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Has subproperties: Has image, Has image2
Status: experimental
Property to associate more general images with their subject

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagename of a person
  • Predicate:  Has depiction
  • Object:        filename of images that show that person (type Page)
    Note: See also Property:Has image, for particularly representative images

7779 Pages use the property "Has depiction"

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Page nameHas depiction
Priority Pages
'Harley Guy'
Controlling the narrative
Document:ISIS Mayhem Being Fueled by Drugs and Arms – Supplied by Saudi Arabia and the CIA
Franco Bernabè
Chelsea Clinton
De Beers
Le Cercle/1958
1902 Colonial Conference
1907 Panic
1916 Easter rising
1929 Wall Street Crash
Great Depression
The Pilgrims Society
US/1952 Presidential Election
Iran/1953 coup d'état
Guatemala/1954 coup d'état
Kim Jong-pil
Document:1963 FBI Memo mentioning Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency
Indonesia/1965 coup d'état attempt
US/1968 Presidential election
1972 Munich massacre
US/1972 Presidential Election
"1973 Oil crisis"
John Kerr (governor-general)
Australia/1975 coup d'état
Document:1975 WUBRINY Memo
US/1976 Presidential Election
Bolivia/1980 coup d'état
1980 Camarate air crash
US/1980 Presidential Election
1980s Afghan war
1982 Lebanon War
1983 Beirut barracks bombings
1993 Russian constitutional crisis
1993 World Trade Center bombing
1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash
1996 Croatia USAF CT-43 crash
1998 United States embassy bombings
Haroon Rashid Aswat
US/2008 Presidential election
2001 Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing
2002 Bali bombings
2003 El Nogal Club bombing
2004 Madrid train bombings
US/2004 Presidential Election
2006 Lebanon War
2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust
2008 Counter-Terrorism advertising campaign
2008 Mumbai attacks
2010 Times Square car bombing attempt
2011 Attacks on Libya
2011 Egyptian Revolution
2011 Tucson shooting
Gerhard Roiss
2014 Australia turboprop drug bust
2015 Bangkok bomb
2016 Berlin attack
2016 Hurriyah car bombing hoax
2016 Investigatory Powers Act
2016 Istanbul airport attack
2016 Magnanville stabbing
2016 Munich shooting
US/2016 Presidential election
2017 Copeland by-election
2017 Las Vegas shooting
Nobel Peace Prize
2017 Refugee False Flag
2017 Westminster attack
Christian Lindner
Document:Novichok Part Deux: A Fusion of Media, Government & Military
2018 Riga Stratcom Dialogue
Wuhan Institute of Virology
Electoral Reform Society
US/2020 Presidential election
US/2012 Presidential election
Apollo program
Document:25 Rules of Disinformation
Nazism/25 point program
Karen Kornbluh
Moncef Slaoui
Annie Machon
Depleted uranium
Document:Backing the Wrong Horseman
Edward Stanley
James Bryce
Bayard Rustin
Bob Graham
James H. Fetzer
Hamar Greenwood
Jack Kemp
James L. Jones
Otto von Habsburg
Paul Johnson
Robert H. Jackson
Ted Kennedy
William Chasey
Document:Novichok And Theresa May's "45 Minute Moment"
John Foster Dulles
Harry van den Bergh
Sandra Barr
New York
Document:5G Trade Wars: the US Empire Strikes Back
Alan Waldron
Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114
The 77th Brigade
77th Brigade
9-11/Air Defence
9-11/Compensation fund
