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Status: stable
Property to associate logos with organisations

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagename of an organisation (or concept)
  • Predicate:  Has logo2
  • Object:        filename of the subject's logo (type Text)
    Note: See also Property:Has logo, Property:Has image2

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Page nameHas logo2
21st Century WireFile:21st Century Wire.png
9-11 ResearchFile:9-11 research.png
911 BloggerFile:911 Blogger.gif
Activist PostFile:Activist Post.jpg
American Herald TribuneFile:American Herald Tribune.png
Asia TimesFile:Asia Times.svg
Biased BBCFile:BBBClogo.png
Below Gotham LabsFile:Below Gotham Labs.jpg
Blacklisted NewsFile:Blacklisted News.png
Boiling Frogs PostFile:Boiling Frogs Post.jpg
Common DreamsFile:CD stacked white email.png
Can Do BetterFile:Can Do Better.jpg
Center for Syncretic StudiesFile:Center for Syncretic Studies.jpg
Conscious Being AllianceFile:Conscious Being Alliance.jpg
Consortium NewsFile:Consortium.png
CorporateWatchFile:Corporate Watch.jpg
Counterterrorism BlogFile:Counterterrorism Blog.gif
Craig Murray's blogFile:Craig Murray's blog.png
Crown Prosecution Service web siteFile:Crown_Prosecution_Service.svg
Daily KosFile:Daily_Kos_new_logo.png
Dark PolitricksFile:Dark Politricks.png
The Deep State BlogFile:Deep_state_blog.png
The Dees Illustration StudioFile:DeesLogo.png
DuckDuckGoFile:DuckDuckGo logo and wordmark (2014-present).svg
Energy Round TableFile:Energy Round Table.gif
Evolve PoliticsFile:Evolve_Politics.jpg
Executive Intelligence ReviewFile:Executive Intelligence Review.jpg
Foreign Policy JournalFile:FPJ-logo.png
Focal Point PublicationsFile:FPP.gif
From The WildernessFile:From The Wilderness.png
Geoengineering WatchFile:Geoengineering Watch.png
Germar Rudolf/WebsiteFile:Germar Rudolf's web site.jpg
Global ResearchFile:GlobalResearchLogo.png
Golem XIV - ThoughtsFile:GolemXiVlogo.png
Guns And ButterFile:Guns And Butter.png
The Harrogate AgendaFile:HarrogateAgendaBanner.png
On the ContraryFile:Hoffman-web.png
If Americans KnewFile:IAK-logo.png
Institute for Historical ReviewFile:IHRlogo.gif
Inconvenient HistoryFile:InconvenietHistory.png
Internet ArchiveFile:Internet Archive.png
Irish TimesFile:Irish Times.png
Jonathan Cook/WebsiteFile:Jonathan Cook's blog.png
C-SPANFile:Logo of C-SPAN.svg
Mad Cow NewsFile:Mad Cow News.png
Memory Hole BlogFile:Memory-Hole.jpg
MintPress NewsFile:MintPress News logo.png
Naked CapitalismFile:Naked Capitalism.jpg
Narco NewsFile:Narco News.png
Natural NewsFile:Natural News.png
New StatesmanFile:New Statesman.png
Occidental ObserverFile:OO-Logo.png
Open DemocracyFile:Open Democracy.png
The Opperman ReportFile:OppermanReportLogo.jpg
Project CensoredFile:ProjectCensored.png
Ron Paul InstituteFile:RonPaulInstitute.png
Russia InsiderFile:Russia_Insider.png
The Rwanda Document ProjectFile:RwandaDocProjectLogo.png
Strategic Culture FoundationFile:SCF-logo.png
Salem NewsFile:Salem News.jpg
Socialist ReviewFile:Socialist Review.jpg
Spartacus EducationalFile:Spartacus Educational.png
The Free Thought ProjectFile:TFTP-New-Logoweb-300x146.png
Terror Finance BlogFile:TerrorFinanceBlog.png
The Black VaultFile:The Black Vault.png
The Corbett ReportFile:The Corbett Report.jpg
The RegisterFile:The Register.png
The TruthseekerFile:The Truthseeker logo.jpg
The Unz ReviewFile:The Unz Review.png
The GuardianFile:The_Guardian.svg
The Times Of IsraelFile:Times Of Israel.png
Truthstream MediaFile:Truthstream Media.jpg
UK ColumnFile:UK Column.png
Unwelcome GuestsFile:Unwelcome Guests.jpg
Voltaire NetworkFile:Voltaire Network.png
Voz de AztlanFile:Voz de Aztlan.png
