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Status: experimental
This property is for UK companieshouse URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      companieshouse URLs of people or companies
  • Predicate:  Has companieshouse
  • Object:        URLs of companieshouse pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas companieshouse
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
Britain-Russia Centre and the British East-West Centre
Saladin Security Ltd
Carphone Warehouse
Electoral Reform Society
Balli Group Plc
Anti-Slavery International
Idox Elections
Future Of Russia Foundation
Aegis Defence Services
Active Change Foundation
British-American Project
Raheem Shapi
International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence
Visor Consultants
Scott Trust Ltd
Orbis Business Intelligence
Franco-British Colloque
Istok Associates
Harod Associates
Aktis Strategy
British Bankers' Association
Equilibrium Gulf Limited
Cambridge Analytica
Brazzaville Foundation
Toro Risk Solutions
Astutus Intelligence
Walsingham Partners
Foreign Desk Ltd
Gaby van den Berg
Center for Countering Digital Hate
Macro Advisory Partners
Bank of England
Scottish American Investment Company
Institute for Statecraft
UK/Council on Foreign Relations
ISG Corporate Limited
David Aaronovitch 8BO71BkNYIig/appointments
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon Xk/appointments
David Walker (SAS)
Alexander Finnen
Richard Gnodde
Peter Hambro
Hörður Sigurgestsson
Mark Galeotti
Jean-Louis Lafayeedney
David Gordon-Macleod
Christopher Burrows 3gW5ZqmAatM8dEIwPX05P5Y/appointments
Christopher Steele 3gW5ZqmAatM8dEIwPX05P5Y/appointments
Andy Wood
Robert Brinkley
Kingsley Donaldson RSPot8T9PVfw/appointments
Richard Dearlove 99BIcQwg/appointments
David Gilbertson
Patrick Vallance
Perry Fawcett
Tom Lloyd KuHEsjLgE/appointments
Nigel Oakes
Cary Haskel Zitcer
George Logothetis
Anthony Fitzherbert
Walter Frehner
Alan Riley
Francis Ghilès
Oliver James McTernan
Oliver McTernan
Steffen Kragh
David Allfrey JT4oQ mLjbuNeas/appointments
Roger Wheeler
Marc Warner
Tessa Blackstone
Jack Agazarian
Faddy Sahloul wl56FtsA3vlPQM/appointments
Angus Taverner SKzemLVmWOZB-o-rYI/appointments
Martin Dubbey
George Osborne 6Jdw/appointments
John Smith
Philip Matthews
Jahan Mahmood
Ian Hay Davison 37XmJqFlBXMw/appointments
Bronwyn Nanette Curtis
Peter Power
Celia Szusterman w/appointments
Yusuf Tai f4/appointments
Joseph Walker-Cousins uiMsYOkMAQwJG fmkkVcRJvFA/appointments=
Bernard Ésambert
Bill Gammell
Andrew Shortland V69cLtL0/appointments
Roula Khalaf Razzouk
Laurence de Mello
Robert Dover
Ren Kapur 50xirOB6F8-0Og7rZalP8JPdQ/appointments
Elaine Birch Ruffell
Michael Peraticos
Rupert Andrew Woodward Goodman
Chris Nel
John Bell
Kaspar Cassani zhr -ZkeN8LXI/appointments
Stewart Eldon r0H4SFQ/appointments
Andrew Feldman
Graham Jeal WknDpCoTz6qx7hBKe5YTyk/appointments
David James 7rs77I/appointments
Axel Iveroth
Georgina Halford-Hall
Shima Keene HNJuOszyC272nAGRT0bI0/appointments
Adrienne van Heteren mJrQaeP0kGW-H4CPlIysKDkIM/appointments
David Bawtree cOjtrNpw/appointments
Nader Mousavizadeh
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Tijana Vukadin
Lee Marler
Christopher Hogg DrlPSoDk-GGHk14jYtb4z8/appointments
Guy Spindler PTa oF4o
William Bortrick
Mati Kochavi Ab0ApnIHFCG5wnkBqzAA/appointments
Kevin Abraham
Nicholas Chance -f0mwNDWP1WIipYFjA/appointments
Henry Hogger MLIuw/appointments
Graham Avery I52NFef2N3 DI/appointments
Craig Oliphant
Damien McElroy
Saleyha Ahsan
Jean-Yves Ollivier
Chris Donnelly EpN6UT9WKjNCj3o5vA6bzlsTvc/appointments
Oleksandr Danylyuk L3wKwEJTFBSDrwFMBeS2ugbOY0/appointments
Dair Farrar-Hockley
Daniel Lafayeedney
Ngaire Woods
Jeremy Farrar N1Ps/appointments
Steve Tatham yyIck4dmDyg/appointments
Mariot Leslie
Jacob Rothschild
Greg Hands
Samantha de Bendern
David Malcolm Nott
John Lough
Henry Kissinger
Harry Hart Q3hfHKHU28BBbI/appointments
Anthony Cooke eabS50ji0Igs/appointments
Hanif Qadir Ew/appointments
Tim Spicer
Roger Golland aefmJg2gVAl1vQ6Mo2KxSqh8Q/appointments
Lesley Simm
Dan Kaszeta hR8o/appointments
Alfredo Ambrosetti
Arthur Hartman
Geoffrey Tantum
Eric Hagman
Harold Elletson
Andre-François Villeneuve
Peter Macadam
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Aug4hZYPD8bo/appointments
John Sawers
Simon Ralph Barrett
Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi
Mona Sutphen 2qw/appointments
Brian Ivory c/appointments
Eliza Manningham-Buller
Dido Harding
Alex Aiken sclRI/appointments
Christine Hodgson
Nadhim Zahawi 5Bs-BkF5XCyPM/appointments
Thomas Thune Andersen 7I-3dOXqETDkuDdf6I/appointments
Andrew Philip Witty
Robin Buchanan
Harry Lawson Johnston
Alex Spillius
Vendeline von Bredow
Isaac Kaye hcpavibx9cuQfHU1qh4/appointments
Bill Fairclough Qg3xznqs/appointments
Richard Titley zTHvQbM08/appointments
David Isaac
Stephen Jolly
Oliver Haarman aNu3KH23yhad3e7c7I/appointments
Neil Barnett
Adam Rutland
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