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Concept.png Social engineering 
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Interest ofGaby van den Berg
The calculated influencing of society on a large scale, often over a long term.

Social engineering can be seen as pre-emptive social control; if people are sufficiently well engineered to fit society, they will need minimal control. 21st century technology simultaneously offers huge potential to those who would engineer society and to those who would seek to resist such control.

Official Narrative

The term sociale ingenieurs was introduced in an essay by the Dutch industrialist J. C. Van Marken in 1894. Wikipedia remarks that "extremely intensive social engineering campaigns occurred in countries with authoritarian governments" and focuses on USSR and China.


Echoing the information provided in schools and the other institutions of the commercially-controlled media, Wikipedia notes that "discussion of techniques of social engineering, particularly in advertising, is still quite pertinent in the western model of consumer capitalism" but has little else to say about the extensive social engineering that has been carried out in the "democracies" such as USA and UK. There is no discussion, for example, of the impact of television or schools.

In 2015 in the USA the pervasive climate of fear has lead adults to call the police after noting a 4-year-old playing alone at an outdoor playground 120 feet from his front door. When he refused to go home as he wasn't finished playing, neighbours called the police and his mother faces months in jail.[1]

Dumbing Down

Full article: Dumbing down

John Taylor Gatto argued that the rise of commercially-controlled media, mass advertising and mass compulsion schooling effected a dumbing down whereby people over generations have become less self-reliant, less creative and more reliant on government.


Full article: Rated 4/5 School

Mass compulsion schooling was promoted from the late 19th century onwards and has served for over a century in many countries of the world as a highly effective instrument of social engineering, as ably documented by John Taylor Gatto. Ellwood Cubberly, editor of primary school text books, dean of teacher education at Stanford University established an "Education Trust". In 1906 he wrote that "in the new schools coming, children are to be shaped and fashioned like nails, and the specifications will come from business and government." In his History Of American Education, Cubberly casually mentions that childhood has been extended by 4 years.[2]


Full article: Consumerism

Ivan Illich named schooling as the reproductive organ of the consumer society.

Strategy of tension

Full article: Rated 3/5 Strategy of tension

The strategy of tension is a method of changing society, promoting fear and weakening popular resistance to make the general public more easily led. It emerged into public consciousness as Operation Gladio was exposed in Italy as the years of lead drew to a close.

Practical Examples

When videogame developer Rockstar first released Grand Theft Auto, they actually paid reviewers to negatively review the game in order to keep it controversial, and therefore popular. They targeted right wing news papers to ensure moral outrage and drive the game to success. According to them, they hired PR firm DMA Design - who played the PR game perfectly by enlisting controversial PR guru Max Clifford to help essentially big-up the game's more contentious aspects. GTA creator Mike Dailly stated, "He designed all the outcry, which pretty much guaranteed MPs would get involved...He'd do anything to keep the profile high." Clifford's genius campaign involved getting stories planted in relevant newspapers - I think you know which ones - well aware that they would promptly spark a moral outrage among right-wing politicians and activist groups in particular".[3]



Page nameDescription
Behavioural Insights TeamUK government propaganda and manipulation outfit
COVID-19A coronavirus "pandemic" that was it was initially claimed emerged randomly from a zoonotic jump in China. Used as the pretext for sweeping social changes in the direction of techno-totalitarianism, this structural deep event dominated the early 2020s, and exploited to get a significant proportion of the world's population to submit to "COVID vaccines".
COVID-19/LockdownNominally caused by a desire to save human life by slowing the spread of COVID-19, the near global campaign to institute lockdowns can also be interpreted as a global power grab by the supranational deep state.
Climate lockdownPreventative measure to mitigate climate change?
ConsumerismConsumerism creates the illusion of inclusion or belonging to the in-group of rich and successful people
Disaster/PreparationThe tendency in the 21st century is to institutionalize and roll over various local and international "states of emergency" making them suspiciously permanent.
IconoclasmThe destruction of art, images and monuments. A part of Cultural genocide.
PlatformizationAs a part of globalisation, platformization is the monopolization of platforms or community structures - often by the same company - (called a business model by its defenders) based on algorithms and disintermediation in a supply chain. It was hailed as preferable to weaken old power structures for the common men. Such as how YouTube gave artists their own "platform" but emerged as cartel with other internet giants.
Policy 713A Canadian government policy regarding transgenderism in schools.
PrisonBuilding where people who have violated the law can be sentenced to. Rich people evade this place. Politicians, too..... Bankers, yes central bankers too. Unlike in Monopoly, people aren't thrown into prison by random would think. Interestingly enough, in the 2000s that has proved to be the least of a prosecuted person's concerns.
School"The reproductive organ of the consumer society", coming to resemble prisons more and more closely, especially in USA, where attempts have been made to criminalize those who feed the hungry or comfort the afflicted.
Social control
Swine flu (H1N1)A virus that was massively promoted as becoming a deadly pandemic for about 20 months on corporate media, from January 2009 to August 2010. Was declared a pandemic by WHO, with governments making big purchases for vaccines, only to throw them away, as the flu was deemed more damaging world wide.
Video game


Related Quotations

George Carlin“The Government wants to tell you things you can't say because they're against the law, or you can't say this because it's against a regulation, or here's something you can't say because it's a...secret; "You can't tell him that because he's not cleared to know that." The government wants to control information and control language because that's the way you control thought, and basically that's the game they're in.”George Carlin
Friedrich Engels“By dissolving nationalities, the liberal economic system had done its best to universalise enmity, to transform mankind into a horde of ravenous beasts (for what else are competitors?) who devour one another just because each has identical interests with all the others – after this preparatory work there remained but one step to take before the goal was reached, the dissolution of the family. To accomplish this, economy’s own beautiful invention, the factory system, came to its aid.”Friedrich Engels


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