What Really HappenedFile:What_Really_Happened.jpg
Whiteout PressFile:Whiteout Press.jpg
WikipediocracyFile:Wikipediocracy logo.svg
World Socialist Web SiteFile:Wsws.png
YandexFile:Yandex logo en.svg
Al Akhbar EnglishFile:alakhbarenglish.png
Black Star NewsFile:blackstarnews.png
History CommonsFile:history commons.png
Information Clearing HouseFile:ich.gif
Jawa ReportFile:jawa_banner.gif
Media LensFile:media_lens.png
Mideast ShuffleFile:meshuffle.png
Moonofalabama.orgFile:moon of alabama logo.jpg
MuckRock NewsFile:muckrock.png
No Lies RadioFile:noliesmeter.gif
Pakistan ObserverFile:pak-observer.png
Spy CultureFile:spyculture.jpg
Washington's BlogFile:washingtons_blog.jpg
Zero HedgeFile:zh_logo_desktop.svg
2018 Riga Stratcom DialogueImage:2018 Riga Stratcom Dialogue.png
Radio Free EuropeImage:250px-RFE_Logo.png
Federal Bureau of PrisonsImage:400px-Seal_of_the_Federal_Bureau_of_Prisons.svg.png
Unit 8200Image:8200 IDF insignia.png
910 GroupImage:910 Group.jpg
Australian Broadcasting CorporationImage:ABCTV1975.svg
Association of Chief Police OfficersImage:ACPO.png
Anti-Defamation LeagueImage:ADL.png
AE911 TruthImage:AE911 Truth.jpg
AES CorporationImage:AES Corporation (logo).svg
Avanguardia NazionaleImage:ANazionale.svg
US/Army/Security AgencyImage:ASA.jpg
Australian Security Intelligence OrganisationImage:ASIO.svg
Adelphi UniversityImage:Adelphi University Seal.svg
AIPACImage:Aipac logo.PNG
Alpha 66Image:Alpha 66.png
Alpha Delta PhiImage:Alpha_Delta_Phi_Crest.png
Ambrosetti ClubImage:Ambrosetti Club.png
American Center for DemocracyImage:American Center for Democracy.png
American Enterprise InstituteImage:American Enterprise Institute logo.svg
American Freedom AllianceImage:American Freedom Alliance.png
American Historical AssociationImage:American Historical Association.jpg
American Iranian CouncilImage:American Iranian Council.jpg
American Jewish CongressImage:American Jewish Congress.png
American Security CouncilImage:American Security Council Foundation logo.png
American University of BeirutImage:American University of Beirut logo.svg
Ankara UniversityImage:Ankara_University_Logo.png
Saudi AramcoImage:Aramco.png
Aspen InstituteImage:Aspen Institute logo.svg
Assistant Commissioner of Police of the MetropolisImage:Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.svg
Assistant to the Secretary of DefenseImage:Assistant Secretary of Defense flag.jpg
Association of European Border RegionsImage:Association of European Border Regions.png
Association of Former Intelligence OfficersImage:Association of Former Intelligence Officers.png
Atlantic Council of the United KingdomImage:Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom.jpg
Atlas NetworkImage:Atlas_Economic_Research_Foundation_(logo).png
Australian National UniversityImage:Australian National University crest.png
B'nai BrithImage:B'nai B'rith.jpg
BAE SystemsImage:BAE Systems.jpg
Booz Allen HamiltonImage:BAHLogo.svg
Business Executives for National SecurityImage:BENS logo.png
BPImage:BP Helios logo.svg
British PetroleumImage:BP_Helios_logo.svg
Bureau of Medicine and SurgeryImage:BUMED Logo.png
Bahá'í FaithImage:Bahai star.svg
Baldwin-Wallace CollegeImage:BaldwinWallaceCollegeSeal.gif
Bank of ItalyImage:Banca d'Italia logo.svg
Central Bank of BrazilImage:Banco Central Do Brasil.svg
Bank Zachodni WBKImage:Bank Zachodni WBK.png
Bank of IsraelImage:Bank of Israel Seal.svg
Bank of EnglandImage:Bank_of_England.svg
Bank IndonesiaImage:Bankindonesialogo.svg
Bank of FranceImage:Banque de France logo.png
Bank of MexicoImage:Banxicolye.jpg
Barclays BankImage:Barclays logo.svg
Barrick GoldImage:Barrick logo.svg
Baylor UniversityImage:Baylor University seal.svg
Bank of Credit and Commerce InternationalImage:Bcci_logo.jpg
