA controversial retired Dutch Justice Department official from the Netherlands.
P. DiddyAmerican rapper who might be involved in sexual blackmail operation.
Document:Maintaining a Kakistocracy
Marc Dutroux
France/VIPaedophilePaedophilia has a long history of use by the French deep state to facilitate covert control, especially of politicians, police and the judiciary.
Franklin child prostitution ringA US/Deep state backed child prostitution ring centered around Larry King that was partially exposed
Hollywood/VIPaedophileOver the years, many people have alleged that paedophilia is widespread in Hollywood. No systematic investigation has been carried out, but increasingly many insiders are personally testifying about the widespread nature of the business.
Greville JannerA Labour politician who was widely alleged to have abused children, but whose "trial of the facts" was dropped after his death. Former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews; former vice president of the World Jewish Congress; relentless promoter of the official narrative of "The Holocaust"
Legionaries of ChristThe Catholic religious order ran a VIPaedophile sex ring (likely blackmail as well) in several Latin-American countries.
Ghislaine MaxwellLong term associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Disappeared in 2019. Arrested in July 2020. Sentenced 2022.
PizzagateImportant conspiracy in the US/2016 Presidential election campaign.
Jimmy SavileA serial abuser of children who was for decades untouchable, till his death.
Cyril SmithSir Cyril Smith was MP for Rochdale from 1972 to 1992. He never prosecuted for his paedophilia.
Kevin SpaceyAmerican actor who flew around the world together with Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein's plane.
The FindersA shady paedophile/sex trafficking cult with US deep state backing.
UK/VIPaedophilePaedophilia has a long history of use by the UK deep state to facilitate covert control, especially of politicians, police and the judiciary.
US/VIPaedophilePaedophilia has a long history of use by the US deep state to facilitate covert control, especially of politicians, police and the judiciary.


A VIPaedophile victim on Wikispooks

Virginia RobertsClaimed that she was employed as a sex slave to have sex with Prince Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein. Notoriously pictured with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell.


Related Quotations

2021“Children report having online sexual interactions at high rates — both with their peers and people they believe to adults: 25 percent of kids 9-17 reported having had a sexually explicit interaction with someone they thought was 18 or older, compared to 23 percent of participants that had a similar experience with someone they believed to be a minor. (...) The majority of children who block or report other users say those same users quickly find them again online: More than half of children who blocked someone said they were contacted again by the same person again, either through a new account or a different platform. This was true both for people children knew in real life (54 percent) and people they had only met online (51 percent).”Casey Newton2021
Coral affair“I remember that we were alerted to stop the investigation into the pedophile network 'Coral 'because of the personalities involved.”Paul Barril1997
Thomas Hetherington“The DPP at the time, Sir Thomas Hetherington, agreed not to prosecute [Peter] Hayman, the late senior diplomat and MI6 officer, at a private meeting with his solicitor, Sir David Napley, who pleaded with the country’s top prosecutor to let his client off being charged with distributing obscene material through the post. The disclosures are contained in a statement by Jeremy Naunton, a solicitor who worked on the case in the DPP’s office, for the inquiry into child sexual abuse. The statement is set to be presented to the inquiry panel next Wednesday when Naunton is due to be called to testify during the third week of hearings in its Westminster investigation."”Thomas Hetherington
Mark Watts
22 March 2019
Jimmy Savile“The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover, [...] I’ve known the Royal Family for a million years.”Jimmy Savile
US/VIPaedophile“I can tell you that a very reliable source has confirmed to us that Kendall has in fact been trafficked, raped, molested, and severely abused by a very large, very dangerous organizationPhil McGraw21 March 2017
Mark Williams-Thomas“There are still people out there who are untouchable, [...] There is one very significant person who I've done everything to try and get prosecuted because he is clearly a child sex offender. [...] To date the CPS won't prosecute. The police and I have tried really hard to get there. He will die in due course and then the floodgates will open in the same way they did with Savile. That's not right. But justice takes many different forms. [...] The truth is no broadcaster would have done a programme about Savile when he was alive. We live in a society where there are some people you can't take on and that's really sad.”Mark Williams-Thomas1 October 2022


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File:Henriques report 190116.pdfreport19 November 2016Richard HenriquesThe Henriques Report into police and CPS failures in the matter of alleged abuse of children in care, over an extended period by Greville Janner


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