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NATO's propaganda has been systematic and organised. Its Operation Gladio staged false flag attacks intended to subvert the democratic process. In recent years it has been promoting Russophobia and talking of a Cold War 2.0.

NATO has engaged in propaganda since its inception. It continues to be frequently employed for a range of purposes including to promote public acquiescence about wars of aggression and boost military spending. NATO recommends[citation needed] that member countries spend 2% of GDP on the military.

Operation Gladio

Full article: Operation Gladio

At the end of World War II, the UK and US deep states set up Operation Gladio in most of the nations of Europe. Run through a highly secret NATO group (the ACC) it has been portrayed as a contingency plan only intended for activation in the event of a Soviet invasion. It was later used by the Italian deep state to carry out false flag bombings to facilitate their control of the democratic process in Italy.

Cold war

Full article: Cold war

The Cold war saw Europe divided into Eastern Europe, aligned with the USSR through the Warsaw Pact and Western Europe, aligned with the US (and Canada) through NATO. This was presented as an ideological struggle between opposite poles of the "political spectrum":- communism and capitalism respectively.


Full article: Anti-communism

The idea of "anti-communism" was promoted as an American value, and lead to witchhunts such as those lead by US Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Arms race

Full article: Arms race

The Arms race was a Cold war concept that was frequently used in NATO (as in the USSR[citation needed]) to justify high levels of spending on the MICC.


In 1952/3, European "anti-communists" set up a deep state milieu called Le Cercle. Far more secret than the Bilderberg, this group was chaired by the spooky propagandist Brian Crozier for many years and was to help launch the "war on terror".


The "Domino theory" was developed[When?][By whom?] to suggest that if one nation state "went communist" then this would nearby countries. This was used to justify heavy military involvement in the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War

Full article: Vietnam war

The Vietnam War was launched by the Tonkin Gulf Incident, which was revealed by declassification of documents to have been at least partly fabricated for that specific purpose.


In the 1970s, Italy's Operation Gladio continued a campaign of false flag attacks. Blamed on the communist Red Brigades[citation needed] they were successful in preventing the electoral success of the communist party.

Team B

In the early 1970s the CIA's estimates of Russian military preparedness suggested that NATO had little to fear. However, incoming CIA Director George H. W. Bush ordered the creation of Team B, a group of hawkish spooks sponsored by the MICC. They grossly exaggerated Russian military srtength and developed concepts such as the "missile gap" to boost US military spending.

Le Cercle

Full article: Rated 5/5 Le Cercle

In the 1970s, various members of Le Cercle set up institutions to research "terrorism".

Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

Full article: Rated 3/5 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

In 1979 Benjamin Netanyahu convened the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism. Representatives from the Soviet block were not invited[citation needed] and the conference was an effort to promote the claim that the USSR was behind a concerted global terror campaign. Evidence of this was lacking, but the case was energetically made by speakers including George H. W. Bush and at least 4 members of Le Cercle.


Fear of the Soviet "threat" was gradually replaced by the more nebulous one of "terrorism". In response to the exposure of Gladio, a NATO spokesperson denied all knowledge of the project, only to be later contradicted by another spokesperson.[Who?][citation needed]


Under US President Bill Clinton, the so-called "Clinton Doctrine" was developed[When?] which cited "humanitarian intervention" as sufficient grounds for aggressive military action, international law notwithstanding. This was applied in Yugoslavia.


While the claim of "humanitarian intervention" is still sometimes invoked, the 2000s saw a dramatic shift of gears as a spectacular false flag attack was blamed on "Muslim terrorists" and began the ongoing "War on terror".

War on terror

Full article: War on terror

Nominally a response to the events of 9/11, the "war on terror" appears designed to be a perpetual war, facilitating a wholesale militarisation of nominally "democratic" societies without any public input. Incidents of "terrorism" are (in)cited to boost flagging fear of terrorism and smooth the passage of new "counter-terrorism" measures that remove long-established civil liberties and ease acceptance of universal surveillance.

Casus belli

Full article: Casus belli

Public distaste for agressive war means that in "democratic" states they are generally prefaced by concerted propaganda drives.

2003 Iraq war

Full article: 2003 Iraq war

MI6's Operation Mass Appeal was a UK propaganda campaign to promote UK public acceptance of the 2003 invasion of Iraq (Operation Enduring Freedom?). It centered around the claim that Iraq had operational WMD and posed a threat to the UK.


Saving Syria's Children.jpg

In The BBC broadcast an episode of Panorama entitled Saving Syria's Children. Craig Murray has stated that he believes it was faked, and Robert Stuart continues to actively research it.

Integrity Initiative

Full article: Integrity Initiative

In 2018, the Integrity Initiative was leaked as a UK deep state run disinformation outlet that used covert methods to counter what it called "Russian propaganda". Behind its claims of charitable status and independence lay connections to a variety of spooky websites such as Bellingcat and StopFake. It also engaged in misinformation and subversion of the democratic process.



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