Bear StearnsImage:Bear Stearns.svg
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic StudiesImage:Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.png
Skull and BonesImage:Bones_logo.jpg
Border ForceImage:BorderForce.svg
Boston CollegeImage:Boston College Seal.svg
Brandeis UniversityImage:Brandeis University seal.svg
British-American TobaccoImage:British American Tobacco logo.svg
UK/ArmyImage:British Army Logo.png
British CouncilImage:British Council logo.svg
British Satellite NewsImage:British Satellite News.gif
Broadcasting Board of GovernorsImage:Broadcasting Board of Governors logo.jpg
Bullingdon ClubImage:BullingdonCrest.jpg
Council on American-Islamic RelationsImage:CAIR logo.svg
Council on American–Islamic RelationsImage:CAIR_logo.svg
Central Bank of IrelandImage:CBFSAI IRELAND.png
Central Bank of RussiaImage:CBRF.png
Criminal Investigation CommandImage:CID seal.gif
Canadian Labour CongressImage:CLC-CTC.png
Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de FranceImage:CRIF logo.svg
UN/SC/Counter-Terrorism Committee/Executive DirectorateImage:CTE.jpg
International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution ClinicImage:C_Mills_International_Human_Rights_3C_RGB_20130226.png
Cambridge UniversityImage:Cambridge University logo.svg
Canadian Security Intelligence ServiceImage:Canadian Security Intelligence Service logo.svg
Canisius CollegeImage:Canisius College logo.jpg
Cardiff UniversityImage:CardiffUniversityCrest.png
Carleton UniversityImage:Carleton University Logo.svg
Carlton TelevisionImage:Carlton_Communications.jpg
Carnegie Mellon UniversityImage:Carnegie Mellon University seal.svg
Central Washington UniversityImage:CentralWashingtonUniversitySeal.png
Central Bank of IndiaImage:Central_Bank_of_India.svg
Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and TerrorismImage:Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism.jpg
Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political ViolenceImage:Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence.png
Chabad LubavitchImage:Chabad Lubavitch.jpg
Chapman UniversityImage:Chapman University logo.gif
ChevronImage:Chevron Logo.svg
Chicago Police DepartmentImage:Chicago_Police_Star.png
Christian Action NetworkImage:Christian Action Network.jpg
City University (London)Image:City University London crest.jpg
City of London PoliceImage:City_of_London_police.png
Civil Contingencies SecretariatImage:Civil Contingencies Secretariat.png
Claremont Graduate UniversityImage:Claremont_Graduate_University_logo.png
Clinton FoundationImage:Clinton Foundation.png
Club de BerneImage:Club de Berne.jpg
Club de MadridImage:Club de Madrid.png
Prime Minister of RussiaImage:Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation.svg
PopeImage:Coat of arms Holy See.svg
President of IraqImage:Coat of arms of Iraq (2008).svg
Attorney General of IrelandImage:Coat of arms of Ireland.svg
Nicaragua/PresidentImage:Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg
Colgate UniversityImage:Colgate University Seal.svg
Columbia Law SchoolImage:Columbia Law School.png
Commonwealth of NationsImage:Commonwealth Flag - 2013.svg
Communications Security EstablishmentImage:Communications Security Establishment.png
Competitive Enterprise InstituteImage:CompetitiveEnterpriseInstitutelogo.png
Conservative PartyImage:Conservative Party.jpg
Conspiracy FilesImage:Conspiracy Files.jpg
Control RisksImage:Control risks logo.gif
Cornell Law SchoolImage:Cornell Law School wordmark.svg
Council for Democracy and ToleranceImage:Council for Democracy and Tolerance.png
Council on Foreign RelationsImage:Council on Foreign Relations.logo.jpg
