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Concept.png NGO 
Interest ofMark Cunningham
Non-governmental organization

A Non Governmental Organization is formally any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local, national or international level.[1] There are an estimated 10 million NGOs in the world.

“It’s almost as though the greater the devastation caused by neoliberalism, the greater the outbreak of NGOs. Nothing illustrates this more poignantly than the phenomenon of the US preparing to invade a country and simultaneously readying NGOs to go in and clean up the devastation.”
Arundhati Roy (16 August 2004)  [2]


In the context of Wikispooks, NGOs are historically one of the major conduits of CIA money to covert operations, often by falsely claiming humanitarian motives. In addition to political influence and creation of propaganda, funding of NGOs is a way to payroll a cadre of politically dependent activists.

Many of the major international human rights NGOs are essentially front groups for the U.S. government, with a revolving door in the leadership, and financed through government cut-outs like the National Endowment for Democracy to further hide the origin of the money.

Other NGOs are funded by billionaires' foundations with close ties to the US government, like George Soros and his Open Society Foundations or the Ford Foundation, or more recently Facebook, Google etc.

Hungary passed a law in 2017 limiting the influence of NGOs in the country, specifically against the groups financed by George Soros, formally for an "open society" but in reality working for a change of government. [3]

A development the last 30 years are NGOs financed by NATO-allies. Instead of one or two sponsors with obvious CIA connections, one gets a shoal effect, making oversight by the target government politically difficult.

The financing of NGOs by foreign interests, routinely done in target countries, are banned in Western countries themselves. In the U.S. they, would have to register as "Foreign Agents".

Example of NGOs involved in the regime change operation in Syria:




Page nameDescription
2024 Gaza Freedom Flotilla
ARKAn NGO " to transform children’s lives". Plenty of its fundraisers have a Jeffery Epstein connection.
Amnesty International"Effectively, Amnesty International and AIUSA function as tools for the imperialist, colonial and genocidal policies of the United States, Britain, and Israel." Revolving leadership door with US government.
Anti-Defamation League
Anti-Slavery International
Article 19
Best for BritainA George Soros funded Pro-EU organisation.
Black Lives MatterAdvocacy and protest organization. Has a tendency to become very popular around elections and subsequently... dissappear.
Campaign Against Antisemitism
Center for Countering Digital HateFront group to coordinate internet censorship, i.e. to "deplatform"/"demonetize"/shadow ban dissident opinion on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Paypal etc.
Club for Growth
Council for the National InterestA non-profit anti-war advocacy group focused on transparency and accountability about the relationship of Israel and the United States.
Counter Extremism ProjectThinly veiled intelligence front organization to implement internet censorship
Covid Action UKA British campaign group. Associates are experts on "conspiracy theorists", "anti-vaxxer misinformation"
Crustacean Compassion
Electronic Privacy Information CenterA think tank concerned with the impact of technology on privacy and free speech.
Empower AmericaUS libertarian advocacy group. Funded by the Koch brothers.
European Council on Tolerance and ReconciliationNGO dedicated to "stamping out intolerance," which seems to be identified with criticism of Israel. Tony Blair is chairman...
European Platform for Democratic ElectionsNGO doing election observations. Its judgement on what is deemed a "fair" election or not, might possibly be influenced by who finances it, which includes several NATO governments and deep state foundations. Also makes an "enemies list"
European Youth CampaignCIA funded organization to promote European integration and create cadre of young politicians
False Memory Syndrome FoundationFoundation that claimed that "false memories" of child abuse in many cases remembered in adulthood, are not connected to events that have actually ever happened.
Forbidden StoriesAn "independent" NGO and media outlet financed by the usual cluster of deep state connected foundations.
General Education BoardRockefeller money buying control over the US education system
International Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenLaunched by Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair...
InternewsU.S. intelligence-linked organization to create and fund dependent journalists who report on the right things from the right angle.
Media Defence
Media Diversity InstituteFounded in February 2019 with a style and choice of main partners that look remarkably like the Integrity Initiative.
Moscow School for Political StudiesInfluence/regime change organization in Russia sponsored by NATO governments. Declared undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2014.
Norwegian People's Aid
Open Society FoundationsA NGO operating in more countries than McDonald's. It has the tendency to support politicians (at times through astroturfing) and activists that get branded as "extreme left" as its founder is billionaire and bane of the pound George Soros. This polarizing perspective causes the abnormal influence of the OSF to go somewhat unanswered.
Operation Underground RailroadAnti-sex trafficking NGO
Otpor!Expert in astroturf colour revolution s
PantheraConservationist NGO accused of being a secret regime change operator against Iran.
Planned Parenthood
StatewatchCivil rights group
Tax Justice Network
The Prague SocietySpooky Prague-based NGO
World VisionChristian humanitarian aid organization reputed to have a close connection to the CIA.
Zoé's ArkFrench charity organization which kidnapped 103 children in Africa for murky purposes. Ties to the family of President Nicolas Sarkozy.


