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Parent organizationCitibank
Capital cityWarsaw
LeaderPresident Of Poland
Typenation state
Member ofEuropean Defence Union, European Union, International Criminal Court, International Energy Agency, NATO, OECD, UN
SubpagePoland/Deep state
Poland/Deputy Prime Minister
Poland/Prime Minister
Fast growing, revived country since World War 2. Became a very loyal US Deep State parter. The populace are by a mile the biggest supporters of NATO presence in Europe.

Poland is a nation state to the east of Germany.


The country was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939, which started World War II.

Deep state

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Poland Deep state.jpg

Józef Retinger was a Polish deep politician who set up the Bilderberg. In April 2010, Lech Kaczyński, the Polish President died in a plane crash.[1]

War Reparations

In 2017, Poland's national conservative government party PiS, has set up a parliamentary committee to determine the amount Poland claims is owed by Germany due to World War II.[2]

Torture of Abu Zubaydah

Poland allowed the CIA to hold and torture Abu Zubaydah on its territory in 2002–2003. As a result of this, on July 24, 2014 the European Court of Human Rights ordered the Polish government to pay Zubaydah €100,000 in damages and €30,000 to cover his costs.[3]


An event carried out

Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history


An example

Page nameDescription
PolexitThe idea of Poland leaving the EU.


Related Quotations

Stef Blok“I don't think you'll ever be able to centrally organize the EU countries accepting refugees in equal amounts. Eastern-Europeans would never agree to that. Even if we would force them, hands on their back and they'd say "yes", even then, walk a week through Warsaw or Prague. There are no colored people there. They would be gone within a week. They would be literally beaten up. They don't have a life there.”Stef Blok2018
Russia/Encirclement“We have made it clear that Nato’s move to the east is unacceptable (...) The United States is standing with missiles on our doorstep. Is it an excessive requirement not to install shock systems at our house? How would the Americans react if missiles were placed at the border with Canada or Mexico”The Guardian
Vladimir Putin



A New Initiative for Poland: A Future Leader in Securing the Fourth Industrial RevolutionConference in Poland in January 2019 planned by the Cyber Statecraft Initiative, sponsored by the Atlantic Council and Bank Polski.
Operation TannenbergA German operation to eliminate all potential Polish leadership


Groups Headquartered Here

Bank Zachodni WBKForeign-owned Polish bank
College of Europe1949"An elite finishing school for aspiring Eurocrats".
Kosciuszko Institute
Kraków University of Economics1925The biggest university of economic sciences in Poland.
University of Gdańsk20 March 1970One of the top 10 universities in Poland
University of Poznań1920The university's prestige and large class size have enabled it to graduate a large number of distinguished alumni.
University of Warsaw1816The largest university in Poland
University of Wrocław1945Large break from German to Polish in 1945
Warsaw Institute2014
Wrocław University of Economics1947University for Polish business studies


Citizens of Poland on Wikispooks

Anne Applebaum25 July 1964Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core, didn’t think that Hunter Biden's laptop qualified as a major news story.
David Ben-Gurion16 October 18861 December 1973
Michał Boni1954Polish politician
Aleksandra CichockaAn academic
Przemysław Czarnek11 June 1977Polish politician for PIS.
Emil Czeczko17 March 2022Young Polish soldier who defected to Belarus and said he and his comrades were forced to shoot migrants.
Andrzej Domański27 August 1981
Andrzej Duda16 May 1972Polish President 2015-
Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz4 November 1952WEF/Global Leader for Tomorrow 1994. President of the National Bank of Poland 1992-2001. As Mayor of Warsaw 206-2018, accused of being the main culprit in huge enrichment scheme.
Greg Hajdarowicz27 October 1965Polish drug company founder and owner of newspaper Rzeczpospolita, since 2021 in collaboration with George Soros. Attended Bilderberg 2018.
Michael Heilperin19091971Polish economist friend and colleague of Ludwig von Mises who attended 5 Bilderbergs up to 1960.
Jarosław Kaczyński18 June 1949Grey eminence of Poland.
Lech Kaczyński18 June 194910 April 2010President of Poland who was killed in the catastrophic Smolensk air disaster
Kasia KieliMedia executive for the American corporation Warner Bros. Discovery. Runs it Polish operation, including news channel TVN24, which the Polish government attempted to take the license from, citing foreign influence and national sovereignty issues. She attended Bilderberg/2023
Wojciech Kostrzewa18 October 1960Attended the 2022 Bilderberg as President of the Polish Business Roundtable
Ryszard Kukliński13 June 193011 February 2004Ryszard Jerzy Kukliński was a Polish colonel and Cold War spy for NATO.
Aleksander Kwaśniewski15 November 1954As President of Poland, let the CIA run a secret prison on Polish territory
Melvin Lasky20 January 192019 May 2004US journalist, intellectual, with suspected CIA ties
Mateusz Morawiecki20 June 1968Prime Minister of Poland 2017-2023, plenty of MSC meetings and WEF AGMs
Andrzej Olechowski9 September 1947Polish Finance Minister, Bilderberg Steering connittee
Jolanta Pienkowska20 November 1964Polish journalist who first attended the Bilderberg in 2019
Roman Polanski18 August 1933Polish-French filmmaker who escaped the US for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl.
John Pomian16 March 192421 October 2016Multi-Bilderberg Polish nobleman who settled in the UK
Józef Retinger17 April 188812 June 1960The Polish deep politician who set up the Bilderberg group
Adriana RossJeffrey Epstein's alleged 'scheduler'
Jacek Rostowski30 April 1951Bilderberg
Joseph Rotblat4 November 190831 August 2005US/Polish physicist who founded the Pugwash Conferences
Sławomir Sikora30 March 1962Polish Bilderberg banker, TLC
Radosław Sikorski23 February 1963Polish Bullingdon Bilderberger
Władysław Sikorski20 May 18814 July 1943Died in suspicious plane crash near Gibraltar
Hanna Suchoka3 April 1946Attended the 1998 Bilderberg as Polish minister of Justice
Jacek Szwajcowski1964Bilderberg Big pharma exec owner of KIPF, which was paid PLN 110,000,000 "to actively manage working capital needs across business lines in light of increased sales volatility caused by the Covid-19 outbreak."
Rafal Trzaskowski17 January 1972Attended the 2019 Bilderberg as Mayor of Warsaw. ECFR
Lech Wałęsa29 September 1943President of Poland 1990-1995
Susan Wojcicki5 July 1968Businesswoman and Youtube CEO since 2014
Karol Wojtyła18 May 19202 April 2005Pope John Paul II


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Document:A new turf war with Strasbourg pushes Warsaw further down the road towards Polexit from the EUArticle4 August 2021Paul NuttallWill the schism between Poland and the European Union over legal differences eventually lead to "Polexit"?
Document:Alyaksander Lukashenko on Polish Border Forces and Emil CzeczkoStatement22 December 2021Alexander Lukaschenko
Document:Institute for Statecraft & Center for Naval Analyses Joint Workshopworkshop summary22 June 2018Integrity InitiativeInformation Warfare Study Day hosted by British Navy. Candid opinions (with a NATO-flavor) on lots of military issues.
Document:Russia is deploying nuclear weapons in Belarus. NATO shouldn’t take the baitArticle24 April 2023Nikolai SokovMoscow regards the United States and Europe as parties to the war; Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that Russia and the United States are in a “hot phase” of war. These statements elevate the Russian war against Ukraine to the category of a “regional conflict” according to the 2000 and subsequent Russian Military Doctrines – a category that allows for limited use of nuclear weapons.
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