Council of EuropeImage:Council_of_Europe_logo_(2013_revised_version).png
Counter Extremism ProjectImage:Counter Extremism Project Logo.png
Counter Terrorism CommandImage:Counter Terrorism Command.jpg
Courage FoundationImage:Courage Foundation.png
Cranfield UniversityImage:Cranfield University Arms 2007.jpg
Creighton UniversityImage:Creighton University Presidential Seal.png
Crypto AGImage:Crypto_AG.png
Danmarks NationalbankImage:DanmarksNationalbank logo.png
De Nederlandsche BankImage:De Nederlandsche Bank logo.svg
DePaul UniversityImage:DePaul U Seal.svg
Defence Academy of the United KingdomImage:Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.gif
Defence Signals DirectorateImage:Defence_signals_directorate_logo.png
Defense Science BoardImage:Defense Science Board.gif
Delta Kappa EpsilonImage:Delta_Kappa_Epsilon_crest.png
Democracy Now!Image:Democracy Now!.png
DemosImage:Demos think tank logo.jpg
Department of Trade and IndustryImage:Department of Trade and Industry.png
US/Department of StateImage:Department of state.svg
Department for TransportImage:Department_for_Transport.svg
Deputy Secretary of the TreasuryImage:Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.svg
Deutsche BankImage:Deutsche Bank.svg
BundestagImage:Deutscher Bundestag logo.svg
"Domestic extremism"Image:Domesticextremism.png large.png
Drug Enforcement AdministrationImage:Drug Enforcement Administration logo.svg
Duke UniversityImage:Duke University Crest.svg
Durham UniversityImage:Durham university.png
DynCorpImage:DynCorp logo.png
European Environment AgencyImage:EEA agency logo.svg
European Foundation for DemocracyImage:EFD-logo.png
EU DisinfolabImage:EU Disinfolab.jpg
East Asia ForumImage:East Asia Forum logo.png
EastWest InstituteImage:EastWest Institute 35.png
Endowment for Middle East TruthImage:Editing Endowment for Middle East Truth.jpg
El Dorado Task forceImage:El Dorado Task force.jpg
UNImage:Emblem of the United Nations.svg
UN/Secretary-GeneralImage:Emblem of the United Nations.svg
KGBImage:Emblema KGB.svg
Complutense University of MadridImage:Escudo de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.svg
National Autonomous University of MexicoImage:Escudo-UNAM-escalable.svg
Pontifical Xavierian UniversityImage:Escudo150.gif
Ethics and Public Policy CenterImage:Ethics and Public Policy Center Logo.jpg
Eureka CollegeImage:Eureka College (logo).jpg
European Court of JusticeImage:European Court of Justice.png
European Economic CommunityImage:European Economic Community.jpg
EWTN NewsImage:Ewtn logo.jpg
EXIMImage:Export-Import Bank of the United States.svg
Viet CongImage:FNL Flag.svg
Fabian SocietyImage:Fabian.jpg
Fairness and Accuracy in ReportingImage:Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting logo.jpg
President of FranceImage:Faisceau de licteur.svg
Falun GongImage:Falun Gong Logo.svg
Federal Communications CommissionImage:Federal Communications Commission.svg
Federal Emergency Management AgencyImage:Federal Emergency Management Agency.jpg
US/Federal ReserveImage:Federal Reserve System logo.svg
Washington UniversityImage:File:WashU St. Louis seal.svg
Office of Naval IntelligenceImage:Final_ONI_seal.jpg
AfghanistanImage:Flag of Afghanistan.svg
AlbaniaImage:Flag of Albania.svg
AlgeriaImage:Flag of Algeria.svg
AngolaImage:Flag of Angola.svg
ArgentinaImage:Flag of Argentina.svg
ArmeniaImage:Flag of Armenia.svg
AustraliaImage:Flag of Australia (converted).svg
AustriaImage:Flag of Austria (state).svg
AzerbaijanImage:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg
BahrainImage:Flag of Bahrain.svg
BelgiumImage:Flag of Belgium.svg
BelizeImage:Flag of Belize.svg
BoliviaImage:Flag of Bolivia (state).svg
Bosnia and HerzegovinaImage:Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg
