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The 1964 Bilderberg Report
Date20 March 1964 - 22 March 1964
LocationWilliamsburg,  Virginia,  USA
ParticipantsErnst van der Beugel, Joseph E. Johnson, Paul Rykens, Arnold Lamping, Dean Acheson, Giovanni Agnelli, George W. Ball, Jacques Baumel, Wilfrid S. Baumgartner, Henrik Beer, Frederic M. Bennett, Fritz Berg, M. Nuri Birgi, Kurt Birrenbach, Max Brauer, Alastair Buchan, McGeorge Bundy, Louis W. Cabot, Walker L. Cisler, Emilio G. Collado, Arthur H. Dean, Gaston Defferre, James Duncan, Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, Fritz Erler, Gerald Ford, Peter Frelinghuysen, J. William Fulbright, Pierre Gallois, Anthony Griffin, Colin Gubbins, Per Haekkerup, Gabriel Hauge, Denis Healey, Arnold D. P. Heeney, Henry J. Heinz II, Christian A. Herter, Leif Høegh, Chet Holifield, C. D. Jackson, Henry M. Jackson, Jacob K. Javits, George Jellicoe, Nicolas W. de Kerchove d'Ousselchem, Henry A. Kissinger, Eelco N. van Kleffens, Harald Knudtzon, Max Kohnstamm, Henri J. de Koster, Franz Krapf, Knut Freiherr von Kuhlmann-Stumm, Christian de La Malene, Ugo La Malfa, Halvard Lange, Jonkheer Emile van Lennep, Franklin A. Lindsay, Jean de Lipkowski, Lawrence Litchfield Jr., Ettore Lolli, Joseph Luns, Ernst Majonica, Franco M. Malfatti, Sicco Mansholt, John J. McCloy, George C. McGhee, Johannes Meynen, Robert D. Murphy, George Nebolsine, Johan Nykopp, Lester B. Pearson, Aurelio Peccei, Antoine Pinay, David Rockefeller, Eric Roll, Giovanni B. Scaglia, Carlo Schmid, Pierre-Paul Schweitzer, Marshall Shulman, H. Page Smith, Baron Snoy et d'Oppuers, Hans Speidel, Michael Stewart, Dirk Stikker, Shepard Stone, Terkel Terkelsen, Victor H. Umbricht, Paolo Vittorelli, Marcus Wallenberg Jr., Ludger Westrick, Robert H. Winters, Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Walter B. Wriston, Eric Wyndham White
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
Witnessed byBeatrix Armgard, Andreas E. van Braam Houckgeest, Vittorino Chiusano, Carlisle Humelsine, Alfred E. Mozer, Bertie le Roy
DescriptionA year after this meeting, the post of GATT/Director-General was set up, and given Eric Wyndham White, who attended the '64 meeting. Several subsequent holders have been Bilderberg insiders, only 2 are not known to have attended the group.

The 1964 Bilderberg Meeting was the 13th such meeting and had participants from 11 European countries, the United States, Canada and "various international organisations".[1] It was held at Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. The 93 guests included 17 business executives, 39 politicians, 3 financiers, 4 editors/journalists and 6 academics. The next meeting was the 1965 Bilderberg.


The 1964 Bilderberg Agenda has been leaked and is now online.[1]

1. Apparent Changes In The Communist World

A. Soviet Internal Developments

B. The Communist Bloc

The European participant drew up a memorandum and an American made an oral statement before the discussion.

2. Possible Changes In The Attitude Of The USSR To The West

A. Political

How The Atlantic Nations Should Organize Themselves
Attitudes Toward Relations With The Communist Countries Including China

B. Military

NATO Strategy

Guests included Harold Page Smith, who was Commander in Chief of the United States Atlantic Fleet.

Sharing Of Responsibility For Nuclear Deterrent

The Dutch participant drew up a note about the topic and an American made an oral statement before the discussion.

C. Economic

Attendees included Eric Wyndham White, who was the executive secretary of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. On 23 March 1965 he became the inaugural holder of a new post, the Director-General of GATT, a job which, with its successor, the WTO Director-General has been almost generally given to Bilderberg insiders ever since.

Recent developments in the Common Market notably in relation to agriculture and their impact
UN Conference on trade and development, GATT /Kennedy Round
International Finance
Balance of payments adjustment and capital markets
Liquidity and further evolution of the international monetary structure
East-West trade
Trade with the USSR and European satellites
Trade with Communist China and Cuba
Trading rules and restrictions of credits
Coordination of Atlantic Community policy

Conjectured appointments

1964 Deaths

Three of the most regular Bilderberg visitors who attended the 1964 Bilderberg died later that year:


Known Participants

91 of the 93 of the participants already have pages here:

Dean AchesonUS deep state operative who was the 51st Secretary of State
Gianni AgnelliItalian industrialist, 37 Bilderbergs
Otto Wolff von AmerongenBilderberg Advisory Committee member, deep politician
George BallUS deep politician who attended all 40 Bilderberg meetings up to his death, he helped make key decisions about post-WW2 Europe.
Jacques BaumelFrench Gaullist politician who attended 4 Bilderbergs from 1963 to 1967
Wilfrid BaumgartnerGovernor of the Bank of France, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Henrik BeerSecretary General of the International Red Cross. Attended the 1963 and 1964 Bilderbergs.
Frederic BennettParliamentary Private Secretary to Reginald Maudling, Privy Counsellor, Bilderberg Steering committee
Fritz BergPresident of the Federation of German Industries - "the real government of West Germany" - for over 20 years. 13 Bilderbergs.
Ernst van der BeugelDutch deep politician, 34 Bilderbergs, on both the Advisory & Steering committees
Nuri Birgi23 Bilderbergs, Turkish Permanent Representative to NATO
Kurt Birrenbach7 Bilderbergs, West German politician
Max BrauerMayor of Hamburg. One of a dozen men whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg
Alastair BuchanSon of a spook, propagandist and UK deep state operative. Commandant of the Imperial Defence College, four Bilderbergs
McGeorge BundyS&B, Deep state actor, National Security Advisor
Louis CabotQuad Bilderberger Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Walker CislerAs well as the first Bilderberg, he attended the next four, and 3 more in the early 1960s, US businessman
Emilio ColladoBig oil, World Bank, Bilderberg Steering committee.
Arthur DeanChairman and senior partner of Sullivan & Cromwell, where he worked closely with John Foster Dulles
Gaston DefferreAttended the 1964 Bilderberg as Mayor of Marseille
James DuncanLittle known member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee.
Fritz ErlerSPD Deputy chair. Attended all Bilderberg meetings from 1955 September to his death in 1967, aged 53
Gerald FordUS Deep State functionary who was made US President by The Cabal after they removed Richard Nixon with the Watergate Coup
Peter FrelinghuysenUS politician and lawyer
J. William FulbrightThe longest serving chairman in the history of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Pierre Gallois"Father of the French atom bomb", Bilderberg, Le Cercle
Anthony GriffinWorked for S.G. Warburg. A member of the Bilderberg Advisory Committee for 32 years.
Colin GubbinsBilderberg invitee and spook
Gabriel HaugeEarly member of the Bilderberg Steering committee, CFR
Denis HealeyBilderberg Steering committee member, who attended 23 Bilderberg meetings.
Arnold HeeneyDeep State Canadian civil servant, then Ambassador to the United States. When PM Diefenbaker showed signs of independence, Heeney spent much time lobbying his own government against it.
Christian HerterUnited States Secretary of State. Double Bilderberger
Chet HolifieldDouble Bilderberger US politician. Strong proponent of all matters nuclear
Per HækkerupDanish transatlantic Foreign Minster, with ambitions to become PM
Leif HöeghBilderberg Steering committee, as was his son
H. John Heinz II34 Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg Steering & Advisory Committees
C. D. JacksonOSS, US Deep sate operative, first Bilderberg
Henry JacksonSuspected deep state operative who attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1960s and spoke at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism on "Terrorism as a Weapon in International Politics".
Jacob JavitsAttended the 1964 Bilderberg as United States Senator from New York
George JellicoeUK spook who founded Hakluyt & Company Ltd.
Joseph JohnsonInaugural US secretary of the annual Bilderberg, Bilderberg Steering committee member.
Marcus Wallenberg Jr.Chairman of the Federation of Swedish Industries, Bilderberg Steering committee, 22 Bilderbergs
Nicholas de KerchoveA spook who attended Le Cercle on multiple occasions.
Henry KissingerUS deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
E. N. van KleffensDutch Bilderberger, heavy Bilderberg habit, President of the United Nations General Assembly 1954-55
Harald KnudtzonSingle Bilderberg Danish financier
Max KohnstammMember of the Bilderberg Advisory Committee, visited the Bilderberg 28 times. European chair of the CFR
Henri de KosterTriBilderberg Dutch businessman and politician
Franz KrapfGerman spooky diplomat. SS Reich Security Main Office and Japan expert during WW2. After fixing a "clean bill of health" in denazification process, he became high-ranking West German diplomat, Permanent Representative to NATO and Ambassador to Japan. Attended the 1964 Bilderberg conference.
Knut Freiherr von Kuhlmann-StummGerman politician
... further results



Beatrix ArmgardFormer Dutch Queen. Survived 2009 Queen's Day Attack. In 1962 became the first woman to attend a Bilderberg meeting. Kicked a very heavy Bilderberg habit in 2015.
Robert BartleyManaged the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal for over 30 years. 15 Bilderberg visits
Vittorino ChiusanoItalian advisor to deep politician Giovanni Agnelli. Attended all the Bilderberg meetings from 1963 up to 1967.
Andreas Egbert van Braam HouckgeestPrivate Secretary to Prince Bernhard, later responsible for royal finances
Carlisle HumelsineRockefeller protege who attended the 1964 Bilderberg
Alfred MozerAttended the 1963 and 1964 Bilderbergs
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