9-11/Joint Congressional Inquiry
Structural deep event
9-11/Insider Trading
Document:The Moral Decoding of 9-11
File:Understanding 911 and 911 wars.pdf
War on Terror/Purposes
Document:Waging the Battle for Reality
Document:911 Truth and the MSM
Memory hole
9-11/Truth movement
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition
Document:Evolution of the 9/11 Controversy From Conspiracy Theories to Conspiracy Photographs
Official narrative
A New Initiative for Poland: A Future Leader in Securing the Fourth Industrial Revolution
A World in Flux: The Future of Democracy Europe and the Middle East
Document:It's not Russia that is destabilising Ukraine
John Ashley Berry
ABC Trial
Document:Princes of Plunder
Action Counters Terrorism
Association of Electoral Administrators
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Document:Wagging the Moondoggie
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
Atomic Weapons Establishment
Document:American War Machine
Aafia Siddiqui
Aage Deleuran
Australian American Leadership Dialogue
Aamer Anwar
Aarnout Loudon
Aaron Swartz
Henrik Aasarød
Aatos Erkko
Abby Martin
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz
Document:CIA wanted to kill Lockerbie bomber before trial
Document:The Framing of al-Megrahi
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi/Compassionate release
Abdelhakim Belhadj
Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
Abdelhamid Abaaoud
Abdul Qadeer Khan
Abdulaziz al-Omari
Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
Abdullah al-Senussi
Abdullah Çatlı
Abner Mikva
Abolghasem Mesbahi
Abolhassan Banisadr
Document:Abolish Terrorist Agencies
Abraham Lincoln
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Abu Hamza al Masri
Abu Omar
Abu Qatada
Mohammed Abu Talb
Abu Zubaydah
Copper Green
Achim Steiner
File:Acid dreams.pdf
Adam Curtis
Adam Garrie
Adam Grant
Adam Kokesh
Adam Larson
Adam LeBor
Adam Smith International
Adam Szubin
Adam Thomson
Adam Werritty
Document:The Russian appeal to Germany
Adlai Stevenson III
Adlai Stevenson
William J. Crowe
Alan West
Adnan Khashoggi
Adolf Hitler
Adolf W. Schmidt
Adrian Fulford
Adrian Hänni
Adrian Leppard
Adrian Nastase
Adrian Schoolcraft
Adrian Tudway
Adrian Wooldridge
Adrian Thomas
Adrian Zenz
Adrian Salbuchi
Adriana Cerretelli
Adriana Ross
Adriano Santini
Adrienne van Heteren
Document:Statement from the Pan African Improvement Organisation
Afzal Khan
Agah Ugur
Agent provocateur
Agha Hasan Abedi
Agustín Carstens
Ahmad Bishara
Ahmed Dlimi
Ahmed Jibril
Ahmed Siddiqui
Ahmet Ünal Ceviköz
Ahmet Üzümcü
Ahmet Şık
Martti Ahtisaari
Airey Neave
Aivar Rehe
Ajit Pai
Al-Waleed bin Talal
Al-Yamamah arms deal
Arab Human Rights Centre in Golan Heights
Document:Ruth Davidson slammed over high-level Tory visit to illegal Israeli settlement
Al-Nusra Front
Al-Salam weapons deal
Alain Chouet
Alain Griotteray
Alain Juppé
Alain Poher
Alan Bersin
Alan Blinder
Alan Blumenthal
Alan Bond
Alan Clark
Alan Cowell
Alan Dershowitz
Alan Feraday
Alan Freeman
Alan Greenspan
Alan H. Belmont
Alan Hart
Alan Krueger
Alan Riley
Alan Rusbridger
Alan Sabrosky
Alan Turing
Alan Westerman
Alastair Burnet
Alastair Campbell
Alayne Fleischmann
Ab Osterhaus
Albert Speer
Alberto Alesina
Alberto Gonzales
Alberto Manenti
Alberto Nagel
Alberto Nogueira
Alberto Oliart
Alberto Pirelli
Albie Sachs
Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager
Aldo Moro
Alejandro Mayorkas
Aleksander Kwaśniewski
Aleksandr Dugin
Document:Journey To Aleppo Part I: Exposing The Truth Buried Under NATO Propaganda
Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo
Alex Aiken
Alex Carlile
Alex Dizengof
Alex Jones
Alex Karp
Alex Mayer
Alex Schmid
Alex Spillius
Alex Younger
Alexander Acosta
Alexander Bortnikov
Alexander Burnes
Alexander Downer
Alexander Finnen
Alexander Haig
Alexander Karageorgevitch
Alexander Kouzmin
Alexander Lebed
Alexander Litvinenko
Alexander Mattelaer
Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens
Alexander Nix
Alexander Pechtold
Alexander Perepilichny
Alexander Petrov
Ruslan Boshirov
Alexander Stubb
Alexander Thynn
Alexander Vershbow
Alexander Yakovenko
Alexander Zakharchenko
Alexandre Adler
Alexandre Bompard
Alexandre Ribeiro da Cunha
Alexandre de Marenches
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexei Navalny
Document:Alexei Pushkov - PACE press-conference
Alexis Papahelas
Alexis Tsipras
Alphons Horten
Alfons Verplaetse
Alfred Grosser
Alfred Herrhausen
Alfred Gruenther
Alfred McCoy
Alfred Milner
Alfred de Zayas
Alfredo Ambrosetti
Alfredo Sánchez Bella
Ali Abdullah Saleh
Ali Aslan
Ali Babacan
Ali Dizaei
Ali Khamenei
Ali Milani
Ali Mohamed
Ali al-Jarrah
Alice M. Rivlin
Alina Mosendz
Aline Griffith
Alisha Owen
Alison Chabloz
Alison Di Rollo
Alison McGovern
Alison Saunders
Allan B. Hubbard
Allan Francovich
Allan Gerson
Allan MacEachen
Allard Lowenstein
Allen Elkins
Allen Dulles
Rosena Allin-Khan
Alois Mertes
Alonzo McDonald
Alparslan Türkeş
Alpo Rusi
Altiero Spinelli
Alun Gwynne Jones
Document:Cognitive Dissidents?
Alvin Hellerstein
Alvin S. Felzenberg
Alvise Armellini
"Conspiracy theory"
Document:Conspiracy Theory meets Conspiracy Fact
Alyn Smith
Amalyah Hart
Deborah Birx
William Joseph Burns
Amber Rudd
Amelia Fawcett
America's Secret Establishment
American Australian Association
American Civil War
American War Machine
Document:The Imperial Empire: The Sun Never Sets but the Mote remains in the Emperor’s Eye
Amil Khan
Stephen Milligan
Amintore Fanfani
Amir Taheri
Amira Abase
Amiram Nir
Amnesty International
Amos Yadlin
Amr Abdellatif Aboulatta
Amy Baker Benjamin
Ana Botín
Ana Brnabić
Ana Palacio
Anastasia Vashukevich
Anastasio Somoza
Anatole Kaletsky
Ancient Rome/Deep state
Anders Eldrup
Anders Åslund
Anders Breivik
Johan Andresen Sr
Andre Batenburg
Andre Fontaine
André Kudelski
Andre Maurois
Andre-François H. Villeneuve
Andrea Ecker
Andrea Leadsom
Andreas Straßmeir
Andreas Treichl
Andreas von Bülow
Andrei Fursov
Andrei Kozlov
Andrei Lugovoi
Andrew Ashdown
Andrew Bertie
Andrew Breitbart
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Cavendish
Andrew Coyne
Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Dickson White
Andrew Duff
Andrew Feinstein
Andrew Fulton
Andrew Gilligan
Andrew Goodpaster
Andrew Gwynne
Andrew Hampton
Andrew Hove
Andrew Windsor
Andrew Knight
Andrew Korybko
Andrew Krieg
Andrew Lansley
Andrew Liveris
Andrew McCabe
Andrew Mellon
Andrew Mills
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Murray
Andrew Natsios
Andrew Parker
Andrew Pollard
Andrew Puddephatt
Andrew Silke
Andrew Stern
Document:Epstein's Death Must Be the Start, not the End, of the Investigation
Andrew Wakefield
Andrew Philip Witty
Andrew Zimmerman
Andrzej Duda
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