BotswanaImage:Flag of Botswana.svg
BrazilImage:Flag of Brazil.svg
BruneiImage:Flag of Brunei.svg
BulgariaImage:Flag of Bulgaria.svg
CameroonImage:Flag of Cameroon.svg
CanadaImage:Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg
ChileImage:Flag of Chile.svg
ColombiaImage:Flag of Colombia.svg
Costa RicaImage:Flag of Costa Rica (state).svg
CroatiaImage:Flag of Croatia.svg
CubaImage:Flag of Cuba.svg
CyprusImage:Flag of Cyprus.svg
Ivory CoastImage:Flag of Côte d'Ivoire.svg
DjiboutiImage:Flag of Djibouti.svg
Dominican RepublicImage:Flag of Dominica.svg
EcuadorImage:Flag of Ecuador.svg
EgyptImage:Flag of Egypt.svg
EstoniaImage:Flag of Estonia.svg
EthiopiaImage:Flag of Ethiopia.svg
European UnionImage:Flag of Europe.svg
FijiImage:Flag of Fiji.svg
FinlandImage:Flag of Finland.svg
FranceImage:Flag of France.svg
GermanyImage:Flag of Germany.svg
GuatemalaImage:Flag of Guatemala.svg
Guinea BissauImage:Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg
GuyanaImage:Flag of Guyana.svg
HondurasImage:Flag of Honduras.svg
International Labour OrganizationImage:Flag of ILO.svg
IcelandImage:Flag of Iceland.svg
IndiaImage:Flag of India.svg
IranImage:Flag of Iran.svg
IraqImage:Flag of Iraq.svg
EireImage:Flag of Ireland.svg
IsraelImage:Flag of Israel.svg
JapanImage:Flag of Japan.svg
JordanImage:Flag of Jordan.svg
KazakhstanImage:Flag of Kazakhstan.svg
KenyaImage:Flag of Kenya.svg
KuwaitImage:Flag of Kuwait.svg
LaosImage:Flag of Laos.svg
LatviaImage:Flag of Latvia.svg
LebanonImage:Flag of Lebanon.svg
LiechtensteinImage:Flag of Liechtenstein.svg
LithuaniaImage:Flag of Lithuania.svg
MalaysiaImage:Flag of Malaysia.svg
MaliImage:Flag of Mali.svg
MauritiusImage:Flag of Mauritius.svg
MexicoImage:Flag of Mexico.svg
MoldovaImage:Flag of Moldova.svg
MonacoImage:Flag of Monaco.svg
MongoliaImage:Flag of Mongolia.svg
MoroccoImage:Flag of Morocco.svg
MyanmarImage:Flag of Myanmar.svg
NepalImage:Flag of Nepal.svg
New ZealandImage:Flag of New Zealand.svg
NicaraguaImage:Flag of Nicaragua.svg
NigerImage:Flag of Niger.svg
NigeriaImage:Flag of Nigeria.svg
NiueImage:Flag of Niue.svg
North KoreaImage:Flag of North Korea.svg
NorwayImage:Flag of Norway.svg
OmanImage:Flag of Oman.svg
PakistanImage:Flag of Pakistan.svg
PeruImage:Flag of Peru (state).svg
PolandImage:Flag of Poland.svg
PortugalImage:Flag of Portugal.svg
Prime Minister of PortugalImage:Flag of Portuguese Prime-Minister.svg
QatarImage:Flag of Qatar.svg
RomaniaImage:Flag of Romania.svg
RussiaImage:Flag of Russia.svg
RwandaImage:Flag of Rwanda.svg
SenegalImage:Flag of Senegal.svg
SerbiaImage:Flag of Serbia.svg
SeychellesImage:Flag of Seychelles.svg
SingaporeImage:Flag of Singapore.svg
SlovakiaImage:Flag of Slovakia.svg
SloveniaImage:Flag of Slovenia.svg
SomaliaImage:Flag of Somalia.svg
South AfricaImage:Flag of South Africa.svg
South KoreaImage:Flag of South Korea.svg
SpainImage:Flag of Spain.svg
Sri LankaImage:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg
SudanImage:Flag of Sudan.svg
SurinameImage:Flag of Suriname.svg
SwitzerlandImage:Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg
ThailandImage:Flag of Thailand.svg
UgandaImage:Flag of Uganda.svg
UkraineImage:Flag of Ukraine.svg
VenezuelaImage:Flag of Venezuela (state).svg
VietnamImage:Flag of Vietnam.svg
World Health OrganizationImage:Flag of WHO.svg
YemenImage:Flag of Yemen.svg
ZambiaImage:Flag of Zambia.svg
ZimbabweImage:Flag of Zimbabwe.svg
Al-QaedaImage:Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq.svg
Prime Minister of ItalyImage:Flag of prime minister of Italy.svg
Organisation of African UnityImage:Flag of the African Union.svg
Arab LeagueImage:Flag of the Arab League.svg