Related Quotations

Philip Agee“[CIA] operations help sustain favorable operating conditions for U.S.-based multi-national corporations. These conditions, together with political hegemony, were our real goals. So-called liberal democracy and pluralism were only means to those ends. "Free elections" really meant freedom for our candidates. "Free trade unions" meant freedom for us to establish our unions. "Freedom of the press" mean freedom for us to pay journalists to publish our material as if it were the journalists' own. When an elected government threatened U.S. economic and political interests, it had to go. Social and economic justice were fine concepts for public relations, but only for that.”Philip Agee1987
Tariq Ali“and then the NGOs bought off many of the best people with the tacit understanding that they could not engage directly in politics if they wanted to receive funding or assistance. Unfortunately the NGOs have helped remove secular intellectuals from politics - their impact on intellectual life in the Muslim world needs to be tabulated,\.”Tariq Ali2005
Astroturfing“At some point, I realised something that I at first found to be a coincidence, then amusing, then slightly uncomfortable, and later on worrying. No matter where I worked, whether NGO, consultant, or international organisation, I was paid by one global health donor...I'm not saying that there is no independence in the global health sector...What I’m saying is that my own experience was that I realised at some point (naively, and very late) that I was not one of these people. If there’s one thing I’d like to tell my 20-year old self, it’s this: ask who pays for your job. And then keep your eye on this throughout your career. At least be aware of this. Twenty years later, I’m tired of being an astroturfer. I’m tired of calling myself an independent consultant or claim that I’m working for an independent NGO or organisation when I now know that’s neither true, and increasingly also not the direction I think global health should take.”Katri Bertram16 September 2022
Warren Hinckle“While the ADA-types and the Arthur Schlesinger model liberal kewpie dolls battled fascism by protecting their right flank with domestic Red-baiting and Cold War one-upmanship, the Ivy League delinquents who fled to the CIA – liberal lawyers, businessmen, academics, games-playing craftsmen – hatched a master plan of Germanic ambition that entailed nothing less than clandestine political control of the international operations of all important American professional and cultural organisations: journalists, educators, jurists, businessmen, et al. The standing CIA subsidy to the National Student Association was but one slice of a very complex pie.”Warren Hinckle1967
Jolyon MaughamGeorge Soros has become one of the great bulwarks against fascism. He hasn't given @GoodLawProject any money. But I aspire to it acquiring sufficient influence that he does.”Jolyon Maugham8 February 2018
Sean Penn“Is Sean Penn a Hollywood “honey trap” for the five eyes intelligence alliance..? Or is Penn nothing more than a member of the rising celebrity cult-humanitarian complex spearheaded by entertainment stars, billionaires and activist “NGOs” that include Bill Gates, George Soros, Angelina Jolie, Bono and Penn’s ex-wife, Madonna? The line between being an intelligence asset and an “innocent” promoter of US hegemony and neoliberal capitalism is an indistinct one in either case.”Vanessa Beeley
Sean Penn
27 November 2020
Samantha Power“Today, the Foundations are active on every continent, striving to promote vibrant and tolerant democracies with strong civic institutions and justice and health systems that work. It is rare that a week goes by, in my new incarnation [as United Nations Ambassador] — and I mean this — where I don’t meet an ambassador to the United Nations, a head of state or minister, a journalist or civil society advocate who didn’t either graduate from the Central European University, receive an Open Society grant, or once run an Open Society office. That’s how much George has populated the planet with his dedication to human rights and human dignity,””Samantha Power7 November 2013


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A number of alleged "free-speech organizations" begging to join the US government in implementing censorship in an Orwellian-named "Free Expression Task Force".


Official examples

Dangerous Speech Project
Stop Funding Hate
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
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