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Group.png University of Edinburgh  
University of Edinburgh ceremonial roundel.png
HeadquartersEdinburgh, Scotland, UK
TypePublic university
Sponsored byOpen Philanthropy
The university continues to have links to the British royal family

Not to be confused with the much more modern Edinburgh Napier University

The University of Edinburgh is a public research university in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It is the eighth-largest university in the UK by enrolment, with 35,375 students in 2019/20.[1] With an income of £1187 million and endowments of £565 million in 2021, the University has extensive financial resources, particularly for research purposes.[2] At around £272 million, the university had the sixth-highest research income of any UK university in 2016.[3]

The university continues to have links to the British royal family, having had Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh as its chancellor from 1953 to 2010 and Anne, Princess Royal since March 2011.[4]


Employee on Wikispooks

Robert BlackRobert Black2005


Open PhilanthropyGrant maker funneling deep state money among other things to pandemic planning. Financed Event 201.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Michael Ancram7 July 1945UKPolitician
Deep politician
Likely took over from Norman Lamont as European chair of Le Cercle.
David Campbell Bannerman26 May 1960PoliticianUKIP MEP
John BeckettLawyer
Ian Bell7 January 195610 December 2015Author
"WikiLeaks reminds journalists that paper is rationed, when it matters. Where Megrahi is concerned, numerous questions are literally, actually, rigorously, unanswered."
Robert Black12 June 1947Spook
Suppressor Black toasting the Mickey Mouse tribunal that he designed to exonerate apartheid South Africa
Colin Boyd7 June 1953UKJudgeScottish judge who has been a Senator of the College of Justice since June 2012.
Gordon BrewerBroadcasterPresented the BBC's flagship Newsnight Scotland programme since 1999.
Elmar Brok14 May 1946GermanPoliticianlobbyist and European parliament politician, MSC regular
Gordon Brown20 February 1951UKPolitician
Deep state functionary
UK deep state functionary. Prime Minister from 2007-2010. WHO ambassador for Global Health Financing from 2021
Michael Buergermeister30 June 1967Author
Austrian author and filmmaker brother of Jane Bürgermeister.
Jane Bürgermeister19 January 1966AustriaWhistleblower
Against the concerted opposition of Big Pharma, Jane Bürgermeister has attempted to highlight risks and malfeasance associated with vaccines and emerging diseases.
Ashton Carter24 September 195424 October 2022Spook
Former US Secretary of Defense
Wendy Chamberlain20 December 1976
Maggie Chapman27 June 1979Zimbabwe
PoliticianScottish Green politician
Joanna Cherry18 March 1966Politician
Robin Cook28 February 19466 August 2005PoliticianA UK politician who on the day after 7/7 described Al-Qaida as a product of Western intelligence and insisted that the "war on terror" could not be won by military means.
Greg CoppolaWhistleblower
Google employee for 5 years before exposing their political bias in 2019.
George David10 June 1937CyprusBusinesspersonGreek Cypriot entrepreneur, Bilderberg Steering committee.
Neil Davidson13 September 1950LawyerScottish lawyer and former Advocate General for Scotland.
Ruth Davidson10 November 1978Politician
Thomas Dawson14 November 19488 June 2007LawyerSolicitor General for Scotland. Senator of the College of Justice. Judge of the Supreme Courts of Scotland.
Kezia Dugdale28 August 1981UKPolitician
Mohamed ElmaaziJournalist
Nicholas Fairbairn24 December 193319 February 1995Politician
"One of the most powerful men in Scotland" and UK/VIPaedophile
Kate Forbes6 April 1990Politician
George Foulkes21 January 1942UKPolitician
Alan FreemanEconomist
Christine Grahame9 September 1944Politician
Kate Green2 May 1960PoliticianMember of Parliament from the Labour Party and Shadow Secretary of State for Education.
Nigel Griffiths20 May 1955UKPolitician
Harald HaasMarch 1968GermanElectrical engineer
Richard Haldane30 July 185619 August 1928PoliticianUk Secretary of State for War between 1905 and 1912 during which time reforms of the British Army were implemented, with the secret task of a European war.
Charles Hendry6 May 1959UKPolitician
Augustus JaspertUKDiplomatBritish diplomat and Private Secretary to the UK Prime Minister 2012-2014
Tessa Jowell17 September 1947Politician
Mujahid Kamran23 January 1951PakistanAuthor
Pakistani academic who wrote book on 911
Richard Keen29 March 1954Politician
Laura Kuenssberg1976UKTV presenter
Lizzie LoudonUKPropagandistBritish corporate propagandist with previous experience as press secretary to British prime minister Theresa May.
Kenny MacAskill28 April 1958UKAuthor
Kenzie MacKinnonCanadaLawyerCanadian lawyer who was Executive Assistant to the Secretary of State for External Affairs when he attended the 1983 Bilderberg
Donald Mackay30 January 1946Lawyer
James Mackay2 July 1927Lawyer
Donald Maitland16 August 192222 August 2010Diplomat
Isabel Maxwell16 August 1950Deep state operative"Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley", big sister of Ghislaine Maxwell
John McTernan1959
Lewis Moonie25 February 1947UKPolitician
Frank Mulholland18 April 1959Scottish lawyer and Lord Advocate
David Mundell27 May 1962Politician
Tom Nairn2 June 193221 January 2023Academic
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