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffImage:Flag of the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.svg
Czech RepublicImage:Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
Governor of Hong KongImage:Flag of the Governor of Hong Kong.svg
Governor of MassachusettsImage:Flag of the Governor of Massachusetts.svg
Governor General of CanadaImage:Flag of the Governor-General of Canada.svg
Governor-General of New ZealandImage:Flag of the Governor-General of New Zealand.svg
Nordic CouncilImage:Flag of the Nordic Council 2016.svg
ChinaImage:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
President of CubaImage:Flag of the President of Cuba.svg
President of GuatemalaImage:Flag of the President of Guatemala.svg
President of RomaniaImage:Flag of the President of Romania.svg
TaiwanImage:Flag of the Republic of China.svg
Soviet UnionImage:Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
United Arab EmiratesImage:Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg
United States Deputy Attorney GeneralImage:Flag of the United States Attorney General.png
US/Attorney GeneralImage:Flag of the United States Attorney General.png
CIA/DirectorImage:Flag of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.svg
Comptroller of the CurrencyImage:Flag of the United States Comptroller of the Currency.svg
United States Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentImage:Flag of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.svg
Deputy Secretary of State for Management and ResourcesImage:Flag of the United States Deputy Secretary of State.svg
United States Deputy Secretary of StateImage:Flag of the United States Deputy Secretary of State.svg
United States Deputy Secretary of the InteriorImage:Flag of the United States Deputy Secretary of the Interior.svg
FBI/DirectorImage:Flag of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.svg
FBI/Deputy DirectorImage:Flag of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.svg
Library of CongressImage:Flag of the United States Library of Congress 2.svg
US/Secretary of CommerceImage:Flag of the United States Secretary of Commerce.svg
US/Secretary of DefenseImage:Flag of the United States Secretary of Defense.svg
United States Secretary of Homeland SecurityImage:Flag of the United States Secretary of Homeland Security.svg
United States Secretary of LaborImage:Flag of the United States Secretary of Labor.svg
United States Secretary of StateImage:Flag of the United States Secretary of State.svg
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"Domestic extremism" +Image:Domesticextremism.png large.png  +
"Independent Police Complaints Commission" +Image:Independent Police Complaints Commission (logo).svg  +
2018 Riga Stratcom Dialogue +Image:2018 Riga Stratcom Dialogue.png  +
21st Century Wire +File:21st Century Wire.png  +
9-11 Research +File:9-11 research.png  +
9-11/Commission +Image:911_commission_seal.svg  +
910 Group +Image:910 Group.jpg  +
911 Blogger +File:911 Blogger.gif  +
ACLU +Image:ACLU.jpg  +
AE911 Truth +Image:AE911 Truth.jpg  +
AES Corporation +Image:AES Corporation (logo).svg  +
AFL–CIO +Image:AFL-CIO.png  +
AIPAC +Image:Aipac logo.PNG  +
Aberdeen University +Image:University of Aberdeen Coat of Arms.svg  +
Academi +Image:Academi.jpg  +
Activist Post +File:Activist Post.jpg  +
Adbusters +Image:Adbusters.jpg  +
Adelphi University +Image:Adelphi University Seal.svg  +
Afghanistan +Image:Flag of Afghanistan.svg  +
Al Akhbar English +File:alakhbarenglish.png  +
Al-Qaeda +Image:Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq.svg  +
Albania +Image:Flag of Albania.svg  +
Alcan +Image:Alcan.png  +
Alchetron +File:alchetron-icon.png  +
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